Top 5 Therapy Treatments for Lower Back Pain To Research More On


Instead of dreaming peacefully in your bed, you are once again awake with horrible back pain. You’ve tried weight loss, a new mattress, changing pillows, and a host of other items suggested to you by friends and family, but nothing has worked.

Now is the time to consult your medical doctor and see what other options are out there for you. Most doctors will suggest that you try losing weight or getting a new mattress before they perform any medical procedures on you or suggest and medication.

This is because most lower-back pain goes away on its own in a few weeks, and rarely requires medical intervention.

If you have tried these things, then there may be an underlying cause as to why you are still experiencing the back pain. Make an appointment to see your doctor and get to the bottom of your situation.

Once you have made the appointment with your doctor, he may suggest a different form of treatment in order to prevent you from having to have surgery that may not be needed.

Physical therapy and other forms of therapy have come a long way when it comes to back pain. We will be discussing the five different types of therapy that your doctor may choose for you.

Some of these you may be on board with and others may seem a bit extreme, but nothing is as extreme as surgery.

If your doctor believes that surgery is the last resort for you, trying some of these therapies could be very beneficial for you.

About Top 5 Therapy Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Physical Therapy

Most doctors have a physical therapy team on staff in their office, or they partner with a nearby group.

Physical Therapy is conducted by trained medical professionals and is used by a wide variety of patients, such as athletes, people with broken limbs, or back pain sufferers.

During a preliminary physical therapy appointment, you will be assessed to determine exactly what you will need to achieve by the time you exit the therapy program.

Physical Therapy is used to help relax your back muscles and allow them to be strengthened again using different exercises designed around what you need.

It will help to build the muscles in your back to give you more support and help to alleviate pain.

Your physical therapist may put you on a specific plan of attack to help you achieve the most pain relief that you can.

The timeline in which you will be seen by a therapist depends on your needs and the goals you and your doctor have set for your recovery.

Joint Manipulation

This therapy sounds very painful and, due to its name, most people tend to want to stay clear of this type of therapy.

In actuality, it is very beneficial for your joints and the muscles in your back. The point of joint manipulation is to stretch the joints around the affected area to and past their limit.

By doing this, you are able to strengthen the joints and improve your range of mobility. If you suffer from lower back pain, then you know how painful it can be to move from one position to another.

In some cases, it can be nearly impossible. By manipulating the joints near the affected area, you can give yourself a wider range of motion and be able to use those back muscles with little to no pain.

Joint manipulation is usually done by a licensed chiropractor, and if your doctor is not a chiropractor they will refer you to one to can provide this type of therapy.


This is the most common form of therapy and is usually used for people who are at low risk of surgery.

Most of the time your doctor will give you stretches to complete in your own home, but some doctors may send you to a physical therapist to help you with the exercises.

This, of course, depends on how severe your pain is and what your range of motion is when it comes to completing stretches.

In addition to helping you before you exercise, stretching is an exercise in its own right. Instead of trying different stretches at home on your own, one option you could try is to join a Pilates or yoga class.

The teachers of these classes are trained to help people achieve their own personal level of flexibility, and they would be able to help you to meet your own goals.

This is important when you are unsure of your positioning or whether you are following the instructions correctly.

A Pilates or Yoga instructor will be able to help you with your form, and could possibly even help you with the special instructions from your doctor.

Most gyms offer these classes, and you may also find public classes available at your local recreation department.


Not only is this a great way to relax, it is also a great way to help relieve any back pain you may be having.

But it is very important to only receive your massage from someone who is licensed. Otherwise, they may do you more harm than good.

Try going with a friend or family member to make it a more fun and enjoyable experience than going solo.


This is another therapy that sends most people running for cover. No one truly wants small needles stuck into their backs, and most see it as an outdated medicinal tool.

However, acupuncture has had a great many successes in modern times. Making sure to see someone who is licensed is also very important for this treatment, as the needles must go into specific places in your back for you to have any pain relief.

Some acupuncturists are in business with massage therapists. Alternatively, you may find a licensed acupuncturist on staff at your local spa.

Therapy Treatments for Lower Back Pain Review Summary

The most important thing to remember when it comes to using therapies as a means of pain relief is that you must do your research.

Even if your doctor gives you a specific referral, do your own research. Ask friends and relatives if they have used that type of therapy or that specific therapist.

You want to be comfortable with the therapists that you are using and you want to be able to trust them with your care.

Even if the thought of some of these therapies makes you hesitate, give them a try anyway. You may be surprised by what you can achieve.


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