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Cogni Lift Review

Recently released onto the internet, Cogni Lift claims to use special ingredients to help activate the inner power within your mind. Here’s our Cogni Lift review.

What is Cogni Lift?

CogniLift is a nootropic smart drug supplement that promises to boost your focus and mental energy using a range of proven ingredients.

Found at, Cogni Lift promises to offer the following benefits:

Boosts Cognition
— Creates Vivid, More Lucid Dreams
Boosts Memory And Focus

Basically, this supplement promises to offer the same benefits as most other nootropics on the market today. The real question is: does Cogni Lift actually work?

How Does CogniLift Work?

Cogni Lift claims to work by using “nine natural, comprehensively studied compounds” which are “designed to maximise three parts of your brain’s physical abilities.”

The formula claims to elevate your levels of “endogenous neurotransmitters”, for example, while also providing anti-stress relief and encouraging “comprehensive neuroprotection.”

That’s a whole lot of nootropic gibberish that doesn’t really mean anything. On the sales page for Cogni Lift, the manufacturer also shows pictures of people playing chess, solving complicated mathematical formulas, and strumming a guitar – all things that you will reportedly be able to do after using Cogni Lift.

The problem with Cogni Lift is that the manufacturer never actually explains how this pill works or what it does.

In fact, we don’t know what any of the nine ingredients within Cogni Lift actually are. All we know is that the supplement contains an undisclosed amount of some mysterious ingredient that raises acetylcholine levels.

Here’s how the manufacturer explains how CogniLift works:

“It's been discovered that REM cycles become broader and more persistent within people who have more acetylcholine. This is why Cogni Lift works so well – it's a potent solution for enhancing acetylcholine with the most effective nutrients on the market.”

If those nutrients were really “the most effective nutrients on the market”, then you would assume that Cogni Lift would want to advertise those nutrients and explain exactly what they are. For whatever reason, that’s not the case with Cogni Lift.

Basically, the sales page for Cogni Lift is filled with nootropic gibberish that never explains how or why the supplement works. It doesn’t even list a single ingredient. When you take Cogni Lift, you could be putting pure caffeine into your body. Since the manufacturer has refused to disclose its ingredients, we just don’t know.

How to Buy CogniLift

Cogni Lift is currently only available online at the official Cogni Lift website. The formula isn’t sold at Amazon or other online retailers. You also won’t be able to find it at any physical retail stores.

When you visit the official website, you’ll find numerous advertisements for a “sample bottle” and “trial offer”. The only way to order Cogni Lift is through this mysterious trial offer.

Here’s how this trial works:

— You enter your contact information and credit card number and agree to pay $4.97 for shipping and handling

— Your credit card is immediately charged $4.97 and you receive your shipment of Cogni Lift (30 capsules) in the mail a few days later.

— 10 days after you place your Cogni Lift order, your credit card will be charged the full price of $139.97 for the monthly supply you already received.

— Then, 30 days after you initially placed your order, you’ll be charged $139.97 once again. A new shipment of Cogni Lift will arrive in your mail box.

— The manufacturer claims you can cancel this subscription at any time by calling 1-855-511-1614.

— The company doesn’t appear to offer any type of return policy, quality guarantee, or other offer

The trial period only lasts 10 days. The supplement might take 3-4 business days to reach your address, at which point you’ll only have a few days to test the supplement before your credit card is charged the full purchase price.

The $140 price tag makes Cogni Lift one of the most expensive nootropics ever released. It’s priced at nearly $5 per capsule. In comparison, even pricey nootropics are typically priced between $1.50 and $2.50 per capsule.

Who Makes Cogni Lift?

CogniLift doesn’t list any information about the manufacturer on its official website. It does, however, list some contact information. The company is purportedly located at the following address in Florida:

Cogni Lift
P.O. Box 153201 Suite #1093
Tampa, FL 33684

You can contact the company by phone at its toll-free number: 1-855-511-1614. Or, you can email the company at [email protected]

Customer service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

The company doesn’t list its name on the official site. If you Google the address above, however, you’ll find a number of other nutritional supplements have been sold through the same address.

Those supplements include Brain Peak, King Size, and Pure Testo Explode (which claims to be a “legal steroid”).

Ultimately, with a bit of searching, you’ll find a real company that lists the address above as its headquarters. Cogni Lift and the other supplements listed above are all made by a company named New Life, also known as New Life Brands or New Life Nutra LTD.

Should You Try CogniLift?

At $140 for 30 capsules, CogniLift is easily one of the most expensive nootropic supplements on the market today. There’s nothing wrong with paying a high price for high quality, but Cogni Lift provides little evidence to justify its high price tag.

If you’re willing to pay $5 for each nootropic capsule, then you can do a lot better than the mysterious, unproven list of ingredients in Cogni Lift. There’s simply no justification for paying this much for a nootropic supplement that doesn’t list a single ingredient.

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