Complete Nutrition Charge On Protein Bar & Protein Drink

Charge On is a line of protein products by Complete Nutrition that helps consumers maintain a healthy diet, creating the best environment for weight loss. There is both a protein shake and a protein drink, depending on the needs of the consumer.

About Complete Nutrition Charge On Protein Bar & Protein Drink

When someone embarks on a new weight loss and muscle building regimen, their exercise routine is only half of the battle. They need to consume foods that are conducive to their weight loss, supporting their protein needs without adding too many calories to their daily intake. Most people choose to consume fruits or vegetables but these snacks lack the protein support. That is what the Charge On products from Complete Nutrition are for.

Charge On helps consumers to give themselves enough nourishment to take themselves from meal to meal. Too many people make the mistake of consuming junk food, completely ruining their routine. These products help consumers last between meals and get the protein nourishment that their muscles need right after a workout. Consumers are supplied with clean and lasting energy, even though there is no caffeine.

Right now, consumers can get this supportive protein from either a protein drink or a protein bar. Learn more information about Complete Nutrition Charge On Protein Bar & Protein Drink below.

About The Bars

The Charge On bars offer natural sweetening and long-lasting protein. Whey protein isolate offers a high concentration of support that keeps up with the nutrition that consumers need in their meals.

In addition, the protein bars contain coconut oil (to support muscle repair after exercising), stevia (to sweeten), and almond butter (to improve heart health). The company recommends consuming this snack whenever the user needs more energy support.

Choose from:

  • Dark Chocolate Cherry
  • Salted Caramel Cashew

About The Drinks

The Protein Drink offers a formula that is not found within the Charge On bars called Velositol.

While the drinks boast the same protein level as the bars, Velositol helps to increase the support that protein offers. The drinks also offer Chromium (to reduce the appetite) and Acerola (which uses Vitamin C to fight against free radicals.

Choose from:

  • Empowered Orange
  • Grape Rush

Consuming The Charge On Protein Drinks And Bars

Even though the two formulas offer impressive nutritional support, their uses are not the same. Both remedies are ideal for a healthy snack for consumers that are working on their muscle tone and weight loss.

However, the drink is the only one of the two that is recommended before, during, or after a workout. Use the appropriate snack for the corresponding occasion.

Pricing For Complete Nutrition Charge On Protein Bar & Protein Drink

Each of the Charge on products are priced separately, and there is no option for combining the purchase. For an 8-pack of the nutritional bars, the cost is $20.00. The 12-pack of the bottles of the drink is $36.00. However, there may be discounts and promotions at the time that the user makes a purchase that lower the price.

If these snacks do not meet the user’s needs, or they do not like the products for another reason, the Complete Nutrition brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. However, online products must be returned to the website, and in-store purchases must be returned to the store.

Where To Buy Complete Nutrition Charge On Protein Bar & Protein Drink

The easiest way for the user to get exactly what they want is to make the purchase online. However, with support this good, some people want the luxury of getting their supplies a little sooner.

To find the nearest location to you that offers the protein snacks, visit for the store locator. All the user needs to do is enter their zip code, and a list of available retailers will pop up right away. The search can be broadened to up to 500 miles away.

Contacting Complete Nutrition

Even though the website offers plenty of helpful information about the Charge On protein drinks and bars, consumers may have questions of their own. The customer service team is available for all those answers, offering a form on their contact page for consumers to submit their inquiries.

If the consumer is submitting return information, then they need to send the message to [email protected] with their order number, name, address, and reason for return.

Complete Nutrition Charge On Protein Bar & Protein Drink Review Summary

The Complete Nutrition Charge On Protein Bar & Protein Drink are a healthy way to improve the way that each user supports their body.

There are many different protein supplements on the market, but these flavors and fast-acting nutrients helps any user to increase their muscle tone and prevent hunger. Choose to consume just one, or get a package of both for whatever the user may be in the mood for at a moment’s notice.

If you want nutritional support outside of a capsule or a grainy protein shake, the Charge On snacks have you covered.


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