Copper Fit Strength and Tone System Review


Copper Fit Strength and Tone

Copper Fit Strength and Tone is a knee support sleeve that promises to help tone your leg muscles. Here’s our Copper Fit Strength and Tone review.

What is Copper Fit Strength and Tone?

Copper Fit Strength and Tone is a copper-infused knee sleeve that is part of the same brand as the original Copper Fit sleeves.

The main difference between the original Copper Fit and Strength and Tone is the fact that the latter promises to provide more strength, more power, and more tone to your legs.

Like the original, Strength and Tone uses copper-infused compression garment material. This material reduces inflammation in your muscles and promotes blood flow, which can improve athletic performance and boost recovery times.

You’re supposed to wear the compression sleeves during athletic activities – like when you’re performing cardio or doing resistance training at the gym with your legs. When worn during these activities, you can purportedly enjoy better muscle gains and improved recoveries.

How Does Copper Fit Strength and Tone Work?

Copper Fit Strength and Tone is designed to be worn during exercises that bend your knees. The creator of the product claims that exercises that bend the knee to at least a 90 degree angle will yield the most effective results.

To boost strength and circulation in the region, Copper Fit Strength and Tone uses standard compression material. This compression material encourages healthy blood flow.

But another key part of Copper Fit Strength and Tone is the resistance rods, which are positioned on the inner and outer knee of each sleeve to boost stability during your workouts. Each purchase of Copper Fit Strength and Tone comes with four resistance rods, which is enough to provide stability to both your knees.

The resistance rods are built using a spring action. They bend when you bend your knees, and then spring with your natural movement when you straighten your legs again.

This can reduce leg and muscle strain while also providing targeted muscle building, according to the manufacturer.

Don’t expect the resistance rods to provide enormous muscle building advantages: the rods claim to only add 5 pounds of resistance. Furthermore, the rods only work in one direction: they increase resistance when you’re bending your knees, and then assist you when you’re standing up, so the net result isn’t as significant as you might think.

Ultimately, the resistance rods aren’t expected to provide any meaningful resistance unless you have extremely weak muscles in your legs. Adding 10 pounds of resistance onto certain leg movements doesn’t add up to much more than just marketing hype.

Copper Fit Strength and Tone Pricing

Copper Fit Strength and Tone is priced at $29.99 for a set of 2 knee sleeves.

Unlike other As Seen On TV-style products, each purchase comes with free shipping – so $29.99 is the total price you pay (aside from state tax, where applicable).

Unlike the original Copper Fit, Strength and Tone is not available in stores. You can only order it online from

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee, less shipping and handling charges.

Who Makes Copper Fit Strength and Tone?

Copper Fit Strength and Tone is made by the same company responsible for the original Copper Fit, Idea Village.

Idea Village is one of the larger companies in the As Seen On TV niche. They specialize in hair removal products, razors, and toys. The Copper Fit lineup is a major part of the company’s recent endeavors and includes major sponsorships from Brett Favre and other celebrities.

Idea Village is based in New Jersey.

Should You Use Copper Fit Strength and Tone?

Copper Fit Strength and Tone is a compression sleeve with some gimmicky features. As we found in our original Copper Fit review, the copper content within the sleeve is small enough to not make a big difference, although it does claim to reduce bacteria.

Meanwhile, the small resistance rods are likely going to add some resistance onto your leg movements – especially when bending your knees – but are unlikely to have a significant effect on your muscle tone or muscle growth.

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