Best Ergonomic Office Chairs – Top 12 Healthy Workplace Options?


Many people in offices have to grapple with seats that are nearly the same size despite people being of different shapes and sizes. Ergonomic chairs help correct the condition by enabling different people to adjust the seat’s support based on their shapes and sizes.

Today’s work life is hectic, to say the least, and workers are expected to work under a lot of pressure, put in many hours and spend long periods at their desks. In such a working environment, it is only possible to feel relaxed when seated in comfortable office chairs.

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Several scientific studies have shown the need to work in a comfortable and relaxed environment as it helps individuals to have full concentration and dedication to their work.

This is only possible when blood is circulating well in the body, where the mind and the body are in harmony and there is no tension at the back. The latest ergonomic chairs seek to provide this level of comfort by combining a number of features in their designs.

As explained below, you will find such features as neck and backrest increase the blood flow and the ability to synchronize with the spinal cord which provides an enjoyable and comfortable environment.

We have put together a review of some of the best ergonomic chair designs to help you make a decision on what kind of chair to buy for your office.

Top 12 Ergonomic Office Chairs

1. Argomax Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

A full and well-furnished office requires a perfect chair to look complete and make you the boss you are.

Argomax provides their comfortable mesh chair so that you stay as comfortable in the office as you would sitting on your sofa at home. Argomax’s new design seeks to help you strike a balance between your body and your working area.

This is the seat to go for whether you have a part-time or a full-time job. It gives you the support and cares for your back so that you can take care of your work in peace. The Mesh ergonomic chair is fitted with several features to enable adjustments of the chair to your personal needs.

Such features include the random adjustment feature, breathable back that is made from imported mesh, a fashionable and modern design and enhanced comfort from high-quality upholstery.

The manufacturers also guarantee the safety of your body when seated in the chair, which makes the model a preferred brand, by many executives in the corporate world. This design is made off of the original idea that was outlined in 2005 and then improved to the current design in 2016. The design is environmentally stable and innovative thereby giving the brand headway in many offices nowadays.

Here are some of the features that make Ergomax mesh ergonomic office chair (abbreviated as EM-EC001) an ideal office chair: First, it has features such as the backrest, the headrest, and the armrest. It also has a lift for the adjustment of the height. The chair has perfect balance and ease in adjustments, which makes it very comfortable.

The manufacturer has specifically designed the chair to mimic the skeleton of the human body and has made it adjustable enough to support all the contours of the back. It is made from highly breathable imported fabric that is soft and holds to the back comfortably thereby making you feel relaxed.

Argomax EM-EC001 has a medium weight of about 48.5 pounds. It also features an up and down armrest that can be adjusted to whatever height makes you feel comfortable. Additionally, it has a 360-degree swivel that gives you a number of options.

It also has a lumbar support to relax your lower back as you are seated. The seat arrives in parts. However, it is easy to assemble without technical knowledge.

The materials used for the upholstery are washable and dry fast after cleaning. This model of the seat puts together all the important features that any corporate worker deserves to have as he or she discharges his duties.

It has also been approved and certified under SGS and BIFMA tests. This gives you extra confidence that you are buying a chair that gives you all the benefits it has promised.


  • It offers comfortable and soft support all through the back.
  • It comes with an armrest that is four-dimensional.
  • It has a lock function for locking the angle of tilt for the backrest.
  • You can use the rotary knob to adjust the back.


  • The chair has a limited number of designs from which you can choose one.
  • The chair is not as comfortable as many other expensively upholstered leather chairs.


Argomax gives you a good combination of comfort and fashionable design.

2. Steelcase Ergonomic Office Desk Chair

Prestige in your office should come with a quality chair that suits your class. The body is made in such a way that you can sit in different postures depending on what you find comfortable.

The selected position differs from one person to the other and depends on what you feel comfortable for your arms neck, feet, and the core of your body.

The Ergonomic chair is built with these ideas in mind and allows for different sitting postures. The chair accommodates every body movement and moves with the body.

Steelcase conducted a Global Posture Study a while back with the aim of understanding the human body along with all its movements.

Unfortunately, the study found that with the introduction of new technologies, many individuals had developed unhealthy postures that caused problems. These postures have not been catered for by seating technologies in the market today. This is the reason why Steelcase came up with designs to fulfill the emerging need.

