Supremia Snake Venom Peptide Cream


Supremia Snake Venom Review

Supremia Snake Venom is an anti-aging skin cream that claims to use natural ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The official name of the skin cream is Supremia Snake Venom Peptide Cream. It calls itself an “age killing intensive anti-wrinkle cream.” For the purpose of this review, however, we’ll just be calling it Supremia.

The skin cream is made by a company called Supremia Snake Venom which lists its address as 2150 Comstock Street in San Diego, California. You can reach the company’s customer service department by calling (877)-673-3112.

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Supremia Snake Venom

How Does Supremia Work?

How does Supremia work? The manufacturer claims that it’s included only the finest ingredients in Supremia, including all of the following:

— Ceramide Complex
— Phytosphinogosine
— Retinol Palmitate
— Palmitoyl Oligopeptide
Rosemary Extract
— Balm Mint Extract

Together, these ingredients penetrate the outer layer of your skin to deliver powerful skin healing benefits. They’re thought to encourage the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, there’s no actual snake venom in Supremia Snake Venom Peptide Cream.

The skin cream claims to be “proven to work on all skin types”, including cracked skin, dry skin, problematic skin, aged skin, and sun spots.

Together, these ingredients claim to offer all of the following benefits:

— Rejuvenate The Skin
— Act As A Powerful Antioxidant
— Reduce The Signs Of Aging And Environmental Damage On Your Skin

The phytoceramide formula will boost your collagen production to increase skin elasticity, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Use Supremia

The manufacturer recommends using a three step process when applying Supremia:

Step 1) Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry

Step 2) Apply a pea-sized amount of Supremia Snake Venom onto your fingertips and apply in the direction of your wrinkles across your face and neck

Step 3) Let the cream set on your skin for 15 to 30 minutes in order to penetrate your skin effectively

How to Buy Supremia

Buying Supremia is a little more complicated than you might think. The problem is that Supremia uses a “free” trial that isn’t quite as free as the name suggests.

That free trial costs $4.99 for shipping and handling. Your bottle is typically delivered within 2-5 days. You enter your credit card and it will immediately be charged the $4.99 fee.

There’s one problem with the Supremia free trial. The manufacturer has hidden some important information in the fine print at the bottom of the Supremia ordering page. That fine print says that the company will charge you $89.99 for your initial “trial” order. That charge will appear on your credit card 14 days after your order.

Then, 30 days after you ordered your original trial bottle, your credit card will be charged an additional $89.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling. You will receive a new monthly supply of Supremia in the mail and your credit card will be charged every month until you cancel.

You can cancel your Supremia autoship program by calling the company between 8am-12am EST on weekdays and 9am-6pm EST on weekends. Their customer service number is 877-673-3112.

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  1. VERY STRESSFUL LESSON TO LEARN. First and last time! I was sucked in because this is what the article said: Christie Brinkley was featured on The Today Show with Dr. Oz to launch her new skincare and anti-aging line, known as Hydrolux Peptide Cream . Discover how at 62 she looks half her age and how you can use the exact same product as her to look years younger!And it was featured through SHAPE MAGAZINE. I contacted my credit card company the day after receiving the cream and together we were on the line with this company to cancel my subscription. Do not discuss anything with them other than demanding your confirmation/cancellation number FOR EACH PRODUCT sent to you. BE FIRM. I then cancelled my present Canadian credit card number and will be sent a new number and card within two days at my expense for the courier fee. I told the credit card company I was not willing to invest anymore time or stress to revisit this scam in case a charge came through again the following month! If the credit card company didn’t issue me a new number I was going to cancel my card and take my business elsewhere. In the end they were very helpful. Good luck everyone!

  2. this is such a scam and they are so rude, I never saw the cancel within 14 days on the page when I ordered , and even put no on this one but still sent it. I did not get refund and am looking into this company with Better Business Bureau. This cream is not what they say it is. DON’T BUT THIS PRODUCT IT IS A SCAM.

  3. OMG!!! Thank goodness I read these reviews!! Luckily I cancelled just days after my order, despite their attempts to get me to keep it. I can’t believe this is LEGAL!! Thanks to all that posted and saved me from a lot of hassle, thank you!!!

