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Energize Greens Review

Energize Greens calls itself the “perfect supergreen formula”. Find out if that’s true today as we take a look at Energize Greens in our review.

What is Energize Greens?

Energize Greens is a green drink mix that contains 25 different fruits and vegetables along with 5 species of probiotic bacteria.

By flooding your body with nutrients, antioxidants, and probiotics, Energize Greens promises to rejuvenate your body and make you feel healthier than ever before.

The formula comes in the form of a dry powder. You mix that powder with water and drink it daily. You can also mix it with a juice or any other beverage of your choice.

The supplement isn’t cheap: it’s priced at around $75 for a single bottle (1 month supply).

Is Energize Greens worth the high price tag? Let’s find out how this formula works.

How Does Energize Greens Work?

Energize Greens claims to be so effective because it blends “nutrient dense green superfoods” together, including spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, and wheatgrass.

These foods – along with vitamins, nutrients, and probiotics – give your body the supplies it needs to stay healthy and active.

As the manufacturer of Energize Greens explains, “just a tablespoon a day will maximize your nutrients intake and boost your health.”

Scientific Evidence for Energize Greens

To back up these health benefits, the manufacturer has listed several studies online on their website. Those studies explain how wheatgrass, chlorella, beet root, dulse, alfalfa, wheat sprouts, astragalus, bee pollen, and eleuthero root have all been linked to different health benefits.

In this NASA study, for example, researchers studied the effects of spirulina on the body. That study took place at Alabama A&M University and was published in October 1988.

Unfortunately, that linked study doesn’t actually explain the health benefits of spirulina. Instead, it talks about the optimal growth conditions for producing the maximum amount of spirulina biomass.

Meanwhile, a separate linked study on chlorella involved 17 individuals who had high risk factors for “lifestyle-related diseases”. These 17 otherwise healthy subjects took chlorella supplements over a 16 week period. By the end of the study, researchers concluded that they “were able to identify genes with noticeable variance in expression level resulting from Chlorella intake in the high-risk factor group, [including] genes involved in fat metabolism and insulin signaling pathways.”

Nevertheless, this is the only linked study supporting the benefits of chlorella. There’s no other information about how chlorella works or what its health benefits may be.

There’s also another problem: Energize Greens as a whole has not been independently studied, nor has it undergone any type of clinical trials. The manufacturer basically just shoved a bunch of random ingredients together and claimed that all of the health benefits stack on top of each other.

That sounds like it might work. But without scientific evidence supporting Energize Greens, we don’t know for sure that it would work as advertised to deliver health benefits.

Energize Greens Ingredients

Here’s what the Energize Greens ingredients list looks like:

If that ingredient label is a little bit hard to read, then you can view the full-sized version of the ingredients label here:


Energize Greens Pricing

Energize Greens comes in a container with 253.3 grams by weight. That’s 30 servings of formula, which will last you one full month when taking it daily.

— 1 Bottle: $67 + $6.95 Shipping
— 2 Bottles: $119.90 + $13.90 Shipping
— 4 Bottles: 199.80 + $19.95 Shipping

Note: when you go to buy Energize Greens online, you’ll see something about a “24 Hour Sale” that only applies when you order 4 or more bottles of the formula. Please note that the 24 hour sale is always going on and that you can always get the 4 bottles at the above price. So don’t be fooled into making a quick decision.

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee, although you won’t receive a refund on shipping and handling.

Energize Greens is exclusively available online through EnergizeGreens.com, the official product website.

Is Energize Greens Really Doctor Approved?

Energize Greens claims to be doctor approved.

That label comes from the fact that one doctor, Dr. Eric Wood, MA, NMD has approved the supplement. Here’s what Dr. Wood has to say about the supplement:

“Energize Greens is a diverse, greens-rich food powder full of phytonutrients, vegetables and fruits, many of which most people are not getting enough of today.”

Dr. Wood particularly praised the supplement’s ability to increase one’s nutrient intake while encouraging a more balanced, alkaline pH in the body.

Dr. Eric Wood is a Fort Lauderdale-based naturopathic doctor (ND). You can learn more about him here.

Who Makes Energize Greens?

Energize Greens is made by a company named Holistic Labs LTD.

That company also makes a separate supplement called Energize Reds. As the name suggests, that supplement contains more red fruits and berries instead of green fruits and vegetables.

Holistic Labs lists its address in the British Virgin Islands, where its mailing address is:

Holistic Labs LTD.
PO Box 957
Offshore Incorporations Centre
Road Town, Tortola

You can contact the company by phone at (312) 324-0024 or by email at [email protected]

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