Phendimetrazine Review – A Weight Loss Miracle Wrapped In A Pill?


When people are looking to lose weight, a simple diet pill seems ideal. Phendimetrazine may be the diet pill people have been searching for to lose weight. While it seems simple to take, people want something that works by showing results in their body.

What Is Phendimetrazine?

Phendimetrazine is a diet pill for weight loss. It’s a prescription drug that is given to people who have a body mass index of 30 or more. This supplement is a short-term solution to diet and exercise. It requires people to do the work or results won’t happen.

Phendimetrazine is a drug that suppresses your appetite in order to curb excessive fat in the body. Classified as a stimulant, it operates as an appetite suppressant, administered orally to stimulate the brain and the entire nervous system.

This drug is categorized in the morpholine chemical class; it increases your heartbeat, stimulates the brain and the nerves, and more so makes the blood pressure increase. Since obesity is on the rise, phendimetrazine can be used significantly to manage weight loss and curb obesity.

About Phendimetrazine

The release of this supplement is unknown. People can obtain Phendimetrazine from a licensed doctor. The FDA regulates this medication but is it really safe?

Phendimetrazine is primarily used to help those who have exogenous obesity lose weight. Exogenous obesity is not a medical condition but it’s caused by eating too much with little physical exercise to balance, as opposed to endogenous obesity. The use of phendimetrazine instigates loss of appetite and also increases metabolism in the body. It works efficiently in restoring body fitness since it stimulates the body.

If your body is obese and overweight and you are not losing weight, you risk the threat of developing heart disease, diabetes, and even strokes. Using phendimetrazine will make the process of losing weight and gaining a healthy body easier and faster. Phendimetrazine is recommended for short term basis and specifically only for children over the age of 12 years.

It should be administered for several weeks with the appropriate diet. After a few weeks, the effect of the drug in suppressing appetite wears off. When the effect goes down, it's advisable to discontinue the drugs. The dosage is not supposed to continue in any way.

Pregnant mothers are however advised not to use this drug since weight loss during pregnancy can seriously affect the unborn child. It is important to avoid losing weight during pregnancy until after delivery

How Does Phendimetrazine Work?

Phendimetrazine stimulates the nervous system. As a result it increases heart rate and blood pressure. This helps with reducing appetite. The drug can typically be taken once a day by doctor’s instruction along with diet and exercise. It should also be taken an hour before a meal, but people can take up to 35 mg for up to three times a day.

People should expect to lose 4 pounds in the first 4 weeks of taking the pill with a low calorie diet. It should be stored in a place that is dry and cool. It’s important not to miss a dose, but it should not be taken too late or insomnia will occur.


Phendimetrazine is an important drug that provides a long lasting solution to obesity. If you are having problems with obesity, consider trying this drug and you will eventually have a prolonged solution to your ordeal.

The use of phendimetrazine provides a short-term supplement to exercise and diet in treating obesity; it does not subject you to strenuous and painful exercises.

Apart from losing weight, getting rid of obesity reduces the risk of diseases that come with the condition. Phendimetrazine suppresses appetite which is important in controlling too much eating , which is among the primary causes of obesity.

The benefits of phendimetrazine are beyond the stimulation of central nervous system and appetite suppression since the end result is a more healthy body. When you decide to use this supplement you achieve a better position to live a healthy life with a physically fit body.


A diet pill may be the ultimate solution to successful weight loss. Phendimetrazine sounds like a harmless diet supplement, but there are some concerns with the drug. The side effects, negative reviews, and the science are possible deal breakers when it comes to the success of this diet pill.

The Side Effects

Quick View:

Dry mouth, headaches, restlessness, changes in libido, diarrhea, insomnia, constipation, dizziness, upset stomach, flushing, tremors, and impotence are some of the side effects people have experienced. One consumer says they experienced an awful migraine and the medicines they had was not effective. They became nervous during the night and found sleep difficult with a migraine.

Other side effects include chest pain, shortness of breath, swelling, a racing heart, confusion, irritability, unusual thoughts, behaviors, and high blood pressure.

In Detail:

Phendimetrazine may have side effects from serious to less severe negatives on your body. When you experience severe side effects you should stop the drugs and see your doctor immediately; some of the critical side effects include chest pain, swelling feet or ankles, feeling irritated all the time, and having unusual behavior or thoughts. Some people may feel fluttering in the chest or pounding heartbeats.

