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DHerbs Review – Can You Trust This Brand?

DHerbs is an online nutritional supplement retailer that sells a popular supplement lineup called the Full Body Cleanse. Here’s our DHerbs review.

What is DHerbs?

DHerbs, found at DHerbs.com, is an online retailer that specializes in selling toxin cleansing herbs.

The company is based in Los Angeles but sells its herbs to customers all over the world. One of its most popular products is the Full Body Cleanse, a 20 day cleansing regimen that promises to naturally cleanse and detoxify your body, helping you lose weight while boosting your immune system. Other popular products offered by DHerbs include the Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen.

Cleanses are priced between $120 and $170.

In addition to the cleansing kits, you can purchase individual products like argan oil with lavender, jackrabbit stick, a PM Detox Deodorant, and a “migraine pack”.

Ultimately, DHerbs offers naturopathic supplements that claim to treat various illnesses and ailments. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s products.

DHerbs Products

DHerbs sells dozens of different nutritional supplements, all of which are some form or another of herbal supplements.

Supplements are separated into dozens of different categories, including everything from “Aura Sprays” to “Fertility Cleanses”.

Some of the most popular products and categories include:

  • 10 Day Cleanses
  • Anti-Viral Cleanse
  • Athletic Package
  • Aura Sprays
  • Candles
  • Detox Water
  • Eye Kit
  • Fertility Cleanse
  • Facial Skin Kit
  • Herbal Laxatives
  • Hygiene and Beauty
  • Sexual Health
  • Pet Care Products
  • Respiratory Cleanse
  • Substance Abuse Cleanse

DHerbs also has supplement categories for different demographics and conditions, including supplements for athletes, blood, health crises, men, pregnancy, viruses, and women.

Clearly, cleansing is a common theme across all DHerbs products. So let’s take a closer look at how their most popular cleanse works.

The DHerbs Full Body Cleanse

The Full Body Cleanse is a treatment program offered by DHerbs that promises to use all-natural ingredients to cleanse and detoxify the body over a 20 day period.

The program itself consists of six separate supplements. You take the supplements daily to support different organs and parts of your body.

During and after the cleanse, you should experience benefits like weight loss, improved skin complexion, better energy levels, higher metabolism, and detoxification.

The cleanse is priced at $120. However, you can sign up for the auto-delivery program to save 10% off all orders. You can also bundle the Full Body Cleanse with the Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen ($165) for a total price of $285 for both.

How exactly does the Full Body Cleanse work? It contains ingredients that target all of the following systems in your body:

— Blood and Lymphatic: These systems are targeted by plants in the formula. These plants help filter your blood and lymphatic fluid, helping them function at an optimal level while retaining vital nutrients.

— Cardiovascular: This part of the formula consists of a combination of plants designed to support proper cardiovascular function while strengthening your heart and enhancing circulation.

— Liver and Gallbladder: The plants that target these parts of your body work synergistically to cleanse and strengthen the organs, flushing toxins, chemicals, antibiotics, pollutants, and drugs safely out of your body.

— Lungs and Respiratory: Contains a combination of plants to support the respiratory system in cleansing, nourishing, and strengthening itself to help maintain clear, comfortable breathing.

— Kidneys, Bladder, and Adrenals: This formula contains plants like juniper berry and tribulus that help your urinary system expel waste, which then boosts the health of your kidneys, bladder, and adrenals.

— Colon and Digestive Tract: The plants in this formula help your colon expel toxins while retaining vital nutrients and assisting with maintaining healthy digestive functions.

All of the above formulas come in separate supplements. So you get 6 formulated supplements in total when you buy the Full Body Cleanse.

While following the cleanse, you’re asked to follow a basic dietary regimen where you eat all raw foods and no cooked foods. You’ll also receive a time schedule explaining when to take the capsules along with additional information about exercising properly on the cleanse. All this information is contained in a 20 page booklet.

In terms of ingredients, DHerbs lists the full selection of ingredients in each formula here: Dherbs.com/store/full-body-cleanse-p-1.html

The names of the ingredients are listed, although their dosages are not. All ingredients are natural herbal extracts, including Echinacea, beet root, spirulina, cayenne, garlic, dandelion, rosehips, slippery elm bark, senna leaves, wheat grass, and dozens of other herbal extracts.

About DHerbs

DHerbs is a nutritional supplement retailer best known for its Full Body Cleanse package, which consists of 6 separate nutritional supplements designed to heal your body from the inside out.

The company is found in Los Angeles at the following address:

2734 Fletcher Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039

You can contact the company by phone at 866-434-3727

Ultimately, DHerbs is an online retailer that focuses primarily on selling herbs and herbal remedies – particularly the Full Body Cleanse. To learn more about the company or to purchase DHerbs products today, visit the company online at DHerbs.com

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