Samurai 360 – 360 Degree Rotating Knife Blade & Peeler Set?


Most people would agree that having a hobby helps make life a little more bearable. And what makes hobbies so interesting is that they allow people to move outside the normal realms of their lives, from their jobs and friends and families, and do something that truly means something to them. A doctor could go rock climbing, a teacher could mime on weekends, or any other amazing possibilities. Because hobbies aren’t part of professions, they allow a certain amount of flexibility that makes life truly interesting.

Of course, once people start dedicating themselves to a hobby, and can get difficult to stop. When someone finds something they’re passionate about, even it’s something as simple as assembling puzzles or bird watching, anything that has something to do with that hobby becomes a need. Everyone has seen it happen. Someone picks up a new hobby and all of a sudden their home is filled with items to help them with that hobby. It’s a natural part of life, even if it is a bit strange, especially if someone moves to another hobby quickly.

One of the most popular hobbies, which is also a passion and can be a very successful career, is that of cooking. People love to cook. More importantly, people need to cook. However, just like other hobbies, cooking can become all-consuming and all of sudden there are dozens of new gadgets and tools filling the kitchens of cooking enthusiasts. Even those who cook more to survive are guilty of seeing something really cool that would make cooking so much easier and purchasing it without a second thought. The goal is to find products and devices that are both cool and useful.

For those who want to step up their kitchen game, whether out of necessity or out of a passion for cooking, there is the Samurai 360. This nifty device makes one of the hardest parts of cooking ten times easier by using an innovative design to a device that hasn’t changed in centuries. Samurai 360 is a circular knife that makes cutting vegetables, fruits, pastries, and meats easier than ever.

What is Samurai 360?

Cooking shows are growing in their popularity. Not just because the contestants and judges are fun to watch, but because some of the things the chefs do are truly awe-inspiring. One of the most mesmerizing things a professional chef does is chop vegetables. Everyone has seen it before. A professional chef grabs a knife and within seconds a cucumber is diced into perfectly symmetrical pieces. Inevitably, the next time someone has to chop vegetables, they attempt to get the speed and symmetry of the professional, only to fail horrible.

The reason cutting and chopping things is so hard is because it takes talent and practice in order to be as good as chefs on TV. And knives are hard to use, being roughly the same design as they were in the Stone Age. It’s because of this lack of innovation in the knife industry that Samurai 360 was created. Taking cutting to an entirely different level, Samurai 360 was designed to give people the ease of cutting that so many envy in professionals. With Samurai 360, users can experience the speed and accuracy of expert chefs, without worrying about nicks or cuts.

Samurai 360 is a rotating blade that goes, as the name suggests, a full 360 degrees around. The sharp, stainless steel blade is held in place by a comfortable grip, which allows users to effortlessly roll through the things they want to cut without a second thought. With Samurai 360, users can cut vegetables in quick swipes or slice pizzas without worrying about a wobbly cutter. For those who want professional level cutting skills, without the actual knife skills, Samurai 360 is the perfect answer.

Not only does Samurai 360 make it easier for users to cut a variety of items in the kitchen, it also makes it much safer. When using knives, there is very little between the handle and the blade, meaning the slightest slip could result in injury. However, with Samurai 360, half the blade is covered with a comfort grip handle. On this handle is also a locking blade brake, which makes stopping the blade easier than ever. By only exposing a portion of the blade, Samurai 360 has made cutting safer than it could ever be with knives.

Benefits of Samurai 360

The biggest benefit of Samurai 360 is how convenient it is. As mentioned above, knives haven’t changed much over the years, even though almost everything else in the kitchen has been improved upon. Because not everyone has the skills of a professional chef, cutting fruits and vegetables often takes quite a bit of time, eating into time that should be spent elsewhere. Samurai 360 makes cutting effortless, allowing users to roll through the things they want to cut without a second thought. By being so convenient and easy to use, Samurai 360 is cutting the amount of time people spend in the kitchen.

Even though Samurai 360 was originally designed to roll through items to cut them, with the locking blade brake it can be used in a similar way to regular knives. While a rolling knife is perfect for slicing and cutting, a stationary blade is needed for mincing and chopping, which is why Samurai 360 can work as both. With its unique design, Samurai 360 makes chopping and mincing just as easy as cutting and slicing. Because Samurai 360 has a full handle, it can be controlled much easier than other knives, making performing these additional cutting tasks simpler.

Knife safety is something that plagues almost every parent. Even if the knives are in a block up on a counter, children still seem to find a way to get to them. However, Samurai 360 is all about safety, offering a peace of mind that knives can’t offer. Not only does Samurai 360 come with a blade cover, but it also comes with a countertop stand. With the cover, the blade can be completely enclosed, preventing little hands from getting to it. And the stand allows Samurai 360 to be placed up and away, harder to grab than a knife block.

Purchasing Samurai 360

Every purchase of Samurai 360 comes with several things that make using the device easier than ever. Every Samurai 360 set comes with a blade cover, described above, and a countertop stand, so it can sit where ever is convenient for users. Plus, for those who like to bake as well as cook, Samurai 360 comes with a pastry wheel, which will cut through pastries of various thicknesses without ruining the dough.

For a limited time, every purchase of Samurai 360 comes with a free bonus of a Samurai Peeler. Chopping, dicing, and slicing is one thing, but peeling vegetables and fruits is a different nightmare. Peelers are other devices that haven’t changed much over the past several years. However, the unique design of the Samurai Peeler allows it to cut through the skins of even the toughest fruits and vegetables, in both directions, so users can move on to the next step.

Samurai 360 is available for purchase on its website (, where it is currently available for the low price of $14.99, plus a shipping and handling fee of $6.99. At the moment, Samurai 360 is offering a buy one get one free deal, so users will get two for $14.99, though shipping needs to be paid for both.


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