EcoSlim Native Remedies

Native Remedies is a company with a mission to revolutionize the health sector. The mission is to inspire a more natural approach to the complete wellness of the entire family. The company is able to do this by following a set of values that it holds close.

Company Values

The first value that the company is keen on upholding is ensuring the best quality possible on the market. To ensure the quality is up to par, the company uses whole herbs, or wild crafted herbs if possible. To generate highly effective supplements, the company uses the full spectrum method of extraction.

The products are produced in completely licensed institutions as they are made in cGMP-certified facilities. All the remedies of the company are completely gluten-free, preservative free, flavor free, and have no artificial colors added to them. They are also not tested on animals, ever.

Their second value is generating the trust of their consumers. This value is supported by their first value of ensuring the quality of their products. To build the trust of the consumers, the company manufactures by the strictest standards available in the industry. All the manufacturing facilities are regulated by the FDA. They are also restricted by cGMP regulations. Their third value is the provision of information and education.

They give their consumers advice on their health and the benefits of healthy living using a dual modality method. They also give you unbiased information on your ailment and offer personalized advice.

They give answers to people on their individual needs and requirements via the customer support team. Their customer service is free and you can use either their Ask Experts or their Health A-Z Ailment Index.

The company also believes that exceeding the expectations of their customers is a core value. This is why they have a toll-free 24-hour ordering service. They also offer the consumer an unconditional money-back guarantee in case the products do not meet the expectations of the consumer. Their dedication to the satisfaction of the consumer does not end with the conclusion of a sale.

They also give you a hands-on approach to your absolute wellness. They intend to do so by incorporating the most natural remedies to your daily routines and encourage others to adopt the same. The company also believes in bettering the community. They have bettered the community of the Wisconsin area in which they are located by encouraging the community members.

The company also believes in attracting the right kind of partners. They operate the company in a way that recognizes the roles their business partners play in the success of the business.

By sharing the products both locally and internationally, the company contributes to the success of their missions as a collective team.

Why EcoSlim Native Remedies Are Needed

The Dual Modality Approach

The company believes that EcoSlim Native Remedies work best when used together. This is the ratio behind the invention of the dual modality approach to holistic health. They offer the consumer a further step in ensuring the long-term health of the body as well as a method to ensure that its systemic functioning is maintained. The dual modality approach is one that recognizes the interrelation between the systems of the body.

Optimal health can only be achieved when the perfect harmony between the organs is stricken. The dual modality system implements the use of homeopathic medicines and herbal supplements in achieving this balance.

Homeopathic medicines are used to optimize relief of the short term symptoms that someone is currently experiencing, whereas the herbal supplements support the long term health of the body. When you take the two together you have a ticket to holistic health.

EcoSlim Native Remedies Products

The following are some of the products that the company produces:

Toe Nail Fungus Zapper

This is a formula that has a sulfur based carrier that is easily absorbed into the skin and heals toe fungus very fast. Due to the balance of the active ingredients incorporated in this formula, the occurrence of side effects is greatly reduced. For effective response, apply a small amount at the nail area 1-3 times every day.

It is not advisable for use by children under 12 years and pregnant women. It is also advisable to consult a doctor before using this formula. Other functions of this formula include the following:

  • Enhancing toe nail health and comfort
  • Promoting healthy nail color and texture

Hair Growth Promotes Oral Spray

Most of the people who experience thinning of hair and hair loss also experience low self-esteem problems. Some of the major causes of thinning hair and hair loss include smoking, age, and heredity, hormone related problems (especially during menopause or pregnancy) and use of harsh chemicals.

The hair spray is tasteless and this makes it easier to administer. Spray directly into the mouth three times a day. Once in the body it is absorbed by the digestive tract and helps in hair growth.

Aroma Sleep Essential Oil Blend

Containing blended oils like lavender, orange peel, geranium, and frankincense, this product helps in relaxation and sleep. Smelling the oils will bring a relaxing effect. The oil should be stored in a dark place and in glass bottles.

It may have negative effects in people with sensitive skin, pregnant women, and children. It is also highly recommended for people who have difficulty in sleeping.

Vertifree Tablets

Vertigo can be simply described as a feeling dizziness or a spinning sensation. This could persist for minutes, hours, or even days.

Some of the symptoms of vertigo include nausea, light headaches, ringing in the ears, sweating, and double vision. The vertifree tablets help to ease the symptoms of vertigo due to the incorporations of natural substances that have been verified.

Chew or dissolve 2 tablets at an interval of 20 minutes until the symptoms go away. Due to the use of natural ingredients to make this product, it has no known side effects and can be used by all groups of people. Other uses of these tablets include the following:

  • Maintaining normal inner ear fluid levels and reducing imbalance.
  • Reduces ringing in the ears.


Downsides of EcoSlim Native Remedies

There is heavy criticism on the effectiveness of Native Remedy products. Many of the consumers of the product on the internet have left negative comments on the effectiveness of the products. Another major setback of the products is the taste. Most of the reviewers say that children did not like the taste of the products so they cannot rate it for effectiveness.

Some customers also gave negative comments on the high cost of the products. In addition, most scientists say that there is no need to take supplements if you can get the nutrients naturally in your diet.

EcoSlim Native Remedies Conclusion

Native Remedies is a company that is filled with controversy. On one side, some users of EcoSlim Native Remedies claim that they experience the benefits of the products quite rapidly, even on the same day. It also has few to no negative side effects. However, on the other hand, some customers complain that the products are not effective in any way.

As such, purchasing supplements with no effective ingredients could be detrimental to your health. EcoSlim Native Remedies is laced with plenty of negative feedback, and as a result, you should buy this product under caution.


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