The Steelcase Ergonomic Office Desk Chair has been suitably designed to support and move along with the human body movements while supporting a wide variety of body gestures, sizes, and technologies.

Here are reasons why the chair makes a good case for the study of the Ergonomics Science with the enhancement for today’s seating needs.

The chair has an awesome 3-dimensional LiveBack. This feature is exclusive to Steelcase. The feature allows the chair to support the movements or gestures of the person seated on it by adjusting its mimic spine automatically.

It has one of a kind design that comes with a synchronized interface for the support of a number of postures including those of the arms, neck, and the back. The comfort of the seated person is further enhanced by its soft edges and armrests that are tactically placed.

It has one of the most sophisticated movement mechanism which allows it to rotate 360-degrees in harmony with your movement when busy using your devices or reaching out for things while seated.

In addition to this, the chair has two intuitive knobs for the adjustment of the seat. The back knob is used to control the tension of the seat while the front knob adjusts both the depth and the height of the seat.

Experts recommend looking at your back requirements before buying a chair for your desk. Luckily, this particular chair has a Core Equaliser which comes with a tensional spring for the adjustment of the angle of the seat to be in line with your back and offer lumbar support even when you are deeply inclined.

The chair also has adaptive bolstering that is made possible by the air pockets trapped within the form of its upholstery. These air pockets provide maximum comfort while sitting.


  • The seat has the capability to synchronize with the human body gestures ergonomically.
  • It supports the usage of technological devices while seated down.
  • It has a mechanism activated by the weight of the person seated to adjust to the requirements of the body.


  • The seat is a little complicated as it has several levers and knobs.
  • The design is not very attractive and may put off some people.


Steelcase has come up with a chair, which has a revolutionary design and takes ergonomics to new heights.

3. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

This Ergohuman Mesh Chair comes in six different colors for your preference. It is designed by the renowned EUROTECH and has every feature that any ideal ergonomic chair should offer.

The mission of EUROTECH is to provide the best chairs with all ergonomic capabilities to help human beings stay comfortable and their bodies in sync with the support of the chair. The seat has been dressed in a fashionable breathable mesh which allows for enhanced air circulation as well as improved support for the back.

In addition to this, the Ergohuman chair models also come with several adjustable features and facilities for increased comfort. You can adjust back angle, tilt angle, the depth of the seat, the angle of the back, the length of the arm and its heights and several other features that enable the seat to offer support to just about any type of movement of your body.

The neck, back, and base are made with Nylon casters enhanced material and a polypropylene base.

In addition, the High swivel chair is also equipped with the three tilt locks which you can use to lock the seat from tilting further. This helps you sit in comfort and stability while moving your body back and forth. This seat is ideal for people who sit for long periods at their desks. It is also durable and can be used for a long period.

Health experts warn that people who sit for so long in a fixed position put their health at risk. Such people usually experience chronic back pain accompanied with muscular pains in different locations.

This chair can provide some relief for people with such conditions.

It is very stable as it lies on a very heavy metal base. Nevertheless, it is very comfortable as it has adjustable armrests and is well cushioned with soft upholstery. This Ergohuman Chair is worth its price due to its enhanced comfort. If you have been battling back pain for some time, you need an adjustable seat just like this chair.

Moreover, the seat has been luxuriously styled with high-quality materials and looks great for any modern office. Its ergonomic grip makes it a great seat for any office.


  • The chair is very flexible thanks to its Synchro-tilt mechanism.
  • It offers more control and stability with the three adjustable tilt locks.
  • It comes with a pneumatic cylinder for ease in adjusting its height.


  • The seat is a bit complicated. Some people find it hard to assemble the parts when they buy it from the store.


The Ergonomic High Back Swivel Chair is the ideal chair for those who are looking for maximum functionality, multiple adjustments, and high ergonomic value.

It is also good for people who seek quality support for problematic backs.

4. GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Computer Chair

This model of Ergolux chairs is one of the best budget chairs for those who sit for long periods of time in front of their computers. It is ideal for office workers and game lovers that sit for long periods. The chair is made of high-quality leather and gives a perfectly professional black appearance.

You can adjust the height of your backrest to fit your back, especially if you sit in front of the PC for long. Moreover, its seat slide adjustment makes your working and sitting easier and smooth all the way.

