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Armodafinil Overview

The popularity of smart drugs have increased dramatically in recent years. Because people in a diversity of settings are interested in what smart drugs can do for them, people are beginning to find the best ones for their personal circumstances.

It is also important for people to know that there are different kinds of smart drugs available on the market today, and they are manufactured with many purposes in mind. From treating people with sleeping disorders to increasing an individual's ability to focus on certain tasks properly, smart drugs can be used by people all over the United States and abroad. Therefore, it's not uncommon for students in schools and on college campuses to seek out smart drugs to assist them with enhancing their abilities to learn and memorize all kinds of information.

Another targeted group for smart drugs can be found in many work place related settings as well. This is because people on the job may need a supplement to assist them with functioning properly in order to beat out or stay ahead of the competition in their workplaces. Regardless to the need or the circumstances, people can review drugs like Armodafinil to see and understand the associated benefits of taking this kind of smart drug. With this said, one of the first things that people should know and be aware of is what is the smart drug Armodafanil?

What Is Armodafanil?

Armodafinil can be described as a Nootropic smart drug that is currently being used to increase an individual’s alertness. In some people, this drug can help to keep the person awake. Therefore, when people take this kind of drug, they can expect to benefit greatly from an overall enhanced mental performance. This drug can be found in prescription form under the names of Waklert or Nuvigil. In the year 2007, it was also approved by the FDA in the United States. Based on information from its manufacturers, Cephalon, over 1.6 million users have purchased Armodafinil. These numbers are derived from the statistics that were reported in the last 3 years.

Armodafinil is also known to be a derivative of Modafinil. So, it is important to note that they are both similar in effect, even though Armodafinil has a relatively higher potency. Which simply means, the choice that people make between the two are normally based on an individual's personal preference. Some people, however, may choose Armodafinil over other smart drugs because its considered to be a much better stimulant and will last for a much longer and extended period of time. While there are many uses for this kind of smart drug, the most commonly known in the Nootropics community is a cognitive enhancer.

Reviews Armodafanil?

For People Who have Chronic Fatique Syndrome

Because this smart drug has multiple uses, it has received reviews from a diverse audience. Therefore, people who may want to take this drug can do their research based on their specific needs. For instance, people who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may want to look for the reviews that apply to their circumstances.

Since chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that's difficult to control, it is important for people to see if this smart drug will provide the burst of energy that people will need in order to feel better. So, for those who have had experience with this drug, some are saying that they have more energy to do all kinds of different activities during the day.

However, it is important for people to know that they must take the drug as recommended by the label or their physician's recommendations in order to avoid any related harsh side effects.

Also, for people who have used this drug as an enhancer, they may find that these reviews will discuss both the pros and cons to taking Armodafinil. The pros and cons are as follows:

Pros: When this pill has been taken by people who want to enhance their ability to focus better, these reviews can attest to the fact that some people have an increase in attention span and they can work longer hours without being overwhelmed.

Cons: Because there are cons to taking this supplement, people should be aware of what they are prior to making a decision. For instance, there are some harsh side effects that some people seem to be more prone to have. One of the most common for some involved having a case of diarrhea and frequent urination.

Some people can attest to the fact that ADHD is very effective. This is because it has been designed to eliminate all of the anxiety that is normally associated with ADHD. Since some of the ADHD drug alternatives have different harsh side effects, some people prefer Armodafinil to other drug options because they do not have the jittery side effects that normally associated with Straterra or Concerta.

One of the drawbacks to taking this kind of drug, however, is it’s not covered by some insurance companies. Which means, some people may have to pay for this smart drug out of their own pocket, if and when they can afford the added expenses in their budget. Another possible drawback to taking this kind of drug is the variance in how long it lasts.

For instance, some people say that it may lasts throughout their work day, which means their day will go relatively well. On the other hand, if the drug does not lasts as long, they may have more difficult with carrying out their regular responsibilities. Also, based on the dosage that the person takes, it may also may the person a little dizzy.


Before a patient takes a medication, they are instructed to read the label on the back of the product that has been prescribed. The dosage that is recommended on the back is written based on the physicians orders each patient must follow it closely in order for the drug to work effectively and safely for them.

So, for those who have a prescription for the medication armadafinil, it is also important that each person reads the instructions carefully so that they can take proper dosage. With this said, here are sample dosage instructions for narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea/hpopnea syndrome, and shift disorder syndrome.

Dose for Narcolepsy (typical adult)

— 150 milligrams or 250 milligrams orally 1 time daily

Dose for Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome (typical adult)

— 150 milligrams or 250 milligrams orally 1 time daily

Dose for Shift Work Sleep Disorder (typical adult)

— 150 milligrams orally 1 daily one hour


People who take the drug Armodafinil are those who have been experiencing specific kinds of medical problems. Some of which involve having issues with thinking clearly in a wide diversity of situations. So, when a physician prescribes this smart drug, they are looking to enhance this area of cognitive thinking.

This is one of the top benefits of Armodafinil since it has been designed to boost this area so that people can begin to concentrate better on the daily activities that they are tasked with performing.

Possible Side Effects

When and individual takes any type of supplement or prescription medication, they may expect to see some possible side effects. Some of which are more harsh and dangerous than others. Therefore, it is essential for people to know what they are in advance. By looking up this information, people can obtain the help that they need. In some cases, the physician may prescribe a different medication if the symptoms are too harsh or dangerous for the individual. This said, here’s a brief listing of the possible side effects for Armodafinil:

anxiety, hallucinations, thirst, rash, headaches, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, euphoria, depression, aggression, anorexia, tremor, suicidal thoughts, and aggression. trouble sleeping, restlessness, confusion, disorientation, feeling excited, mania, severely increased or decreased heart beat, and an increase in blood pressure.

The side affects that people experience when taking this kind of drug can either be classed as short term side effects or they may be classed as long term side effects. So, people should make sure that they are reviewing this list to ensure that they know the problems that can be experienced if they decide to take this drug to eliminate the issues and problems that they are experiencing in their own bodies.


Armodafinil can be described as a smart drug. Since the popularity of these drugs are constantly increasing, people all over the United States and abroad are taking these supplements for many different reasons. So, it is important to know and understand what each of these smart drugs have the capability of doing.

In specific, for those who are interested in taking Armodafinil, they may find that it is a drug that is meant for numerous needs. Two of the more commonly known include taking this drug for chronic fatigue syndrome or for ADHD. So, for people who may be interested in eliminating these and other related concerns, it is important that they do their research in advance.

The research that the person does should include any related reviews that comes from people who have tried this type of smart drug before. With these reviews, people can find out what others are saying about its overall effectiveness. People should also look up the side effects that usually comes along with taking any type of drug.

Some of the more commonly known and associated with Armodafinil includes a relatively lengthy list that ranges from having an increase in blood pressure and headaches to dealing with nausea and a case of dry mouth. Regardless to the type of side effect that the person experiences, it is essential that people know what they are in advance so that they can address them appropriately as they deem necessary.

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