Drinkfinity: Special Water Drink For Energizing Juice Pods


Drinkfinity is a product that uses an innovative “pod” packaging and delivery system to turn 20 ounces of plain water into a variety of flavored drinks.

About Drinkfinity

Drinkfinity, based in Miami, Florida, is a PepsiCo venture that has been given wide autonomy by its parent company for its research and development. The end result has been a company that sells compact pods filled with both wet and dry ingredients that can be added to water to create a variety of beverages. The company also markets a purpose-built 20-oz. clear plastic water bottle with a specialized cap that is designed to fit its pods.

Packages which come in groups of 4 pods, all of a single flavor, and range in price from $5.00 to $6.50. The Drinkfinity beverage vessel is $20, which includes its integrated pod piercing cap. Users can purchase replacement piercers for $5 apiece.

How Drinkfinity Works

Each of Drinkfinity’s spherical pod contains both dry and wet ingredients within it, separated by internal packaging. Users place one of these pods on Drinkfinity’s water bottle and push it into the cap, which automatically pierces the pod and allows both the wet and dry ingredients to mix within the water bottle. Users then shake the bottle to mix the ingredients well before drinking.


There are a number of different Drinkfinity pod flavors, all of which have different ingredients. These flavors are as follows:

  • Mandarin Orange Charge
  • Acai Charge
  • Coconut Water Watermelon Renew
  • White Peach Chill
  • Lemon Spirulina Flow
  • Elderflower Chill
  • Graprefruit Ginger Flow
  • Pomegranate Ginger Flow
  • Berrymille Chill
  • Pineapple Coconut Water Renew
  • Oatberry Flow
  • Mango Chia Flow

Besides the fruit and berry flavors, each pod may also include ingredients such as guarana, green coffee bean extract, electrolytes, chia seeds, vitamins C and E, or oats and fiber.

Drinkfinity pods are recyclable, as Drinkfinity has partnered with Loop Industries’ recycle program. This allows users to send up to 30 empty pods at a time to Loop, free of charge, for recycling into PET plastic that can then be used to create new Drinkfinity pods in the future. The Drinkfinity beverage vessel is made from reusable, recyclable BPA-free plastic.

Is Drinkfinity Right For You?

Drinkfinity has several selling points for individuals who want to reduce their contribution to the amount of plastic waste being generated every day. The use of a refillable, reusable beverage container eliminates the necessity of buying 20-ounce ready-to-drink plastic beverage bottles, the size of pods in general means that the amount of greenhouse gases expended in delivering these beverages is much smaller, and the pods themselves use 65% less plastic to manufacture than a typical 20-ounce bottle.

All this aside, the wide variety of flavors that Drinkfinity offers means that there is likely going to be at least one or two flavors that you may find palatable. With the additional health-supporting ingredients in many of these flavors, like vitamins and electrolytes, Drinkfinity is a good idea for anyone who’s health-conscious or at the very least concerned with what they put into their bodies.

Benefits And Side Effects of Drinkfinity

Cost-effectiveness is one benefit of using Drinkfinity over purchasing 20-ounce ready-to-drink beverages based. With each package containing 4 pods, and each package costing between $5 and $6.50, this means that price per 20-ounce drink is between $1.25 and $1.63. This is likely lower than what you would pay for the same sized drink at a supermarket or convenience store, all while offering a wider range of flavors.

The only drawback is that this does require you to purchase a $20 beverage container in order to use these pods effectively. Over time, however, and with repeated use, this container will certainly pay for itself soon enough. Combine this with the fact that users can avail themselves of free recycling for up to 30 pods at a time and there’s not much to like when it comes to Drinkfinity.

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