The headrest is adjustable regarding height and the angles that you may want it to face. This makes it ideal for different working positions and different sizes of people. The enhanced comfort makes the chair model ideal for people who suffer chronic back ailments due to long sitting hours in front of the PC.

The chair also has the kind of professional appearance that enhances the office ambiance while giving you a good sitting posture as you work on your files, respond to emails, create presentations and brainstorm ideas with colleagues. If you are the kind that loves to work late into the evening completing your work, you will love its lumbar support system that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed for hours on end.

Ergolux genuine leather executive computer chair has an awesome synchronal-tilt mechanism that helps it fit your incline no matter how far you have bent on the table. This helps in the reduction of the back strain that is responsible for the stress and reduced productivity.

You can also either adjust the seat slide backward or forward, as you feel comfortable. If you are a tall person, you definitely love a seat that is deep to enable your feet to stand upright.

You just pull the seat slide back and get a deeper seat. For shorter people, pulling the seat slide forward will make the seat shorter to accommodate your height.

It is recommended that you sit in a seat that allows your knee to be folded at a right angle to the ground. Acute bends or hanging the legs in the air is likely to cause fatigue and pain in your leg muscles.

This chair is made for the modern office and has been ergonomically designed to make it good for supporting the back. The upholstery is of high quality and has been made of genuine calf leather.

A combination of these features makes it a high-quality seat. Moreover, you can adjust it in any way to recline until such a point that you feel comfortable. You can then lock the seat to prevent it from reclining further and avoid having to adjust the seat every time that you come to the office.

This executive chair can swivel 360 degrees. This enables you to multi-task, turn around and reach for items without moving from your seat. It also comes with high-quality nylon caster which allows you to move it across the room without having to pick it up. It rolls with ease without making the creaking sound. Thus, you can move it across the room without putting in a lot of effort.


  • The seat slide regulation feature makes a good choice for an office that has both short and tall people.
  • The 360 degrees swivel makes multitasking easy and fast.
  • It can be moved with ease thanks to its nylon casters.


  • A number of users have reported problems in trying to adjust the lumbar support.
  • Some people feel the seat padding is too hard, therefore, making it uncomfortable.


If you want to have a seat that you can adjust with ease and looks amazing for your office, consider this model.

5. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Computer Desk Chair

This is one of the highest quality desk chairs on the market today. It has been made with the needs of people that sit for long periods of time in mind.

Rated as one of the most comfortable chairs for computer desks in the whole world, it features fully adjustable arms, which you can move to any posture.

It has a mesh back to enable easy circulation of the air on the back. If you work in an office that is not air conditioned, you can testify to the kind of perspiration you experience on a hot afternoon.

Foam chairs would not work well in this case. Mesh chairs are ideal for such a situation. Herman Miller has made a reputation for designing the best mesh chairs in the market. This model of chair is also convenient for sitting by anyone. It offers comfort that enables good blood circulation all over the body and helps you concentrate on what you are doing at your desk.

All materials that make the chair are high quality and durable. To give more confidence to the would-be buyers of the seat, they give a ten-year warranty on the seat. You will notice that this chair looks very different from many others in the market due to its high mesh fabric.

In the same way, it has better performance than most of the conventional office chair models of comparable value. Another great feature about this seat is the ability to swivel around when one is multitasking. It is also made with a patented material that helps spread pressure across the whole surface of the seat.

This is important in ensuring that you do not get back problems from using the seat. When combined with the mesh that makes you stay cool during hot weather, you can sit for hours as if you are seated on a sofa at home.

The design of the chair is body friendly. Moreover, the model has three sizes to suit the three common body types. The lower back supporter is very robust while still very soft which helps minimize posture related problems such as muscle spasms, back pain and other conditions that are related to back strain.

Such comfort helps increase productivity, as you are very comfortable when working at your desk. In addition, the seat has a tension control feature that is in a class of its own. This feature can be customized to fit your needs. You can adjust it to attain different postures according to your needs.

It has a hardwood floor caster that comes with a wheel to make it easy for you to move the chair across the room with ease and without applying a lot of energy or picking it up. It also has a number of areas that you can tilt for enhanced comfort including the lumbar tilt, the rear tilt, and the forward tilt.

The rear tilt also has a lock to give you the extra convenience of not having to adjust the seat every time you come to the office.

If you are one of those people that love the work to the extent of spending nearly the whole day, consider a chair that will cater to your health. This is the ideal chair to choose.



