Demon Burn 50 – Thermogenic Fat Burner For Enhanced Energy?


Finding yourself with no energy, and no focus or concentration on normal every day routines like work or even family is a hard pill to swallow for just about everyone.

Maybe you want to run out and grab the first energy boosting supplement you find on the market to help with your daily routine and situation, or you think that maybe another cup of coffee will help, but look no more Demon Burn 50 by Hard Rock Supplements is what you need.

Demon Burn 50 is one of the strongest supplements on the market that doesn’t contain DMAA and is chock full of great ingredients to help you to maintain your focus, keep your concentration, suppress your appetite, build muscles, burn fat, and increase energy levels all with no annoying crash at the end of the day.

Demon Burn 50 is an advanced thermogenic that was created to increase your metabolism and enhance your focus, it is one of the strongest supplements on the market for consumers claims the company.

Ingredients in Demon Burn 50

Demon Burn 50 is full of ingredients that can’t always be found in dietary supplements.

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Green tea 98%
  • ECGC 50%
  • White willow bark
  • EPH
  • Cayanne

These ingredients combined and many more help make Demon Burn 50 a very strong supplement that is better used by those experienced with fat burning supplements. Many of the ingredients found in the product has added general ‘’’health benefits like pain relief, improved blood sugar control, and even greater blood flow.

Label directions for the product should be followed thoroughly and without exceeding the recommended dosage.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer of Demon Burn 50 strongly advises against using this product is you are a new user to fat burning, dietary supplements due to it’s potency levels. Side effects that can be possible are accelerated heart rate, higher blood pressure rates and the manufacturer states that Demon Burn 50 will show up should you need a random drug test.

It is also suggested that consumers with cardiovascular diseases should avoid using the product, it is always best to proceed on the side of caution by consulting with your physician first before beginning any regimen such as this.

Refund Policy For Demon Burn 50

The company offers a 14 day return policy for any new, and unopened items for store credit. They state specifically that any items that are used or open are not eligible to be refunded. Should the consumer receive an incorrect or damaged item from the company, they can be fully refunded.

If there are any issues with the items ordered, the request must be made within 72 hours or they will not be eligible. Also, any and all items will be subject to a 15% restocking fee, except for those orders that are refused consumer will be charged a 25% restocking fee.

Orders placed for protein bars are not eligible for refund.

Demon Burn 50 Shipping Policy

The majority of orders place before 2pm PST are shipped out the same business day by USPS and usually take 3-5 business days to arrive. Orders requiring larger packing material are delivered by UPS and normally take 1-7 business days for arrival.

Priority express mail is also an option for shipping. The company wants to let consumers know also that the shipping amount highly depends on the weight of the order and can be determined on the chosen courier service’s website.

For lost orders that have not been delivered within 14 days within the Domestic United States are eligible for reshipment.

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