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Most people know that too much sun is bad for the skin, but the reasons behind why it’s bad is a little fuzzier. There are two types of dangerous sunrays, long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) and short wave ultraviolet B (UVB).

While UVB rays often burn the surface of the skin, UVA rays penetrate even the thickest layers, causing damage lower down. Unfortunately, both are not healthy for the long-term health of the skin.

Coola Suncare is a company that creates a wide range of sun protection products and works to educate people about the dangers of the sun. By combining education with intensely researched and tested products, Coola is able to provide organic and natural solutions to protecting the skin.

About Coola Suncare

A lot of thought is put into what people eat or drink, because they know that what they put in their bodies has an effect on their overall health. However, very little thought is put into what goes on the body, even though this aspect of health can be just as vital to wellbeing. Coola was started to meet two different needs.

The first need was to craft superior sun solutions so that fewer people would have to deal with the many conditions and illnesses caused by UVA and UVB rays. The second problem Coola works to address is offering solutions that are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Because what goes on the skin is absorbed into the body, Coola decided from its inception to only use the highest quality, green ingredients. This means that every Coola product is filled with nourishing vitamins, toxin fighting antioxidants, and soothing botanicals.

More importantly, Coola products are free of parabens, phthalates, and the many other chemicals found in other sun care options. Coola calls this dedication to using natural ingredients Farm to Face, a sourcing philosophy that can be seen in each and every one of its products. With Coola, customers can have peace of mind knowing their skin is protected and protected with the best ingredients.

What Makes Coola Suncare Different

One of the biggest differences between Coola and other sun care companies is how dedicated Coola is to using natural ingredients. Because the sun is so powerful, many believe that only synthetically formulated ingredients can really protect the skin.

However, Coola has used years of research to pinpoint natural ingredients that have the same protective power as those made in labs. Whenever possible, Coola will use ingredients that are sourced from or caused by nature.

For some companies, using a natural ingredient here or there would be enough. However, for Coola it’s not just about using natural ingredients, but using the best natural ingredients.

As mentioned above, Coola has a Farm to Face philosophy that works to use locally sourced fresh ingredients, increasing the potency of each and every Coola product. With Coola, using local farmers and communities doesn’t just improve the quality of the ingredients used, but it also brings jobs to the community and cuts down on costs for shipping.

By making the choice to be more conscious of its ingredients and the effect using these ingredients would have on the environment and the community, Coola has gone beyond just being a for-profit company.

Finally, Coola takes into consideration the wants and needs of its customers when formulating and crafting each and every product. This goes from using cruelty-free manufacturing and testing processes, utilizing solar power whenever possible, and even making products the perfect size for TSA approval.

These small details give customers of Coola the peace of mind they need when shopping, knowing they’re supporting a company that supports them.

Coola Suncare And Sun Education

As previously mentioned, Coola isn’t just a company that makes sun protection products, it also provides sun education for its customers. Often, sun screens and tanning lotions will be covered in terms and words that customers don’t understand.

Coola wants its customers to make the right decisions when purchasing products, so the company makes sure every facet of sun care is understood first. Coola provides this education through videos, graphs, and small blurbs available on the company website (

There are several things that potential customers need to know before purchasing any Coola products. The first is about SPF, or sun protection factor, the classification used for sunscreens. Coola recommends using an SPF of 15 or more to reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature aging. At SPF 15, 93% of damaging rays will be blocked, with SPF 50 blocking 99%.

Another item to take into consideration when purchasing Coola products is the difference between Classic and Mineral sunscreens. Both have their advantages, but they do differ in protection methods.

Classic sunscreens use active ingredients to absorb and dissipate dangerous sun rays. Mineral sunscreens actually repel, scatter, and even reflect dangerous rays. To make an informed decision about sun protection, both options need to be considered.

Products Sold By COOLA Suncare

All COOLA Suncare products are available for purchase on the company website ( Coola offers five main categories of sun products. These categories include:

As mentioned above, it’s very important to take into consideration the different options for each sunscreen product, from SPF and type to how long it is able to resist water. Thankfully, Coola makes it easier for customers to make the right, informed decisions when it comes to protecting the health of their skin.

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