  • The seat is heavy thereby making it less mobile than many of the comparable models.


If you are looking for a seat that works year round, looks great and is ideal for the warmer seasons, this is the seat for you.

6. Serta Comfortable Executive Office Chair

Serta has designed a seat that is as comfortable as a sofa so that people who sit for long hours at their desks can work without any fatigue or pain. This chair is a beacon for quality and innovation. The upholstery is made of a microfiber that is soft and durable. The material is also resistant to dust, resistant to common office stains, and easy to clean.

If you are the kind that loves a seat that soothes you with quality relaxation, then this is the seat to pick. It has plush body pillows and a pillowed headrest that is very soft. You may even forget that you are in an office.

This model is available in two different colors, one being blue and the other one beige. The chair also has been designed with a lumbar that is contoured which makes it exceptionally good for support on the lower part of the back. Its sculpted arms make your forearm, wrist, and hand feel comfortable.

The design of the seat encompasses a waterfall seat edging design that helps to minimize the pressure that the seat applies to the legs. This helps prevent increased fatigue on the feet due to pressure at the back of the knee. Moreover, it helps enhance blood circulation across the entire body and causes less tension on the back.

For the adjustment of the seat, there is a pneumatic gas lift that is very convenient and easy to use. There is a lever that is attached to the lift which allows for adjustment of the height. You do not need to get up from the seat to adjust the seat as you can lean back, grasp the lever and recline the seat to a level that feels comfortable.

This seat is for the gamers who sit for long hours playing the latest racing series or workaholics who love to spend the evening responding to emails. Most seats leave such people with pain in their back and a number of muscle problems.

If you are such a person, this seat helps you sit conveniently and comfortably while dealing with possible muscle and tendon strains at your joints. Get the seat today and work your way into the night while enjoying a soothing experience that is only comparable to your sofa.

This seat has dual casters that roll on just about any surface, which makes it easier to move the seat from location to location. Thus, you do not have to worry when the seat is needed at the corner of the room or another room and there is no one to carry the seat.

As for the head and the neck, there is a pillowed headrest that gives unlimited rest and unmatched comfort even when you sit for hours on end. The upholstery material has a feathery feel, which adds to the comfort of the seat throughout the day.

Not only is the chair a functional part of your office, it is also stylish and matches with most office décor. A combination of ergonomics, comfort, and style makes it a consideration for just about any office.



  • The plush pillows are likely to deflate after using the seat for a long period.
  • The seat is not ideal for hot seasons.


If you are searching for a functional chair that is both attractive and offers you comfort, then do not look any further.

7. Herman Miller Embody Premium Seat

The Herman Miller Premium seat is designed for people who are looking for enhanced comfort in their offices. Herman Miller is a well-known brand in the manufacture of quality chairs for the offices.

If your work comes with a lot of pressure and you feel that the seat you have is impeding your performance due to its metal blockage, consider going for the embody Premium Chair which is one of the premium chairs churned from Herman Miller factories.

Herman Miller has put a dyna-matrix assortment of pixels at the backrest and the seat that are great at ensuring the proper flow of blood through the body when you sit on the chair.

The back of the seat is designed in a way that it moves with your back and gives you the support that you need in your lower back. The increased flow of blood to the head helps you become more creative and enables you to think quickly.

For you to remain in a relaxed state, you need a seat that is able to spread your weight across the entire frame. The seat is able to adjust to a neutral position so that the weight of your body lies squarely at the middle of the chair and thereby helping you synchronize with the seat.

In addition to the above features, Herman Miller has added a newer technology in the seat by enabling it to lower your heart beat while seated on it. This is key to the reduction of anxiety and stress. When you sit on it, you get a sensation of someone who is floating in the air.

This condition helps wake up a clouded brain and increase its awareness. At the same time, any muscular tension is eliminated in the process. The Embody premium seat is also designed in a way that it enhances your body movements by enhancing the flexibility of your body.

Do not make your work a source of your health problems and muscle problems. Pick this chair that has high-quality ergonomics and is meticulously designed for the modern office. This seat is very stable with quality lumbar support that enables it to keep you comfortable and stable, especially if you have to sit for long hours.


  • The seat has award winning Dyna-matrix pixels that help in boosting blood circulation in the body.
  • It has advanced technology which helps you reduce stress and increase awareness.
  • The seat is very flexible and enables you to gain high-quality relaxation.


