Copper Chef Grill Mat – Heavy Duty Nonstick Bake Mat?


Copper Chef Grill Mat is a new As Seen On TV product that promises to keep your grill clean – and your food tasty – while you cook. Learn more today in our Copper Chef Grill Mat review.

What is Copper Chef Grill Mat?

Copper Chef Grill Mat is a nonstick grill mat that lies between your food and your grill. You place the mat down on the grill, cook your food on top of the matt, and enjoy a clean grill with closed gaps.

The Copper Chef Grill Mat is endorsed by chef Eric Theiss, who also appears in the infomercials you may have seen on TV.

Why would you need the Copper Chef Grill Mat? In the infomercial, you see men struggling with basic grilling skills. One man is panting in exhaustion as he brushes the grill clean after grilling, for example, while another man watches helplessly as grilled vegetables fall through cracks in his grill. In the infomercial, someone else watches in panic as his rack of burgers flares up and burns.

If you struggle with these grilling problems, then Copper Chef Grill Mat may be the professional nonstick grill surface you need. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

Copper Chef Grill Mat Features

-Heat-proof up to 600 degrees

-Reduces burning food and flare ups

-Baste stays on food without spilling off

-“Chef-grade” nonstick coating (nothing sticks to the mat, even grilled fish)

-“Grill Tech Design” cooks your food while leaving perfect grill marks

-Dishwasher safe

-Reversible and reusable

One of the cool things about the Copper Chef Grill Mat is that you can even fry an egg on it. So if you want to cook breakfast on a grill without watching an egg fall through the cracks in the grill, then Copper Chef Grill Mat may be the right choice for you.

Copper Chef Grill is also marketed towards those who want to cook on public grills – say, if you’re having a barbeque in the park. You don’t need to worry about what’s been on the grill before – you can just enjoy a nice, clean cooking surface.

Other popular uses for Copper Chef Grill Mat include those who like to grill with a thick rub, anyone who likes to grill thin vegetables, and those who don’t have another cooking surface – like a cooking tray – they can place inside their grill.

Another advantage of Copper Chef Grill Mat is that all food residue slides right off. So if you have burnt cheese, barbecue sauce, or even fish, it never sticks to your grill. You’ll never have to scrape or clean off your grill again.

What is the Copper Chef Bake Mat?

You can choose to bundle something called the Copper Chef Bake Mat into your purchase. That Bake Mat works in a similar way to the Grill Mat – it just fits into your oven instead of the grill. The Bake Mat includes the following features:

-Nonstick coating

-Heat-proof up to 600 degrees

-Cuts easily to fit any size or shape

-Protect your baking pans

-Reduce cleanup

-Dishwasher safe and reusable

Just like the Grill Mat, the Bake Mat will reduce mess. You won’t have to scrape off chunks of solidified cookie from your cooking tray. You can just place the Bake Mat into your dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Who is Eric Theiss?

Eric Theiss’s bio on the Copper Chef Grill Mat official page explains that his cooking career started at age 6, when his mom gave him his first cookbook. As a young adult, he eventually worked under Frank Falcinelli at The Culinary Renaissance. Eventually, he opened his own fine dining restaurant and bar called Meritage, in West Chester, PA.

Today, Eric Theiss has moved into the world of culinary broadcasting. In fact, he doesn’t even label himself as a chef anymore. His title on the Copper Chef Grill Mat website officially says, “Culinary expert, author, former chef and restaurant owner.”

Eric owns a publishing company that has released a number of cookbooks. You can learn more at his bio page here.

Copper Chef Grill Mat Pricing

You can order Copper Chef Grill Mat online through the official website or over the phone by calling 1-800-701-3442. Regardless of how you order, here’s how pricing breaks down:

-Copper Chef Grill Mat: $14.98 ($9.99 + $4.99 Shipping)

-Copper Chef Grill Mat + Bake Mat: $19.97 ($9.99 + $4.99 Shipping Per Mat)

Both purchases come with a recipe book called America’s Favorite Grilled Recipes. That book was created by Eric Theiss.

Delivery takes 7 to 10 days, which is surprisingly fast for the As Seen On TV industry. Typically, ASOTV companies will tell you that it will take 3 to 6 weeks for shipping.

All purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee (although you’ll never receive a refund on your shipping costs). There’s also a “limited 100% life time warranty”. That sounds like an oxymoron, but it essentially protects you against manufacturer’s defects.

Who Makes the Copper Chef Grill Mat?

Copper Chef Grill Mat is made by ASOTV giants Tristar Products Inc. You can get in touch with that company by phone at (973) 575-5400 or by email at [email protected].

The company is responsible for a number of popular products you’ve probably heard of. It’s particularly active in the cooking industry, where it’s released products like the Copper Chef Square Pan, the Power AirFryer, and the Power Pressure Cooker. Other popular company products include the Power Juicer Express, Rechargeable Twitching Lure, Ab Coaster, Ab Roller, XL, and Copper Wear. You can view their product catalog here.

Should You Buy the Copper Chef Grill Mat?

If you grill frequently, but always seem to make a mess or ruin your food, then the Copper Chef Grill Mat may be the right choice for you. It’s a straightforward piece of nonstick material endorsed by chef Eric Theiss. Many people will decide that a cooking tray or grilling tray does a perfectly-fine job, but others will appreciate the unique cooking ability of the Copper Chef Grill Mat – not to mention the easy cleanup.

Priced at $15 per mat, Copper Chef Grill Mat is more than you probably should pay for a thin piece of material. However, it’s an easy way to improve your grilling experience. Consider the Copper Chef Grill Mat an investment in your grilling career.


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