Collagen Skin Supplements – Hydration, Elasticity & Suppleness?


There has been a new type of health and natural beauty product recently on the market. This product is called collagen, which comes as white powder, yet not protein or L-glutamine.

Collagen has often been used in creams and serum to enhance skin’s elasticity and wrinkles. A digestible form of collagen has been created and in fact some popular athletes and fitness experts have attested to putting the collagen product into their drinks and smoothies.

Your body naturally produces collagen which is responsible for giving strength and structure to your skin. But with increasing age, collagen production decreases and signs of aging kicks in with a wrinkled skin. Therefore, many people are intrigued with the thought of using collagen products either in body creams or directly ingesting so as to boost the strength of their skin and keeping a more youthful appearance.

High numbers have been recorded of people making uninformed decisions on whether to use the collagen product, in a raging quest to improve their facial look. This has led to the question, “Do the collagen supplements really work?” or “Is it even sensible to ingest collagen orally?”

Research was conducted, with the leading specialists and dermatologists consulted to comment on the most asked questions by respondents. Below are the questions and their provided answers:

What Collagen Is And How It Is Made

It is a group of fibrous proteins and in large quantities in our body compared to all other proteins. Different types of collagen exist in our body, and at least 16 types have been noted. Each of these types has its own distinct role of constructing the form of your skin, cartilage, muscle, and bone.

Your body produces collagen as long as it lives to help in elasticity of your body tissues and in enduring any stretch thus improving your facial appearance and a more supple skin.

As you age, what happens to your skin?

There are two layers, epidermis and the dermis, that make up the layers of your skin. It is the dermis that contains fibroblast that produces collagen. The structure of the skin’s dermal layer must be well maintained so as to ensure the skin functions normally and a youthful look is projected. On the other hand, with increasing age, the fibroblasts also age, therefore producing less collagen. Signs of aging, prominently on the face are then noticed.

Role Of Collagen To Your Skin

Throughout the lifespan of your body, it produces collagen but nonetheless, the production decreases with aging. This then makes you wish to sample other collagen supplements with an assumption that collagen products both in powder form and those taken orally help enhance the natural body production of collagen.

Most well known among people with collagen history is Dr. Taz Bhatia, who is an integrative medicine physician and a health expert. She is a user of collagen supplements and offers a positive preference because it has helped improve the condition of her hair and nails.

Also, she says that collagen supplements have stopped her skin from wrinkling and provided her skin much-needed basic ingredients to boost its strength.

Dr. Bhatia gives collagen supplements credit on their ability to improve bone structure as well as promoting a healthy gut by leveling the content of microbiome.

A holistic nutritionist who is also a collagen expert, Rob Maru, has also praised collagen supplements, but specifically those which have ingredients required by human clinical trials. According to Maru, collagen has the following capabilities:

Based upon the above examples, collagen use sounds enticing and intriguing but knowing more on how it really works scientifically is critically important.

What Does Research Say About Collagen?

According to existing research, most results have shown that collagen use has been well received. This attests to the popularity collagen supplements have had in the wellness community. Douglas Toal, PhD, who is a board certified medical microbiologist , reports that, basing on its success, oral collagen supplements may actually improve skin health.

Similarly, studies have shown that a specific type of collagen called collagen hydrolysate, which is ingested and absorbed in the GI tract, is eventually accumulated in the skin following its circulation in blood. Therefore compared to other supplements such as curcumin, collagen is more easily absorbed in the body system.

Difference Between Topical Collagen And Oral Supplementation

In contrast to the oral supplementations, which are designed to increase the natural collagen production in the body and in turn build a collagen layer at the dermal layer, topical forms of collagen only work for a short period and thus do not penetrate well enough to access the deeper layers of the skin. Specific amino acids, which is considered to be a building block of collagen production, can only be obtained through oral supplementations, explains Rob Maru.

Other Ingredients In Collagen Powder

Trying out a new supplement is a dilemma and has been equated to situations such as trying out a new store brand due to the added ingredients some have while others do not. A possible way to avert such a dilemma is to know what you want.

The ingredients that are mostly in collagen products include the following:

Vitamin C

It is essential for skin health and also has a role in production of collagen in our body.

Hyaluronic Acid

It is a skin pigment that helps with hydration. Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit academic medical center, has commented on the decreasing amount of the acid with age and its effectiveness, saying that you should check to ensure that it is included in the ingredients of your product.

Collagen Supplements Are Not All Created Equally

It is important to note that not all the collagen supplements are created equally so that in case you are convinced you require the collagen supplement, you choose the best based on its reputation and past record of its success.

Where to look:

  • Consult a holistic doctor to help you identify which collagen product is the best.
  • Research studies also states the products that have been tested to ensure their safety and that are a best source of collagen products.
  • Collagen is mainly found in animal’s products, therefore, there are no collagen supplements which are not sourced from animals. Remember to acquire products that have been ethically sourced.

Is A Supplement Really What You Need?

While collagen supplements only help in preserving the skin’s structure and the dermis’ elasticity, there are other natural ways of ensuring your skin uses its natural collagen without supplements. They include the following:

Avoiding Too Much Sun

UV light accelerates skin aging in that,it damages and exhausts collagen in our body. Therefore, note that too much sunlight is not good for our skin.

Control Inflammation

Some of activities causing inflammation are intake of too much sugar, chronic stress, and smoking which distract collagen production and thus lead to early aging and less elasticity of your skin. It is good to avoid such activities.

Watch Your Diet

Your skin is a reflection of what you eat. Make sure to include vitamins, antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, and proteins in your diet for a much more healthy skin.

Give More Attention To Antioxidants And Sulfur-Rich Foods

Eating food rich in vitamin c and antioxidants will boost the level of collagen in our bodies. Sulfur rich food such as vegetables, legumes, fish, beef, and nuts are some of the foods that will prevent premature aging of your skin.

Consider Heating Up Bone Broth

Dr. Tiffany Jackson, wellness expert, has mostly advised her patients to using animal bones and marrows since it contains collagen and other healing compounds such as proline, glutamine and glycine.

Collagen Skin Supplements Summary

While a specific age to begin using collagen supplements has not been stated, with increasing age, beginning for example at age 20, collagen production in your body is decreased by a percentage every year.

You alone can convince yourself how and when to use the collagen supplements and therefore, it is important to ask yourself why you really need the supplements— based upon your health goals.

Research has shown no real risk caused by taking the supplements and thus this information we have provided can help you make a decision.

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