  • The seat is too short for tall people.
  • Given its quality, the chair is too expensive.


If you are a looking for a modern chair that helps you stay healthy, do not look any further as the Herman Miller Embody Premium Chair is the seat for you.

8. Steelcase Leap Fabric Adjustable Home Chair

Steelcase Leap chair is one of the most popular desk chairs and is also preferred by people who sit for a long time in front of the computers. It is ideal for the home study room as well as the office.

It comes with an innovative ball and socket joint at the armrest just as you would find in a human shoulder joint. This helps in the provision of utmost comfort and care to your forearm and wrist.

This chair is made for functionality while you are working. Thus, it can be adjusted in several ways that you feel like as long as you are comfortable. It has a modern appearance that is also slim. This characteristic makes it stand out among other chairs when put in the same space.

The seat is very durable and made to last. As a matter of fact, it comes with a warranty of 12 years. This means you can have the seat in good working condition for years to come. To cater to different sizes of people, the manufacturer has created different sizes of this model. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

You pick the seat that fits your needs. The seat is made in such a way that it adjusts to fit the requirements of your body. It has a number of ergonomic flexes that alter the shape of the backrest as you move back and forth.

This ensures that you have a stable support and that your movement is unrestricted at any time that you are seated. The Live Technology makes this feature possible. The seat has other controls that enhance its flexibility which includes the Upper Back Force, The Lower Back Firmness, and armrests that are movable in four different directions.

The normal sitting postures that most people sit in may cause strain on the back, eyes, and neck. Luckily, this chair can help you stay healthy regardless of the position you choose.

The seat fits your body and keeps you comfortable throughout the work day. The chair has a highly effective natural glide that enables you to slide forward and recline naturally while you complete your task. The chair is entirely recyclable and comes with candle-to-candle certification.

Its live technology enables the chair to mimic, adapt and imitate the movement of your spine and support it throughout the movement. The lumbar support can be adjusted. The seat also has adjustable depth. It comes with a sturdy lower back mechanism, a variable back, top, and flexible seat edge.

Moreover, the design of the seat is modern, it has a touch of style, and the product is of high quality, which is worth the price.


  • The seat comes with a LiveBack technology, which enables the seat to adjust to your back.
  • The seat is fully recyclable making it eco-friendly.
  • It has an innovative and relaxing natural glide system.


  • This seat is very expensive.
  • Sometimes the armrest shifts arbitrarily.


If you are looking for a high quality product and have the money to buy the chair, look no further. The seat assures you of unmatched comfort and health.

9. Mid-Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Chair

The mid back chair is a comfortable chair for those who love to spend many hours in front of the computer. This seat is quite simple and ideal for both office and home usage.

The mesh backrest is very comfortable especially during warmer seasons. Air circulates through the mesh preventing you from sweating when it is really hot. The material that makes the back support is ecological PP and then covered with high-quality mesh to create a durable seat.

The chair is designed in a way that it mimics the contours of your spine. Therefore, it adheres to the curvatures of your back giving you enhanced support and preventing you from experiencing back pain. It also has lumbar support that keeps your body in the right posture and avoids muscle tension at the back. You can adjust the tilt of the chair with a lock system. It helps set the recline angle until the point you feel comfortable. Locking in the position helps maintain the tilt until you decide to change the recline to another angle.

The thickened seat pad on the base of your seat adds support to your outer thighs and enables you to sit with the legs comfortably apart. The seat pad is made of high elastic sponge, which does not deform even after using the seat for a long period.

You can also adjust the height of the seat by using the lever at the side of the seat. It is recommended that you sit with your legs well rested on the ground i.e. neither too high nor too low. In addition, the seat has 360 degrees swivel.

This feature allows you to rotate on the seat when looking for items on your table, turning to talk to a friend and so much more. The Mid-back Swivel mesh chair comes in three different colors for your choice. For ease of movement across the room, the chair has six caster rolls. They move smoothly across any floor so that you do not have to carry the chair.


  • The thickened seat pad helps release the hip pressure thereby enabling you to sit for long periods without getting numb.
  • The breathable backrest makes the seat ideal for use even in warm/hot seasons.
  • The seat is a functional contemporary office chair, which is quite affordable.


