KNASA Chef Knife – NASA’s Ultra-Sharp Patented Alloy Technology?


The KNASA Chef Knife is a new and innovative kitchen tool that helps you to cut through any material with ease. The materials used for this product are approved and created by NASA and Caltech.

What is the KNASA Chef Knife?

Whether you cook in your own restaurant or at home, you need to have the right tools to make each dish worthwhile.

However, no kitchen tool is as important as your knives. Most companies don’t put the necessary dedication into making their knives, which means you are stuck with blades that you need to sharpen over and over. However, the KNASA Chef Knife takes control like you want.

The KNASA Chef Knife is an innovative piece that you can add to your kitchen for nearly every type of prep work.

The company has spent a long time to find exactly the right patented polymer to create the blade, and even spent time to determine the best handle for consumers to hold the design properly.

This knife even sharpens itself, since the blade features a certain texture that becomes more refined as you cut through different surfaces. Celebrity chefs even endorse the use of these knives for their own kitchen experiences.

Finding the right knife for you is important, especially if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. You can’t expect to create dishes with ease without the right products.

There are many companies that claim that their knives don’t require sharpening, and you need to replace them only a few months later.

No other knives have the impressive performance that you can find with the KNASA Chef Knife.

Using the KNASA Chef Knife

The versatility of the KNASA chef knife is easily it’s best feature. When you decide to make dinner, you can use it to chop up vegetables of any hardness, slice up your latest roast, or even score the outside of a delicious ham. You use it like any other knife, but without the resistance that you normally get from them.

This knife is designed to be safer, sharper, and more durable than any of the leading brands that are available today.

With a 12.5-degree angle on both sides of the blade, you have the most aggressive blade shape of any knife that is available to the public.

You can purchase this product for yourself, or you can choose to buy a package in bulk to have available at your restaurant.

Pricing for the KNASA Chef Knife

The KNASA Chef Knife is not quite ready for distribution, but the Kickstarter campaign offers different incentives for investing in this product. You can pledge as little as $1 to start gaining benefits.

The pledge amounts that qualify for rewards are:

  • $1, to join the community for Habitat
  • $79, to receive the first shipment of the knife (due in May 2017)
  • $79, to receive the first shipment of the knife and a digital scale (due in May 2017)
  • $148, to receive two knives and two scales (due in May 2017)
  • $148, to receive two knives only (due in May 2017)
  • $216, to receive three knives only (due in May 2017)
  • $280, to receive four knives only (due in May 2017)
  • $340, to receive five knives only (due in May 2017)
  • $500, to receive five knives with custom logos (due in May 2017)
  • $640, to receive ten knives only (due in May 2017)
  • $7,500, to receive ten knives and a three-night vacation in Newport Beach, California (due in May 2017)

The campaign already has passed the company’s goal by over 2000% percent. When the knife is officially ready to be sold outside of pre-sale pricing, it will be $129.

If you do not receive your knife in time, you will receive a complete refund for your inconvenience.

Contacting the Creators of the KNASA Chef Knife

Kickstarter is running the campaign to raise the necessary funds for the KNASA knife, but you will need to contact this company directly with any questions that you have about the product. You have the option to either call the company or email them.

To call, you can use 207-558-2011 to speak with a representative. However, without hours of operation listed on the website, you may still need to send an email to [email protected] to get your question answered.

You also have the option of filling out the online form on the website.

KNASA Chef Knife Review Summary

The KNASA Chef Knife is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used before. It lasts up to five times longer than the average knife will, but without needing any type of sharpening.

Even though the performance of this product is intense, you can still get ahold of it for your own kitchen.

This is one of the first products that are available from Habitat, but you won’t be able to get ahold of it at such a low price for long. Act quickly, so you can get the KNASA Chef Knife for yourself.

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