Allysian Sciences Review – Mastermind Nootropic MLM?


Allysian Sciences Review

Allysian Sciences is a nootropic company founded by 8 time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno and his business partner, Rod Jao. The company sells four different nootropic supplements that promise to boost your memory, cognition, focus, and overall health.

Find out everything you need to know about Allysian Sciences today in our review.

What is Allysian Sciences?

Allysian Sciences is a nootropic company that sells four different supplements: Mastermind, Genesis, Essentials, and Sinless.

Mastermind is your standard nootropic supplement, Genesis is an organic food supplement, Essentials is a daily multivitamin, and Sinless is a chocolate treat.

All four supplements promise to improve some aspect of your physical, emotional, or cognitive health.

The company was founded by 8 time Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno. Ohno retired from speed skating after the 2010 Olympics.

Sometime between 2010 and today, Apolo Ohno teamed up with Rod Jao to launch Allysian Sciences. According to the company’s official website, the name Allysian Sciences is derived from the words “All” and “Elysian” and “symbolizes the vision of including and welcoming all people into our journey of longevity, prosperity, and happiness.”

Allysian Sciences co-founder Rod Jao gets his business experience from Amway, where he reportedly achieved Emerald status before leaving to found other companies.

Allysian Sciences is based on a network marketing, multi-level marketing structure. You can join the company as an affiliate: although you’ll need to pay a steep entry fee. You can also supplement that entry fee by buying one of 5 different entry packages ranging in price from $199 to $2999.

Allysian Sciences entered its pre-launch phase in March, 2015. The company is located at 6351 Westminster Highway in Richmond, British Columbia.

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Allysian Sciences Products

Allysian Sciences currently sells four different nootropic supplements:



Mastermind contains a mix of 5 different proprietary formulas. You can view the full ingredients chart below:

Together, these ingredients promise to enhance your focus, memory, and intelligence.

Mastermind also claims to offer a number of secondary benefits: it will reduce stress, boost your mood, increase your ability to study, and enhance your long-term memory, for example. The ingredients claim to be “only genuine botanical extracts” with “no adulterated or “spiked” raw materials.”

Like all proprietary formulas, Allysian Sciences isn’t required to disclose precise information about each ingredient in Mastermind. We don’t know, for example, exactly how much L-theanine, Vinpocetine, or Alpha GPC is included. That might not seem like a big deal for some people, but those who are serious about their nootropic stacks will want to know exactly how much of each nootropic chemical compound they’re getting.

Ultimately, according to Allysian Sciences, all of these ingredients will improve your cognitive functionality by 7.52%. Allysian Sciences claims it derived this number from clinical trials.



Genesis calls itself a “nutrient dense powerhouse” and contains 74 life-enhancing botanicals and extracts. Its main benefits are to cleanse your body, remove heavy metals, and clear your brain to provide better focus and superior memory. It comes in the form of a powder, and there are 28 servings in each package.

To offer its benefits, Genesis includes a wide range of powerful ingredients, including:

Instead of breaking down the benefits of each proprietary formula in Genesis, suffice to say that you’re getting a huge number of organic foods that can provide valuable anti-oxidant effects. Here’s how Allysian Sciences describes its formula:

“This 2-in-1 Superfood and Powerberry combination provides rejuvenating and alkalizing effects, while gently detoxifying vital organs and purifying blood. GENESIS™ provides anti-inflammatory support, anti-oxidant benefits, as well as a proprietary adaptogen combination called Mastermind Matrix™ that brings the body into harmony.”

Essentially, Genesis wants to be a daily organic food supplement you use to support your overall cognitive, physical, and emotional health.



Essentials is a pair of multivitamin supplements: one for men and the other for women.

The supplements contain more than your daily recommended dose of many important vitamins. Here’s what you can expect in HIS and HER Essentials:

If you look closely, you’ll see just two main differences between HIS and HER Essentials.

First, the women’s supplement contains iron, while the men’s supplement does not. The other main difference is the “Organic food blend”, one of which is designed for men and the other for women.

Allysian Sciences doesn’t list the ingredients in that organic food blend, but it’s expected to be similar to the Genesis supplement listed above. It contains anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory organic compounds designed to support your overall cognitive and physical health.



Sinless is a chocolate treat that promises to be the “most unique chocolate in the world.” It’s sourced from 100% organic cocoa beans that are specially chosen to provide high flavor, flavonol, and polyphenol content.

What does that mean for you? It means you can enjoy high-quality organic chocolate that was specifically designed to provide the best benefits of dark chocolate.

To support its claims, Allysian Sciences cites a study from the University of Toronto which claims that:

“The first study found that 44,489 people who ate one serving of chocolate per week were 22 percent less likely to have a stroke than people who ate no chocolate. The second study found that 1,169 people who ate 50 grams of chocolate once a week were 46 percent less likely to die following a stroke than people who did not eat chocolate.”

Allysian also claims that its chocolate raises serotonin levels in the brain, helping the body relax and releasing pleasure-generating neurotransmitters.

In addition to 100% organic cacao, Sinless contains something called the Mastermind Matrix, which describes itself as a “proprietary blend of the world’s highest grade: Panax Ginseng, Rhodiola Rosea, and Gingko Biloba.”

How to Buy Allysian Sciences Products

You can buy Allysian Sciences products from the company’s official website. Or, you can buy from Allysian Sciences affiliates in your local area.