  • It lacks the headrest. Thus, it cannot be used by people who love to slouch on their chairs.
  • The armrests are not adjustable.
  • Tall people may find the chair uncomfortable for use.


If you are looking for a functional chair at a lower budget point, consider picking this seat.

10. SAYL Mesh Chair By Herman Miller

SAYL Mesh chair is built by one of the leading furniture designers in modern history called Yves Behar. SAYL mesh chair comes with one of the best chair designs that you can get anywhere. The design was inspired by the hometown of Behar in San Francisco.

If you look at the seat carefully, you will realize it was built just like the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. The design of the bridge was that a single tower holds the substantial weight of the structure. This is the idea behind the Y-Tower on the seat. The arch span of the seat also looks like that of the Golden Gate Bridge. This seat created in the USA by SAYL measures 26 inches by 24.5 inches by 37 inches.

One thing that makes the seat complicated is the idea of having over a hundred pounds weight to lay on just two points of the seat. In history, there are no similar designs. The other thing that is peculiar about the seat is that unlike other models of the brand, this model lacks frames to hold the back.

You will not find a frameless back in any other model of the office chair. By creating this kind of design, the company was able to cut the weight of the chair and at the same time cut on the production costs.

The model actually weighs about 38 pounds. The change of design from the conventional seat does not have an effect on the relaxation and the comfort of the seat as the seat is very comfortable.

Herman Miller continues to create innovative seat designs for the office. For SAYL, it has created a number of colors for your preference. The seat is very compact as it does not have big arms and shoulders like most of the other office chairs.

Another interesting feature of SAYL is the ability for the arms of the model to function automatically without the use of any button. The arms move down and up with so much ease.

This seat is a popular choice for many people due to its minimalist design and the fact that it looks quite simple. It is an innovative way to create a simple yet very comfortable seating experience in the office.


  • This is one of the most popular and best computer chairs. The mesh design that keeps the back-aerated along with the beautiful cushioning on the chair which adds to the comfort when seated on it.
  • It has three models to cater to all body shapes and sizes.
  • You can use the chair in the office or for gaming purposes.


  • For tall people, this chair may leave you feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, it cannot be used as a fulltime chair for tall people.
  • If its tilt controller gets stuck in the process of adjusting the seat, it makes an irritating sound.
  • The seat lacks a headrest therefore it is not suitable for people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer.


The SAYL model is an ideal seat for any office that is working on a tight budget. It is also a good chair for short and average people as it offers more comfort than the big chairs.

11. Serta 44186 Back In Motion Health & Wellness

Serta is a name in the foam and mattress world. However, the manufacturer has moved into the office chair business with this high-quality chair and a number of other high-quality models.

This Back in Motion and Wellness seat weighs a mere 23 kg and must be assembled. It comes with some very deep encrusted pillows.

In addition, the seat comes with a feature called BIM Active lumbar support. This supports moving your lower back as you swivel with your chair in different directions. This chair offers you a tranquil and serene experience.

In addition, the seat comes with a level to adjust the height, a push button that is very stylish and its armrests can be adjusted according to your preference. This makes it one of the best ergonomic chairs for just about any office.

The lever control that is actuated by the use of cable, the chair’s inflated lift and other lockout features are positioned together for the ease of controlling your seat.

The upholstery is made from high quality but eco-friendly leather that gives the chair a luxurious touch. This is also a good chair for someone that suffers chronic backache and strain issues.

The seat is padded and can be moved either up or down enabling you to adjust the cushion to your comfort. The cushion has other advantages over faux padded chairs. When people sit for long hours on such chairs, one starts to feel numb. However, if you sit on Serta Back in Motion Health and Wellness, you are not likely to feel numb in your butt even with long hours of sitting down.

The base of the seat is made of heavy-duty material and it has a light finish that is both neutral and high gloss.

These characteristics exceed the BIFMA standards of the construction ergonomic chairs. The arms are made of metal that has been painted with high gloss finish all the way to the base of your chair.

The seat also comes with very large caster rolls that make it easy to move across the floor and gives it a characteristic look that is different from other chair models.

Serta also ensures that the black body pillows are layered in doubles for enhanced luxury. The seat is very convenient to use with different parts adjusted through the triggering of the cable that is found on the side of the seat.

The cushioned seat along with the whirled lumbar stimulates the chair to be in sync with the movements of the spine and enhance your comfort when you sit on the chair. The Back in Motion chair also comes with a technology that helps in correcting the posture. This is an ideal feature for people who have posture issues.