  4. For all,
    Everytime you buy online use a prepaid visa card ( gift visa card), I do all the time and I never had a problem, the companies can’t charge twice. I hope this will be helpful

  5. Got my FREE TRIAL quickly then saw it says SUBSCRIPTION. I CALLED IMMEDIATELY and had to fight to cancel. I may just change my credit card number to be safe. I don’t believe them when they promise it’s cancelled

  6. SCAM!
    Supposed refund for one. Voucher for another? I WANT A REFUND!
    They read a written statement to you as why they won’t refund, over and over and over.
    I read these things well and guess I missed the teeny tiny print at the bottom. I usually don’t fall for this find if stuff.
    Delivered on the 9th, charged on the 18th. I think that’s less than the 14 day trial! Right!
    There’s no shame is stealing people’s money these days.
    PS. Cream is HORRIBLE!

  7. SCAM!
    Supposed refund for one. Voucher for another.
    They read a written debacle to you as why they won’t refund. Over and over and over.
    I read these things well and guess I missed the teeny tiny print at the bottom. I usually don’t fall for this find if stuff.
    PS. Cream is HORRIBLE!

  8. I was able to get 50% refund, called like 4 times getting only excuses , but since I was very insistent they agreed to refund, the problem is that hidden information is now at the bottom of the payment page, you should hit terms and conditions sign and only after you’ll see the page with the information… Maybe what I’ve asked is to small amount, but since they have that hidden information posted it would be extremely difficult to prove they owe you money. So I decided it’s not so bad to get at list half of the money, other half I’m paying for learning the lesson….

  9. Same sad story….being charged twice $89.00 for Auto Refills. The worse part is I never got the cream -neither the trial or refills.!!! I was also charged $4.99 twice. SCAM I just had to waste more time and money to fax credit card company a dispute letter. I never fall for these type of things but I sure learned a lesson when I did.

  10. I too am a victim of this scam. My debit card has been charged twice, so I am now out over $250! I got my accounts cancelled, I hope, and gave the people a piece of my mind, which I’m sure they have heard before. I hope someone can put a stop to this.

  11. Wow, I just ordered today thinking I’d only be out 10.00 if it didn’t work. I did not see any fine print about a monthly subscription for 89.00. I called the phone numbers on each of my 2 orders for Supremia and Prima and got the same spiel, same questions on both calls. I just kept saying I wanted to cancel. And they finally did and and sent an email confirmation of cancellation while I was still on the phone. Stupid and deceptive way to do business. Thank you all for the alerts. I decided to cancel before I got the free trial, to hopefully avoid cancellation problems later.

  12. Thanks to Tina, for providing the Customer Service # 1-888-699-7983, I was able to reach someone and cancel my “subscription” that was actually supposed to be a free trial! I did not catch that it was a 15 day free trial and then you will be on an auto ship. The woman did tell me that I have the 15 days and to call back at that time. I was persistent and said that I do not wat the product and want to cancel now. After 2 rounds of trying to convence me to try the product first, she finally cancelled my “subscription” (which I did not realize I subscribed to). I will also follow up with my bank to make sure everything is good!

  13. I agree with everything said here. I used the product for 3 days and started to get irritated skin so stopped using and went back to my old creams which worked far better. Then I saw two charges for $89 and when I called was informed that in the fine print it said you would be charged $5 for shipping and handling. And that once you’d ordered you were in a “fifteen day trial period” (never read anything like that when I was ordering) and that if the products weren’t returned within 15 days (hard to do when it took almost 15 days for the order to get to me) there would be a charge for the $89.99. Total scam. I’ve filed a fraud report with my bank.

  14. It hit me like a boulder too. I have 2 charges of 89.99 each. They cancelled the shipments for me after a very tiring talk with the rep. She kept lowering the price. I still want my shipment that I payed for. The product is nice, but not worth that money. The automatic charges wreak havoc with my debit card. A big scam here ladies!

  15. Thanks to yours comment I realize what happened to me with my money , I believed that I was lucky because I went to the bank Chase they call them for me , and in two days they refund my money.

  16. I agree with all the reviews above. The product is not worthless than the bottle it was sent in. And they charge you a almost 400 dollars . Because you did not cancel you order with in a certain amount of time. Then they do not send all the product. I was charged for 4 and only got 3. This is a disgrace. Hope no one else gets caught up in this mess.

  17. was ripped off by this company and will do EVERYTHING i can to get my money back. never received trial shipment , then they charged my acct, did not agree to any of this, my 4.95 s&h charge turned into 190.00 of nothing. i am livid.

