Cognimaxx XL Natural Nootropic Supplement Review


Cognimaxx XL Review

Cognimaxx XL is a nootropic supplement that promises to improve your memory and enhance your focus – just like every other nootropic on the market. What makes Cognimaxx XL different? Is Cognimaxx XL worth a try?

Find out today in our Cognimaxx XL review.

What is Cognimaxx XL?

Cognimaxx XL

Cognimaxx XL is a brain supplement targeted towards those who want to improve their memory. The manufacturer of Cognimaxx XL claims that we lose up to 60% of our mental focus from age 25 to age 70.

By taking Cognimaxx XL, you can improve your focus, restore your memory, and take back control of your brain.

Cognimaxx XL makes some bold claims at its official website, At that website, the manufacturer claims Cognimaxx XL is 100% safe to use and can “sky-rocket concentration by 312%.”

How Does Cognimaxx XL Work?

Cognimaxx XL is a total mystery. The manufacturer doesn’t list any ingredients or explain how the supplement works. Instead, the manufacturer simply makes vague claims about an “all natural formula” that “increases blood flow to your brain.”

With a little research, you’ll find that Cognimaxx XL is thought to work using a mixture of natural ingredients and synthetic formulas. Those ingredients include:

— Phosphatidylserine
— Vinpocetine

Vinpocetine and DMAE can be found in a wide range of nootropic supplements, where they’ve been clinically proven to boost memory and cognitive effectiveness.

There are other undisclosed natural extracts included in the supplement, although it’s thought that the three ingredients listed above are the three most active ingredients in Cognimaxx XL.

Some Cognimaxx XL reviews list L-Arginine, for example, while others list gingko biloba and other herbal extracts.

Is Cognimaxx XL Safe?

Cognimaxx XL has not been independently tested or studied. The FDA has neither approved nor disapproved of the nootropic. As such, the safety of Cognimaxx XL is totally unknown.

That being said, nootropic compounds tend to be safe. The specific ingredients in Cognimaxx XL – including Vinpocetine and DMAE – have both been studied extensively over the years and have been well-tolerated in most studies performed thus far.

Since Cognimaxx XL doesn’t list its full ingredients or clinical studies, it’s impossible to say whether or not Cognimaxx XL is safe to use. Some low-quality nootropic supplement manufacturers will fill their pills with over 100mg of caffeine to effectively “trick” users into thinking they’re experiencing a powerful cognitive boost. In reality, they’re just drinking a cup of coffee. The fact that Cognimaxx XL doesn’t list its full ingredients chart is worrying, to say the least.

How to Buy Cognimaxx XL

Cognimaxx XL is available online at the official Cognimaxx XL website. The supplement is currently only sold in the United States. If you try to visit the official Cognimaxx XL website from outside the United States, then you may be redirected to similar nootropic supplement offers – like Synapsyl.

Synapsyl appears to be identical to Cognimaxx XL in every way but name. The two supplements feature identical labeling and make similar promises about their ingredients and effects.

In any case, here’s how the Cognimaxx XL pricing breaks down:

— 1 Bottle: $49.95 for a 1 Month Supply
— 3 Bottles: $119.91 ($39.97 Each) for a 3 Month Supply
— 5 Bottles: $149.85 ($29.97 Each) for a 5 Month Supply

When you order 3 or 5 bottles, you’ll get free shipping. On the 1 bottle package, you’ll need to pay a shipping and handling fee of $59.91.

The good news is that Cognimaxx XL doesn’t appear to come with an autoship program. So when you order one package of it, you’ll only receive one package. You don’t have to worry about your credit card being charged hundreds of dollars after you receive your order.

However, you should still check your credit card statements after you order to make sure the company didn’t try to sneak in an autoship program.

Who Should Use Cognimaxx XL?

Cognimaxx XL is marketed towards anyone who wants to recapture the brain power they enjoyed when they were younger. Whether you’re elderly or just in your late 30s and noticing some cognitive decline, Cognimaxx XL promises to boost your focus and memory as you get older.

That being said, Cognimaxx XL comes with some major red flags. There is no ingredient chart published on the official Cognimaxx XL website. The supplement’s manufacturer makes vague promises to use “all natural ingredients.” Then, it uses synthetic formulas (produced in a lab) like DMAE and Vinpocetine.

There’s nothing wrong with DMAE and Vinpocetine. However, it would be nice if the manufacturer were more upfront about its ingredients – especially the specific amounts of DMAE and Vinpocetine inside each supplement.

Since we don’t know those amounts, Cognimaxx XL isn’t recommended for those who want to know the exact amounts of nootropic supplements they’re putting into their body. If you don’t care about minor formula variations and want to trust the manufacturer, then Cognimaxx XL could be the right focus-boosting nootropic for you.

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  1. I tried this product, it didn’t work, and it made me exhausted! The company wouldn’t extend their return policy, and the Indian representative refused to let me speak with anyone beyond him for an exception. Save your money.

  2. This product is the worst product that I have ever tried, zero results of effect. Save your money!

  3. Few notes for anyone who wants to buy this product:

    1) When at the payment screen close the tab and there will be a better offer that pops up, because they don’t want you to leave. There are 3 offers: Buy one get one free($47 + free shipping), buy one for around $25 (free shipping) , and 15 day free trail just pay shipping and handling($5.99).

    2) Use a prepaid card, just saves you the hassle of worrying too much about forgetting to cancel your membership in 30 days and everyone receives a call a day or two after their purchase offering you three $1 offers that start charging your card after 15 or 30 days (it depends).

    3) Always restart your payment from the main website. I received an email that gave me a link to ‘finish my order’ and everything was more expensive then before. I went on the site (not from the email link) and found the cheaper price.

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