Anxiety Release Program – Natural Stress Relief Solutions?


The Anxiety Release Program is a downloadable eBook that promises to teach you how to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is the Anxiety Release Program?

The Anxiety Release Program is a digital eBook sold online for $39. The eBook promises to teach you natural cures for anxiety. The cures in this eBook are so powerful that they have even prevented a woman “from murdering her own children”.

Like many other eBooks sold online today, the Anxiety Release Program claims that the entire pharmaceutical industry is conspiring to keep natural anxiety cures from the market. After all, if the general population knew the “truth” about natural anxiety cures, then pharmaceutical companies would make no money.

That’s why the author of Anxiety Release Program, Aaron Wells, claims he is putting his own safety at risk by releasing these cures through his online eBook. The pharmaceutical industry is apparently willing to take all measures to prevent this information from being released.

Who is Aaron Wells?

Aaron Wells is just a normal guy. He’s not a doctor, nor does he claim to have any medical or pharmaceutical background.

Aaron watched as his sister-in-law take anxiety pills for years. Then, one night, his sister-in-law tried to attack her own children with a knife in the middle of the night “without even realizing what she was doing”, according to Aaron.

Inspired by this awkward event, Aaron decided to find natural cures that “eliminate any type of anxiety, no matter how severe”.

Note: Aaron repeatedly uses words like “eliminate” and “solution” and “prevent”, but what he’s really trying to say is that he can cure your anxiety without the use of prescription drugs. It’s just illegal for him to advertise Anxiety Release Program as a “cure”.

In any case, Aaron believes that prescription anti-anxiety pills have dangerous effects on people. After all, they turned his sister-in-law “from an average middle class wife to a child murderer in just a few seconds flat”, explains Aaron.

Like with many shady eBooks sold online today, Anxiety Release Program doesn’t actually give us the author’s real name. Aaron Wells doesn’t actually exist. The book explains that Aaron Wells is a pen name because the author wants to remain anonymous. Typically, that means the author doesn’t want the low-quality information in the eBook linked to his real-life reputation.

In any case, Aaron Wells believes that anti-anxiety medication, including Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) come with dangerous side effects. Aaron mentions that multiple mass murderers – including James Holmes (from the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting) and Eric Harris (one of the Columbine shooters) were both taking SSRIs before their incidents.

By following Aaron’s recommendations, you can find natural alternatives to all of these drugs.

Aaron appears to have partnered with a website called to release his eBook onto the internet.

What Will You Learn Through the Anxiety Release Program?

Aaron, the author of the Anxiety Release Program, claims he’s spent months researching natural alternatives to anti-anxiety drugs. He claims to have identified herbs, exercises, foods, and other non-pharmaceutical treatments for anxiety.

Aaron claims this information works all the time “no matter what kind of anxiety disorder someone has”. Aaron specifically claims that his information can be used to treat OCD, PTSD, agoraphobia, social phobias, panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, and other general phobias.

Aaron is careful to explain, however, that nothing is a “cure all”. He recommends mixing his non-pharmaceutical methods together to effectively treat anxiety.

The central part of the Anxiety Release Program is Aaron’s 10 easy techniques you can use to “wipe out your anxiety and keep it out of your life”. If you use just three of those techniques, you’ll be able to cure your anxiety without pills, explains Aaron.

Those techniques include one 60 second technique that can be performed in the comfort of your bed, before you fall asleep. It’s so easy a 5 year old can do it. By doing it every night before you fall asleep, you can prepare yourself for success the next day.

All of these techniques are concentrated down into a 15 day period. The Anxiety Release Program actually advertises itself as a 15 day anti-anxiety program. By following the techniques daily for a 15 day period, you can relieve your anxiety and escape your symptoms.

What’s Included with the Anxiety Release Program?

Unlike other eBooks sold online today, the Anxiety Release Program doesn’t bundle other books or programs with your purchase. Instead, everything is contained within one simple eBook.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in that eBook:

  • 11 ways to stop an anxiety attack in its tracks, including techniques that take only a few seconds to implement
  • 10 tiny changes that will erase anxiety from your life, including methods that “can rewire your nervous system to help you cope with stress situations, no matter how severe they are”
  • A 15 day, fully-integrated action plan to eliminate your anxiety effortlessly, one step at a time
  • A bonus section called Anxiety’s Best Friend that outlines the worst mistakes you make to help your anxiety grow

Anxiety Release Program Pricing

The Anxiety Release Program is priced at $39 USD.

It’s exclusively available for purchase from the Anxiety Release Program’s website, which accepts payment via all major credit cards. Purchases are processed by Software Projects, the large online eBook retailer.

Like all other Software Projects-published eBooks, Anxiety Release Program comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. You can get a full refund in 60 days with no questions asked if you disliked the eBook for any reason.

Should You Buy Anxiety Release Program?

Anxiety Release Program makes big promises about its effectiveness. The author of the eBook, Aaron Wells, repeatedly tells you that you can throw out your prescription medication after learning the lessons in the eBook. He claims he can treat all types of anxiety and conditions, including OCD, PTSD, phobias, general anxiety, and all other circumstances.

Aaron also charges $40 for his eBook, which consists of just one PDF file delivered to your inbox after your purchase.

Unfortunately, Aaron does not appear to have any background that makes him qualified to treat your anxiety. There’s no information that suggests Aaron’s advice is better than the information you can read for free on any website. He makes enormous claims about the power of his “anxiety cures”, but then refuses to explain why you should trust him.

For all of these reasons, the Anxiety Release Program doesn’t appear to be a qualified, medically-backed way to cure your anxiety – and you certainly shouldn’t throw out your doctor-prescribed medication prescribed just because some mysterious author of an internet guide told you to do so.

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