Here’s how the prices break down:

— Mastermind: $121.25 For A 30 Day Supply
— Genesis: $149.69 For A Tub (28 Servings)
— Essentials: $74.94 For A 60 Tablet Bottle
— Sinless: $28.69 For 20 Chocolate Bars

Most people will be turned away by these high prices. Considering the number of low-cost options on the nootropic market today, paying $120 for a basic Vinpocetine supplement with an undisclosed ingredient list is simply unacceptable for serious members of the nootropic community.

More casual nootropic users, however, like those who are just starting out, may not mind paying a higher price for a higher level of quality – even if the full amount of each ingredient isn’t disclosed.

Allysian Sciences Opportunity

Allysian Sciences is a network marketing company that uses a traditional multi-level marketing compensation structure.

If you want to sell Allysian Sciences products to generate an income for yourself, then you’ll have to pay to join the company. A basic affiliate membership costs $59.95, while the highest level package costs $2999.

Here’s what you get with each package:

Affiliate Registration – $59.95

— Allysian Affiliate Account, Virtual System, App, And Tools

— You Receive A Personal Website, Retail Shopping Cart And Something Called A “Virtual Office”

— Affiliate Registration Is Required Before Purchasing Any Of The Packages Listed Below

Basic Pack – $199

— You Earn $40 Commission When You Recruit Someone To This Level

— You Also Get A Package Of 1 Full-sized Mastermind Supplement (120 Capsules) And 5 Mastermind Mini Capsules (20 Count Each)

Executive Pack – $499

— You Earn $100 Commission When You Recruit Someone To This Level

— You Also Get 1 Full-sized Mastermind Supplement (120 Capsules), 10 Mastermind Mini Supplements (20 Capsules Each), 1 Genesis Supplement (28 Servings), And 1 Essentials For Her/him (60 Capsules)

Business Builder Pack – $999

— You Earn $200 Commission When You Recruit Someone To This Level

— You Also Get 2 Full-sized Mastermind Supplements (120 Capsules Each), 12 Mastermind Mini Supplements (20 Capsules Each), 2 Genesis Supplements (28 Servings Each), And 4 Essentials For Her/him (60 Capsules Each)

Professional Pack – $2999

— You Earn $600 Commission When You Recruit Someone To This Level

— You Also Get 6 Full-sized Mastermind Supplements (120 Capsules Each), 45 Mastermind Mini Supplements (20 Capsules Each), 6 Genesis Supplements (28 Servings Each), And 12 Essentials For Her/him (60 Capsules Each)

No matter which plan you choose, you have the same binary compensation plan. That compensation plan caps earnings at $75,000 per week. The binary plan looks like this:

You also get a matching bonus on some orders: you earn 10% on your first 5 levels for all personally-sponsored members.

There’s also a Lifestyle Bonus that you earn according to your rank. Allysian Sciences hasn’t described what this Lifestyle Bonus is or how it works.

At this point, Allysian Sciences is in the early stages of its life as an MLM. Since most MLMs don’t survive past the first year, it will be interesting to see if Allysian Sciences can leverage the unique opportunity of the nootropic niche and the celebrity endorsement of Apolo Ohno into network marketing success.

Who Should Use Allysian Sciences Products?

Nootropics and “brain drugs” are a rapidly growing part of the supplement market. They’re a billion dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing down.

That being said, Allysian Sciences doesn’t list how much of each ingredient is in its flagship nootropic supplement, Mastermind. That will immediately turn away current nootropic uses – who always want to know how much Vinpocetine, Alpha-GPC, and L-theanine is in their supplements.

Those who are new to nootropics, however, might enjoy some benefits from Allysian Sciences’ lineup of nootropics. In clinical testing performed by the company, the company claims that it increased brain power by 7.52%.

The company is still in its extremely early stages, which makes it difficult to judge its value as a multi-level marketing opportunity. Since there are few early sign-up bonuses, you might want to wait to see if Allysian Sciences can survive past the crucial “one year” mark before you think about joining.

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  1. Once confronted about being a scheme I was unintelligently berated by one of these so called professionals, if this business makes it then that’ll surprise me. The products are mediocre at best and not worth what they charge, you’re posting for the celebrity endorsement and the brand name.

  2. Your review is not correct. You need to update it. Mastermind supplement and Genesis list on their packaging the amount of the nutrients they have.

  3. Any other MLM, there is one fee to enter, and yes you have to sell a product so it’s not a Ponzi scheme.

    I don’t like that you have to “buy into” a compensation level. Any other MLM business is one price, then everyone is on same playing field

  4. Also worth mentioning is Allysian’s Partnership with CogniFit which is upwards of $20/month. As an active Preferred Customer or Affiliate with Allysian you get full access to CogniFit for free. Download the Allysian App as there is a plethora of useful training and information that is free of charge. Enjoy!

  5. As an Independent Affiliate of Allysian Sciences, just wanted to clarify with you as we are in Pre-Launch that there is NO requirements to buying a starter set. You can purchase a single item for yourself (also optional) to take and there is an option for those who want on hand products to purchase starter packages to get our business started. As an Affiliate you get a discount on your products and can sign up with autoship. Only up front cost is your registration fee of $59.95. You can also choose to be a preferred customer and use autoship to get a discount, or you can try mastermind in a 5 day sample bottle for $20. I can tell you that I have never had so much energy and complete focus without caffeine or without the afternoon/early evening crash! I recommend a sample bottle for sure for the 5 days, but to get the full benefit of it a 30 day trial is what I’d recommended. We also have a money back guarantee as well that is worth trying! 5 years for clinical trials with a average of 7.5% increase of cognitive function, which to me is AMAZING!

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