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CoverGirl is an American cosmetic brand that was founded by Noxzema a Chemical Company. But in 1989 Procter & Gamble acquired it. Over the years the company has used cover girl’s models to make ads.

As a result, this made appearances of various covers of women magazines as they wear their products.

The company caters to individual customer service; it is by offering a range of beauty products that are at reasonable prices. If you want to know more about this reputable brand, read on as we discover the various facts that are surrounding this well-established brand that has defined the cosmetic industry.

The Models For CoverGirl Try It

There have been several successful celebrities that have been able to feature in the CoverGirl cosmetics. It is from Molly Sima, Tyra Banks, Faith Hill, Brandy, Queen Latifah. Just to name a few.

For three successive years, Jennifer O’Neil has featured as the CoverGirl’s spokeswoman making her face widely recognized by many. Another model who has also held the record is Christie Brinkley who carried it for 25 years.

CoverGirl Try It Products Safe Ingredients

CoverGirl for many years has made it their primary goal to create products that are safe for the environment and the human health. Accordingly, during the acquisition, Procter & Gamble agreed to continue this trend in any new products they would develop. Thus, some of the cosmetic products were produced to reduce some of the chemicals which were found to be carcinogenic.

Just like any product you would use, you should discontinue use if they cause an allergic reaction to your hair or skin once applied. Some users have raised some concerns on the allergic response of the CoverGirl products, but the company actively advices on the discontinued use if this unfortunate incident happens to you. The accompany states the allergic reaction could be as a result of a few traces of some chemicals that could be found in their raw material supplier.

CoverGirl Try It Products To Look Out For

In the company’s effort to meet each of their customer’s needs, they have established a wide variety of products that many have come to love. It is from face products to eyes and a range of lip products to give each customer their unique identity on the make-up that they wear.

Some of the company’s best sellers include the Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation that’s is 3-in-1 that has a broad spectrum of about SPF 20. The Lash Blast Clump Mascara Crusher has also been a favorite for many in defining their beautiful lashes and making their eyes pop. And for increased volume in lashes, some have gone for Blast-Volume Mascara.

The perfection lipstick, the CoverGirl Professional-Remarkable washable mascara, Natural Lash Mascara, the various Eye Shadow Applicators, a Self-Sharpening Eye Pencil. Just to name a few of the best sellers the company has experienced.

CoverGirl Try It Full Face Augmented Reality Makeup App

CoverGirl has gone a step further in offering an app that has been designed to imitate your beauty needs. Unlike other cosmetic brands that are not able to provide you with the proper guidance and direction, especially when trying to get the perfect foundation shade, CoverGirl understands this struggle. Thus, you are no longer on your own in discovering the beauty product for you.

It has an intimate design to ensure it can personalize your shopping experience; it is all based on your facial features and unique desires. So what’s so cool about the TryIt App? Well, that’s simple, because you can try the latest brands the company has designed virtually before you actually purchase them.

If we must say, this is definitely the latest answer to achieving the Beat-face Gawds without toiling through various cosmetic products.

The CoverGirl Try It Prices They Have On Products

One of the most outstanding features that each consumer can attest to is the prices these fabulous products go for. The company has ensured they have made the products relatively affordable, with some of their loved products going for as low as $5. Some of the affiliate sellers will provide customers with a free shipping offer if products exceed the $35 minimum purchase cost.

This is not all, as Procter & Gamble goes a step ahead in providing offers and various discounts. Free discount coupons for its loyal customers. That means, the more products you purchase form CoverGirl the higher the discount you should expect to get.

If you are looking for a few freebies, the company offers this on their website, so go ahead and give it a try.

CoverGirl Try It Summary

The beauty of a woman remains the most treasured asset. It is a fact that CoverGirl fully understands as they have taken it upon themselves to offer a range of products. It is all to ensure they have catered for all your cosmetic needs in just one roof.

And the best part is, you do not have to spend a fortune to get that celebrity look that you have been dying to have. So go ahead and give this product a try.


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