Another serious effect is extremely high blood pressure which may be accompanied by blurred vision, headache, anxiety, chest pains, seizure, buzzing in the ears, and shortness of breath, uneven heartbeats and confusion. It is also advisable not to drive while on any dosage since the use of phendimetrazine can impair your vision, thinking, and reactions which could prove dangerous when operating machinery.

Less severe side effects include feeling hyperactive or restless, dizziness, tremors, headaches, having difficulties in sleeping, flushing, experiencing a dry mouth, constipation or diarrhea, stomach upsets, impotence or generally increased/decreased interest in sex.

If these symptoms occur, it’s time to call a doctor. People should stop using the diet pill right away because of these potentially, dangerous symptoms. Nevertheless, while side effects may vary in different circumstances, if other side effects arise it is important to visit your doctor.

Negative Reviews

Consumers have had unpleasant things to say about Phendimetrazine. One customer had taken the pill for a week and was hopeful it would work. They experienced no weight loss.

Another person said Phendimetrazine wasn’t successful. They took the pill for three   weeks, and there was no results accept headaches. Because this diet supplement has so many unappealing side effects as well as negative reviews, it becomes an unsuccessful solution to weight loss. People are interested in diet pills that work.

The Science

There is clinical research to support Phendimetrazine. While this is a good thing, the side effects and the negative reviews have such an impact that it overshadows the science conducted on this diet pill. These factors make the science look insignificant and show the success of this supplement is minimal.


People should consult their doctor before taking Phendimetrazine. Being pregnant, nursing, taking prescription medication, and being under the age of 18 are health conditions people need to be aware of. Women who are pregnant should not try to lose weight with Phendimetrazine because they are harming the unborn child. Driving while taking this prescription drug is not advised because blurred vision may occur as well as impairment in thinking and reaction.

It should only be taken by the person it is prescribed to and should be kept in a safe and secure place. Withdrawal symptoms could occur because people stopped taking it all of a sudden in the long term. It’s important to take the pill as a whole and not in a crushed state because too much of the drug could be released into the body. People who are allergic to the drug should not ingest the diet supplement.

MAO inhibitor users should not use Phendimetrazine. Furoxone, Marplan, Nardil, Azilect, Eldepryl, Esam, Zelapar, and Parnate are the inhibitors potential users should be aware of. If people have taken any of these inhibitors in 14 days of taking Phendimetrazine, the side effects could be dangerous because drugs are being combined.

The Warnings Of Taking Phendimetrazine

This prescribed medication should also not be taken if people have heart disease, heart murmurs, high blood pressure, overactive thyroid, glaucoma, severe agitation or nervousness. Abusing drugs and alcohol, being allergic to other diet pills, amphetamines, stimulants, or cold medication is also very dangerous. People should consult their doctors about conditions they already have before taking Phendimetrazine.

Health conditions like high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, an anxiety disorder, epilepsy, and a seizure disorder should be discussed with a doctor. People who are taking certain medicines before Phendimetrazine need to let their doctor know. Medications like insulin, diabetes medication, blood pressure medication, and other diet pills should be brought to the attention of a doctor.

Where To Buy Phendimetrazine?

People can purchase Phendimetrazine for $15.00. It is a prescribed medication people can get from their doctor. The pills can be picked up at most pharmacies. It can also be bought online for $39.95 for 30 diet tablets.

In Closing

Obesity has become a common problem among many people throughout the world. The number of people affected annually by this problem is increasing rapidly due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

This has resulted in many cases of people developing diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases among a litany of life-threatening diseases.

The emergence of these diseases has grossly affected the population by claiming many lives. It is, therefore, important that the use of phendimetrazine provides a solution in curbing obesity along with a proper diet.

If well administered and proper feeding habits adopted, many people will find phendimetrazine a viable solution to the growing cases of obesity.

Phendimetrazine is a diet drug that is prescribed to people who are interested in losing weight, and it is an FDA approved drug that is given out by licensed doctors. The supplement stimulates the central nervous system and results in weight loss. While the pill seems harmless, there are some concerns associated with the drug like the side effects, the negative comments, and the science.

People with health conditions need to consult with a doctor before taking Phendimetrazine. The pill can be purchased in stores and online. Its success is uncertain, but it’s important to know what Phendimetrazine is before committing to the diet pill.

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