When you tilt in front of your desk, the lumbar support tilts the pelvis gently towards the front. Eventually, you learn to avoid any pressure on your discs.

This helps you learn to keep your back in the right position all through the period that you will be seated. Many people do have back problems due to poor posture while seated.

Serta Back in Motion is both supportive and comfortable. Therefore, these are listed among the very best office chairs on the market. In fact, many people who have been having back problems are amazed to find themselves without any back pain after using this chair for a short while.


  • A comfortable chair that also aids with healing back pain.
  • The metallic finish on the base complements the shiny leather at the back of the chair and the seat.
  • The chair is budget-friendly.


  • There are no color choices.
  • People who are taller than six foot may not be assisted to train on posture by the seat.


This is an ideal chair for people who are seeking comfort and quality back support without looking for fancy colors and other styles.

12. Leaders Executive Task Chair in Fabric

Over the last few years, Leaders Executive Task Chair has grown in popularity as one of the most impressive office chairs on the market. The ergonomic chair has a unique design that emphasizes the neck and the lower back by offering quality support to these two areas. This design has made the seat very heavy weighing around 48.9 pounds.

The seat is however very flexible. It supports the spine very well and can be sat in by a person of any shape and size. Its dual adjustable brackets make it easier to achieve comfort by offering a wide angle for the adjustments.

The chair has many features like many other high-quality ergonomic chairs. First, it has a feature that enables you to adjust the height of the seat. You can also adjust the tension of the back of the seat to such a level that it suits your body weight.

The armrests are easy to adjust as you find fit. You can move them back and forth, up and down and even from one side to the other. If you are a very tall person, you can make adjustments at the base of the seat to the height that you find appropriate.

You can also lock the back of the chair to whichever angle you find comfortable for you. All these features enable you to find a comfortable and relaxed seating experience.

The Leaders Executive chairs are very stable at any weight thanks to the leg base that has six casters. The seat also has an excellent lower back support that keeps you working for hours on end without experiencing lower back pain.

The chair also corrects your posture if you have been sitting for long hours. The chair follows and surpasses many set quality standards. It surpasses all the standards set by the home and office furniture industry.

It also follows the ASI/BIFMA quality standards. The seat is not as highly priced as most of the executive chairs of comparable quality. Moreover, this is one seat that can take in many customizations. If you are looking for a rather compact seat that is not too minimal and yet not too overwhelming, this is the seat for you.

The dimensions of 22 inches by 25 inches by 50 inches are ideal for a quality executive seat. The chair is only offered in classy black. However, even without wide color choices, the seat looks great.


  • The chair comes with a modifiable headrest, and the seat height is variable to enable easy fit to all sizes of people.
  • The design of the seat makes it ideal for use in the corporate world.
  • The seat comes with removable armrests, a tilt tension that is adaptable and a lock.


  • The chair prevents slouching. The seat always keeps your back in an erect position. People who love slouching on their seats may not like this seat at all.
  • There are no color choices for the seat. It only comes in black.
  • The seat is a bit expensive.


Even if the seat is a bit pricey, it provides you with the features that give you comfort which is worth the price tag.

Moreover, this is the ideal seat for working out your posture issues and enabling you to sit upright. If you work for long, this is the chair to avoid back and muscle problems.

Buyers Guide

Choosing the ideal office chair might not be an easy thing as the market is filled with various options that offer great value for money. However, there are a few considerations to look at when choosing one. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Comfortable and careful design
  • User friendliness
  • Quality of the fibers used to make the chair
  • Durability
  • Warranty

Looking at these considerations, we have handpicked the Argomax Mesh as the best office chair this year.

The Argomax has all the desirable features in a great office chair including lumbar support, sturdy base, armrest, headrest and a comfortable sitting pan. For those on budget, the Steelcase Gesture is a great option with an intuitive design.

Highlights that make office chairs multipurpose:

  • Backrest
  • Armrest
  • Lumbar support
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Sit pan depth and width adjustment

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Final Verdict

Spending more than 8 hours in the office daily is not easy and you need a comfortable office chair to help support your back and other parts of the body.

Choosing any of the chairs above will make your time in the office comfortable and relaxed. The chairs can be reclined to suit any sitting position making them a great value for your money.

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