Copper Chef – Cerami-tech Non-stick Cookware?


A multi purpose, non stick pan that enables you to replace your

stock pot, rice cooker, baking pan, frying pan, wok and roasting pan.

Imagine having the capability to prepare, cook and serve all from one dish. The Copper Chef Square Pan enables you to do just that.

With a square design it increases the zose of a circular pan by almost 25%, the pan itself is coated with Cerami-Tech non stick coating which is both PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) free.

Copper Chef Cookware Features

  • Cerami-Tech Non Stick Technology – Nothing will stick to the pan. Able to cook without oils, butter, chemicals, etc.
  • Heat Resistant – Up to 850 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Stainless Steel Induction Plate – Perfect for any surface; gas, electric, ceramic or induction
  • Riveted Handles – High temperature and oven safe
  • Helper Handle – An additional handle to help you lift heavier dishes from the oven

5 Layer Construction

  • Double top layer, polish ceramic coating
  • Base layer, non-stick ceramic coating
  • Aluminum core, provides excellent thermal conductivity and heat distribution
  • Outside layer, high temperature exterior coating
  • Induction base, stainless steel induction base heats up faster and retains heat longer

About The Copper Chef

Eric Theiss received his first cookbook at age six from his Italian mother in New Jersey, United States.

Throughout his young adult years, Eric worked at the Culinary Renaissance, eventually opening up his own fine dining restaurant and bar called Meritage in Pennsylvania that earned rave reviews.

From there, Eric Theiss moved on to the broadcast world of culinary working with celebrity lines and major online shopping networks.

In addition, his own kitchen tools and cookware line, as well as publishing recipe books and cooking pamphlets.

Accessorize The 5 Piece Cookware System

Some add ons one might consider to the above mentioned revolutionary cookware pan include

  • Copper Chef 9.5” Square Lid ($29.99)
  • Copper Chef 9.5” Square basket ($29.99)
  • Copper Chef 9.5” Square Steamer Tray
  • Copper chef Recipe Book ($19.99)
  • Utensil Set ($19.99)
  • the Copper Chef Hardcover Cook Book ($29.99).

With the purchase of the Copper Chef pan, you also receive a free recipe book with over twenty-five amazing recipes from soups to desserts for your new Copper Chef Cookware.

In addition to the non-stick coating, the pan itself can also be used over an open fire, but is designed for kitchen use.

It is suggested to use mild soap and water to clean the pan, and to use non metallic spatulas and utensils inside in when cooking.

Transform the Copper Chef pan into a deep fryer – raved about to be better than an actual deep fryer – by using one of the accessories, metal basket, inside the pan.

The pan itself is so light weight, unlike a traditional deep fryer and enables easy use for your favorite fried chicken recipes or homemade french fries.

“Copper Chef is the world’s first non-stick square pan. With Cerami-tech technology & extra deep sides to replace baking and steaming dish, rice cooker, etc.”

Perhaps you are someone who starts a meal on the stovetop, browning a favorite meat or beautiful piece of salmon, and then transferring it into the oven to finish cooking.

This style of cooking is more and more popular, and the Copper Chef pan caters to that. Without having to transfer the piece of meat or fish to another pan, you can simply remove the pan from the stove top and place right inside the oven.

(Please remember to use pot holders when transferring anything hot, inside and outside of the oven or stove) The Copper Chef pan is heat resistant up to 850 degrees – almost double than the average “oven safe’ pan on the market today.

Because the pan is 100% chemical free, it will not chip, peel or flake into your food, a definite bonus because if you’ve ever cooked with other types of pans before, containing chemicals – this isn’t uncommon to happen unfortunately.

Shop Copper Chef

The 5 piece Copper Chef System comes with

  • 9.5” square pan
  • Fry basket
  • Steam and Roast rack
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Recipe book

One easy payment of $74.97 + shipping and handling, PLUS select one bonus item for free (+ shipping and handling)

  • 4 micro knives
  • Perfect slicer
  • Perfect rice cooker

You can also, save 50% on the Copper Chef Frying Pan, that’s $29.97 + free shipping. Or, perhaps the utensils are a perfect fit to your kitchen order the complete cookware collection (premium, professional-grade Skimmer, Pasta Fork, Slotted Spatula, and Spoon) for only $19.95 + free shipping.

Few Other Options To Suit Your Needs

Buy One, Get One. Order one pan for $19.99 and receive a second pan free (+ shipping and handling each pan) Also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

5 piece set including 9.5″ Deep Square Pan ($100 Value), Tempered Glass Lid ($30 Value), Fry Basket ($30 Value), Steamer Rack ($20 Value), Recipe Book ($20 Value), Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This can be ordered for 3 easy payments of $24.99 (+ free shipping)

*single payment option also available.

6 piece set including

  • 9.5″ Deep Square Pan ($100 Value)
  • Tempered Glass Lid ($30 Value)
  • Fry Basket ($30 Value)
  • Steamer Rack ($20 Value)
  • Recipe Book ($20 Value)
  • 9.5″ Square Fry Pan ($60 Value)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This can be ordered for 3 easy payments of $34.99 (+ free shipping)

*single payment option also available.

12 piece set including

  • 9.5″ Deep Square Pan ($100 Value
  • Tempered Glass Lid ($30 Value)
  • Fry Basket ($30 Value)
  • Steamer Rack ($20 Value)
  • Recipe Book ($20 Value)
  • Recipe Book ($20 Value)
  • Two 10″ Round Pan ($120 Value)
  • 9.5″ Square Fry Pan ($60 Value)
  • 4 Piece Utensil Set ($20 Value)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This can be ordered for 3 easy payments of $49.99 (+ free shipping)

*single payment option also available.

Affordable, Convenient and Safe. Copper Chef is leading the charge on this one and noted that they have intention to continue to expand their cookware and utensils line and will be made available to the consumer at that time. Presently, Copper Chef is only available online, ‘as seen on TV’.

From your stovetop, to your oven, to the table.


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