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Nootropics is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Also known as smart drugs, nootropics have exploded in popularity since the release of the 2011 film ‘Limitless’, and now account for over fifteen billion dollars yearly in sales. Nootropics are the new performance enhancer, allowing working professionals, students and even CEO’s and astronauts to expand their mental capacity with a legal cognitive enhancement.

The world of nootropics can be quite confusing, with new chemical combinations being synthesized every week, and a vast amounts of conflicting information and anecdotal accounts make it difficult to form a clear picture of the effects of many different nootropic substances. Many people turn to the internet to find communities and news on the nootropics that interest them, but there is as many nootropic forums as there are nootropic chemical variants.

Corpina aims to centralize the disparate nootropic community and provide detailed, concise information on nootropics and nootropic use. Designed to function as a central resource on nootropics that answers the various questions of the community in a streamlined format, Corpina has been built from the ground up to assist users in learning about the various interactions and applications of nootropic substances.

What is a Nootropic?

You may not be aware, but many reading this article started their day this morning with a nootropic substance. A nootropic is defined as a drug, a supplement, or similar substance that is designed to improve cognitive function and have a positive effect on executive mental states such as memory, creativity or motivation. The definition of a nootropic is wide enough to include daily staples such as caffeine, meaning those who can’t start their day without a hot cup of coffee are technically nootropic addicts.

The term nootropic covers a wide variety of substances and carries with it a large amount of controversy. Psychologists, neuroscientists, doctors and physicians worldwide are frequently drawn into heated debates over the ethical concerns of nootropic usage, as well as their potentially harmful effects and loosely regulated legal status.

Part of the issue is the vague definition of nootropics – a nootropic can include anything from coffee, energy drinks or herbal extracts all the way to restricted drugs or powerful narcotics like methamphetamine or even LSD. The most popular nootropics sold on the internet, however, are either legal pharmaceuticals that have either been phased out of public sale or new iterations of older chemicals that have powerful cognitive effects but don’t fall under any legislative categories.

A great example of a popular chemical nootropic is the Racetam group of chemicals, such as piracetam or noopept. Many Racetams are developed in European states such as Russia, and are available openly on the internet to order in amounts ranging from small personal-use tablet form to huge bulk orders of nootropic powder.

Many Racetam based nootropics have been tested in clinical trials and have demonstrated positive effects on mental clarity. Racetams have the ability to enhance mental function by interacting with the glucamate receptors in the brain which are associated with functions such as memory and learning.

Another example of a popular nootropic is Adrafinil, which is a discontinued wakefulness drug that was sold in France in the late 20th century as a mood booster to the elderly until being discontinued in flavor of the more effective Modafinil in 2012. Adrafinil is almost the same as the newer iteration of the chemical formula that has replaced it, but is not a restricted drug in many countries and can be openly bought and sold on the internet. As the newer formula, Modafinil, is used by astronauts and special forces soldiers many users worldwide take Adrafinil for a competitive edge during their daily lives.

Nootropics is now a huge industry with some very effective products for sale, and Corpina provides an excellent source of unbiased, accurate information the wide range of nootropics available in the form of interviews, reviews, user experiences and supplier recommendations.

Corpina Features

The Corpina site is fast and responsive, scaling well on a wide variety of devices from phones, to tablets and PC. Navigating the Corpina site is easy with a stark black on white color scheme that’s easy to read and quick to load. For new users, Corpina offers a carefully curated ‘start here’ landing page complete with content specifically aimed at newbies to the world of nootropic research.

The Corpina blog is updated several times per week and offers wide array of information including links to other nootropic resource sites, essays on the interaction of different nootropic substances, natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical nootropics such as adderall, or modafinil, health supplements that boost specific traits like serotonin saturation, product reviews, diet recommendations and more.

Advertising on the Corpina site is discrete and minimal, usually limited to small sidebar ads for various nootropic substances and there are no distracting banner ads. Coprina offer a wide range of information on their resources page, providing a comprehensive list of the best nootropics they’ve found for the year with a breakdown of their potential positive effects and side effects. Corpina recommend a wide range of nootropics from Modafinil for wakefulness, Smart Caffeine for smoother caffeine buzz, Curcumin for anti inflammatory effects and a slew of other suggestions.

The Verdict

Corpina’s moderator, Dan, states on the about page for the site that Corpina found its beginnings six years ago when he left his career in marketing to begin a long journey of entrepreneurship and self improvement. Corpina’s creator finds his passion in experimenting with nootropics with the desire to discover the best possible combination of nootropic substances that provide optimal benefits with minimal side effects.

By bringing in experts from all around the web, collecting anecdotal experiences and user reviews, gathering scientific research results, and providing the best advice possible, Corpina aims to provide nootropic enthusiasts with the best possible source of information for their hobby. As the Corpina server is US based and most of the products reviewed on the site are not FDA approved, Corpina can’t provide information on specific doses or recommend the consumption of nootropics, but as an information resource Corpina is among the best. You can find more information about Corpina at

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