Deep Nutrition Book – 4 Healthy Human Diet Food Pillars For Genes?


Decades of research has shown that there are two primary ways of maintaining one’s health, one method includes the maintenance of a strict exercise regime and the other takes into consideration what one puts into their stomach.

However the most effective means is the middle way wherein one watches what he/she eats and at the same time maintains a daily exercise routine. However, with the ever increasing stresses of everyday life it becomes harder to chalk out a regular exercise routine and therefore it is absolutely necessary to watch what one eats.

What is the Deep Nutrition Book?

Deep Nutrition Book is a complete health guide which explores the ancient eating habits of our ancestors which helped them remain active, fit and disease free. The author looks at various famous dietary habits from the Middle East, other eastern countries like Japan, India and identifies the reasons why particular nutritional habits produce strong, healthy, intelligent children, and active, vital elders, generation after generation.

The four key dietary strategies as identified by the author which are key to sustaining a healthy lifestyle include:

(i) Fresh Food: this includes freshly harvested vegetables and fruits which are consumed within days of being plucked.

(ii) Fermented and Sprouted Food: these food items are consumed because they provide users with unique physiological benefits. Some key benefits include elimination of free radicals, appearance of glowing skin, increased digestive health, and improved blood circulation.

(iii) Meat cooked to the bone: this includes meats that have been thoroughly cooked and can be easily broken down by our stomach acids for nutritional absorption. They provide users with high doses of protein, healthy fats and energy.

(iv) Organ Meats: these forms of meat include hearts, livers, intestines, brains, they are known to possess various nutritional benefits which cannot otherwise be obtained through conventional food choices.

Who is the Author of the Deep Nutrition Book?

Deep Nutrition Book is the brainchild of Dr Cate Sheehan who is an accomplished biochemist and physician, her fitness quest started at an early age when she was an elite athlete and used to cure her physical ailments using traditional food therapies. As time progressed she combined her research with the latest discoveries in the field of epigenetics and discovered that not all calories affect our body in the same way.

Her findings showed that energy obtained from different food sources (meats, veggies, fruits) all resulted in different physiological changes, and that each food choice resulted in unique cellular activity.

The Benefits of Following Deep Nutrition Book

The book does not make any fancy claims that boast of changing the user’s life overnight, however it makes a strategic attempt which allow users to gradually ditch their unhealthy lifestyle habits and adopt a more sustainable diet which can help them in the long run. Some of the benefits which an individual can expect upon following the guidelines set out in the book include:

(i) Appetite Suppression: using the techniques provided in the book users can cut down on their unwanted, unhealthy cravings/urges to snack incessantly.

(ii) Improve Mood States: it allows users to target the working of certain neurotransmitters in their system which allow for happier, elevated mood states.

(iii) Improved Fertility: the diets have been designed to improve one’s sexual performance as well as increase the health of one’s unborn offspring.

(iv) Sharpen Mental Faculties: very often we feel dull and lifeless because we eat the wrong kinds of foods, with the food programs outlined in the book users can feel rejuvenated and experience a sharp increase in their cognitive capabilities.

(v) Bone Health: the nutrients that the guide encourages us to consume are effective in maintaining skeletal integrity as well as promote our bone health, density.

Some of the other benefits include radiant complexion, glowing skin and alleviation of various allergies.

User talk

The reviews for the book have been glowing, some of the people who have attested to the quality and results of the book are global athletes and world renowned nutritionists. Some of these individuals include Kobe Bryant who played 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers, he claims that once one adjusts to the philosophy set out by Dr Cate then the results are almost immediate and irreversible.

Similarly Mark Sisson a world renowned nutritionist echoes a similar sentiment and says that the book is a game changer and a must have for anyone looking to follow a sustainable means of living.

Deep Nutrition Book Purchasing Options

The easiest way to make a purchase is by placing an order online at The book comes in a hardcover binding and is priced at $16.65. Payments can be made using a host of methods like Amazon Pay, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and AMEX.

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