  18. You are all right about this company!!!!! They should be reported to the better business bureau!
    It is all a scam!!!!

  19. I too fell for the con. I wiil be on the phone monday mornin. I like the cream but i would never pay so much for a product.

  20. Total gimmick…it’s the same product and packaging as Premiera just a “different company” and address…same price, trial but not really. I caught this because it was on FB and when I clicked on the article again the name and hyperlink changed. So I searched them both…same crap. Just gotta age with grace.

  21. I couldn’t believe it when my bank teller told me my account was overdrawn! This is a scam, the ad stated the trial size was $4.99!!They charged$89!!! I called the company immediately and they claimed that I’m not in their system!! I now have to cancel my card after reading here that they’ll charge this insane $89 every month!! I don’t know if I should bother sending it back, I’ll never get my money back. I’m so upset, and I’ve learned a lesson!

  22. Where can I return this scam product. Getting no satisfaction from the photo or the web site. I think they changed the site. Supremia and Prima

  23. I totally agree with the other comments.. They don’t tell you the price upfront and say you have a 30 day trial but you don’t get it for a week of the 15 day “cancellation period” which I did NOT read or see and then they charge your card an additional $89.. I too cancelled and hopefully they will be OUT OF BUSINESS SOON with this scam.

  24. My daughter and I too were scammed by this company that advertised on Facebook. We would not have even ordered the free trial had we known we’d be automatically charged $89 and would’ve canceled if we had known what the cost was. I called the company 3 times and all 3 times they hung up on me. When I’d call back they made an excuse they were having problems with their phone lines. And the woman was very rude, wouldn’t listen, and read the terms which weren’t on the advertisement that I saw on fb. They are a SCAM and they are fraudulent in their activities and advertisements. I contacted my card company and they told me they said they just froze my card due to the company charging my acct 3 times in 2 weeks and trying to charge my account another 3 times in the amount of $98 each. My cards fraud dept is looking into it. And primskincare location is in Thailand which is suspicious since the lady I did talk to disputing the charges was Asian. And all 3 times I got the same lady yet she played herself off as being a different representative. Thanks to this site and others complaints, this will help my card company in the investigation and I hope that mine, along with others will help everyone who fell for this scam. For anyone that needs
    Return address to the company is
    P.O.Box 88
    Agoura Hills, CA. 91376
    Customer Service # 1-888-699-7983
    FYI this is not the same number that’s listed on your card statement
    Thank you all for posting your complaints! It will help us and others

  25. This is a scam operation. The product does not produce results that they claim. They charged my credit card two times without my permission. I cancelled my card and the company is investigating this fraud. BEWARE!

  26. Update: I found the address to return Supremia products:

    Supremia Skin Care Returns Department (USA)
    PO Box 6365, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

  27. STAY AWAY! This company is very shady!

    The product didn’t work for me at all! The offer is very misleading, I would not have ordered it at all if I knew it cost so much.

    Every time I called them during my “trial” period they made excuses why they could not cancel. They will hang up on you, tell you their computers are down and to call back another time, put you on hold forever, like 20 minutes hoping you will hang up.

    I am disputing the charges, they sent me two products so I am out almost $200 now.
    My customer service rep with my bank said they have heard the same story about this company about hanging up, faking computers down so you can’t cancel and other ridiculous tricks.

    I was told by my bank to return the products with tracking orders. Unfortunately I do not have the original packing slips. Conveniently I cannot find that info anywhere on the internet.

    *****Can someone post the return address for the” Anti-Aging” product and the “Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing cream”******

  28. I too ordered the snake venom I saw on face book I all so had the same experience as Kathleen. They did not give me my money back and the still had the product. After I cancel my subscription , so be careful about what you order and read the fine print on the terms and conditions. I think is false advertising.

  29. I too ordered the snake venom i saw on Facebook and was tricked into paying the 89.95. They don’t tell you how much you will be charged if you do not cancel within the trial period. I called to complain and they were very impolite. After I threatened to dispute the charges with mv credit card company they promptly offered a 50% refund. Also, I didn’t find any of the ingredients listed above on the product label. The cream may be good and it might work but it is over priced and the company seems very shady.

  30. I have tried using THE anti-aging formulas and snake venom peptide.SnyAke. on a trial basis and face is beginning to itch every time I use it now. so I won’t be using it anymore. So please do not send me anymore Thank You for the trial !

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