Divinia Water – Natural Zone Spring Structured Drinking Water?


Are bottled water really safe from pollution, contaminants and other toxins? What measures have water suppliers followed prior to providing bottled water?

These are some of many questions to consider given that poor water quality can bring unwanted side effects. Many also believe that extracting water from nature is harmful to the environment as it may or may not deplete natural water sources.

This, fortunately, is not the case with DIVINIA Water as it has been proclaimed as safe for both consumers and the environment.

DIVINIA Water is said to be a pure and balanced source of oxygenated water that removes any form impurities that water may have come into contact with. The purpose of this review is to analyze DIVINIA Water with respect to its purpose, its procedures and its price factor.

About DIVINIA Water

DIVINIA Water is a type of bottled water that claims to regulate the water’s acidity levels, and can be free from impurities like deuterium and other manmade toxins. It is also referred to as EZ water because it can be equivalent to the water naturally found in organic cells.

Who Created DIVINIA?

Steven Sedlmayr is the creator of DIVINIA Water. It all started as a way to seek a healthier lifestyle. Sedlmayr was recovering from a car accident and was required to choose healthier options. It then came to his attention that all water were contaminated in some form or another, hence the birth of DIVINIA Water.

How Is Each DIVINIA Water Created?

DIVINIA Water is said to be the result of a patented purifying technique. It claims to eliminate any form of deuterium, which can increase the bioavailability to the cells without having heavy concentrations of hydrogen isotopes and free radicals in it. Furthermore, the patented procedure can increase DIVINIA Water’s oxygen content, which may deliver increased energy production to the cells.

How Does DIVINIA Positively Impact The Environment?

Unlike most water providers who fail to consider the effects plastic might have on the environment, DIVINIA Water’s foundation is ensuring optimal health. The patented purifying technique used in extracting water claims to be an eco-friendly approach that does not alter its natural state of natural water.

Furthermore, each bottle is made with metal caps and approximately 35% is made up of recycled glass; preventing damages to sea animals, water, plants and more.

How Much Does Divinia Water Cost?

Consumers can choose from purchasing a 12 or 24 pack or a 3 month subscription. The prices associated with each option are $55, $101 and $1183 respectively. The 3 month subscription may seem outrageous, but it includes 24 16ounce bottles per week.

Divinia Water Review Summary

Overall poor quality of water can be reflected in its appearance, taste and side effects. Some of the symptoms associated with dirty drinking water may include nausea, diarrhea, crams, and in serious cases, what’s known as hypovolemic shock. Furthermore, consumers may also experience poor immune health and increased dehydration, therefore inspecting drinking water is an important step to examine.

DIVINIA Water is worth considering because it may reflect purity in both the extraction and production of their bottled waters. With a ppm of 0, consumers are likely getting contaminant-free water, which can allow consumers to worry less over where their water source is coming from.

In terms of its price factor, it clearly is expensive compared to others, but its ability to possibly protect consumers makes it safe and valuable.

For more information, go to: https://www.diviniawater.com.

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