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Earth Shift Products Review

Earth Shift Products is an internet-based superfoods and health supplements retailer. Find out if Earth Shift Products sells good products today in our review.

What is Earth Shift Products?

Earth Shift Products is an American company founded by Dr. Robert Cassar. Dr. Cassar is a big advocate of the raw food industry as well as terrain modification.

The products sold by Earth Shift Products are sourced from all over the world and harvested in a sustainable way. Here’s how the company describes its vision:

“Our vision is to provide the tools and information necessary to build a sustainably healthy way of life. To help actualize this we endeavor to source health foods and products from all over the planet that provide the highest benefits at the lowest possible cost.”

Specific products sold by Earth Shift Products include superfoods, nutritional supplements, beauty products, and home and garden kits. There are hundreds of products listed across the company’s catalog.

The company manufactures most of its health products on its own. On the online store, however, you’ll also find products manufactured by dozens of other health supplement brands.

What Does Earth Shift Products Sell?

The company separates its product lineup into seven different categories, including:


Every year, we learn about new “superfoods” that are purportedly packed with nutritional benefits and provide higher levels of nutrition than “normal foods”. Earth Shift Products sells dozens of packages of superfoods, most of which come in the form of a powder or oil.

Some of the popular superfood products (you can sort by popularity based on sales volume) include coconut oil, blue green algae, maca powder, hemp seeds, cashews, agave syrup, chia seeds, Himalayan crystal salt, brown rice protein, and much more.


The broad “supplements” category contains a wide variety of health products designed to help you achieve various health goals.

This isn’t your usual mix of protein powders and nootropic supplements: instead, these are nature-based supplements designed to deliver unique chemical compounds into your body.

Some of the popular products sold under the supplements category include concentrated living silica, fulvic acid mineral supplement, ionic magnesium concentrate, chlorella tablets, Earth Shift Detox Kit, and mucuna pruriens extract.

Sports Nutrition

The sports nutrition category is where you can find the more traditional bodybuilding supplements and fitness products. These supplements are all based on organic principles and healthy living. In fact, you can’t even buy whey protein powder (which is the most common type of protein powder and is made from dairy product). Instead, you can buy hemp, brown rice, green, and other types of vegetarian protein powder.

Some of the popular sports nutrition products sold by Earth Shift Products include healthy skin and joints supplements, Greens Phytonutrient Booster, Ultimate Green Energy, hemp protein, brown rice protein, creatine monohydrate powder, and Sunwarrior protein.

Clothing & Accessories

In addition to all of the food products listed above, Earth Shift Products still has room to sell clothing and accessories. There are pants, scarves, sports bras, tops, pendants, and unique Nepalese “hand warmers” (gloves).

Beauty, Bath, & Body

A wide range of beauty, bath, and body care products are available through Earth Shift Products. Those products include everything from a “Squatty Potty Toilet Stool” to water filters and accessories that promise to help you detox your home.

You can also find organic-based soaps, shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, and more.

Home & Garden

Earth Shift Products sells housewares and garden products, including candles, water filters, and organic-based household cleaning products. You can also buy bamboo kitchenware, ceramic cookware, and Cuppow Drinking Lids.

Kits & Getting Started

Earth Shift Products sells three popular kits that include different products from across its lineup. Those kits include the Ayurvedic Herb Kit, the Detox Kit, and the Skin Rejuvenation Kit.

How to Buy Earth Shift Products

Earth Shift Products are available online from, where you’ll find an extensive catalog featuring hundreds of items.

Shopping is as straightforward as it is on any shopping website: pick your products, fill up your cart, and check out using any major credit card.

Free ground shipping is available on all first time orders and all orders over $150, although this offer only applies to the continental United States.

You can also view a selection of weekly deals and discounts by visiting this sales and promotions page on

What Do Customers Have to Say About Earth Shift Products?

Earth Shift Products is generally reviewed favorably online. Most of the positive reviews come from the company’s Facebook page, where customers say things like:

“We've just received your cayenne and it's the best cayenne we've ever tasted.. thank you Earth Shift Products !!”

Another reviewer called Earth Shift Products “the bee’s knees”.

A more official review comes from Anita’s Health Blog. Anita lists Earth Shift Products as one of her “favorite health stores”. According to blog posts like this one, Anita also orders Earth Shift Products quite frequently, including tea, mouthwash, bamboo bowls, and blood pressure monitors.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine for Earth Shift Products online. One negative review was posted on the Better Business Bureau in January, 2015. That reviewer said the following:

“After paying for 2 products and waiting for delivery, neither were delivered, rather another unrelated product was sent, without any reason…along with an invoice stating the charge for the original 2 products ordered. I tried calling and writing and haven't heard yet their phone number isn't listed on website and form and had to do some research.”

About Earth Shift Products

According to the Better Business Bureau, Earth Shift Products was founded on January 1, 2008 by Mr. Robert Cassar (President) and Ms. Ali Cassar (Vice President).

The company currently maintains an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau and has about 30,000 likes on its Facebook page.

Earth Shift Products lists the following address on its official website:

Earth Shift Products
5455 Endeavour Ct.
Moorpark, CA 93021

You can also reach the company by email at [email protected], or by filling out the online form here:

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