Clean Juice Bar

Clean Juice Bar has been in existence since 2014, having been started by Landon and Kat Eckles. Kat had been making smoothies for a local juice bar in Charlotte, North Carolina while Landon was an international businessperson.

They came together and opened up their first juice bar, Birkdale at Lake Norman. Nowadays, the juice bar has three other corporate locations, a food truck, a juice truck, and has over 47 franchise units across several states in the United States.

Clean Juice Bar aspires to provide fresh fruit juice to its clients in a hygienic manner and ensure that they nourish them with the right nutrients from the squeezed fruits. They also make fruit treats and cereals for their clients. They have several products to meet the diverse preferences of their customers, as well as their nutritional needs.

Here is an overview of some of their products:

Acai Bowl

The acai bowl is a collection of different fruits that can be served alongside smoothies or alone.

The Clean Juice Company offers several fruit combinations for the acai bowl. The various fruit combinations include the green owl, the pitaya, the berry bowl, and the nutty bowl. The berry bowl is a combination of berries, banana slices, some chocolate, and other toppings.

The beach bowl has oats, peach, and coconut shavings. The pitaya bowl has coconut shavings, granola, bee pollen, and the pitaya. The green bowl has vegetable pudding, cereals, a banana, and other additions.

The nutty bowl has a combination of oats, a pudding base, and bananas among other ingredients. The acai bowl is a heaping serving and has enough for your brunch, morning hunger pangs, or as a dessert.

The Bites

The bites are the perfect sized snack for the mid-morning or evening hunger pangs. Clean Juice provides a wide variety of choice when it comes to the bites.

You can choose to have a bowl of oats with a large banana or a power oats bowl that has oats, bananas, groundnuts, and other various toppings. Moreover, the company also offers toast bites. The toasts are made with an avocado toast, avocado mayonnaise, and also has cereal sprinkled on it.

There is also the almond toast that has a large slice of brown bread, a peanut spread, and baked almond pieces on top. The slices are convenient for anyone that would like to carry a packed lunch or eat something while traveling.


There are six different juices that you can purchase from the Clean Juice Company. The juices are part of the cleansing plan offered by the company. All juices are cold-pressed to ensure that the nutrients are preserved.

They are served in bottles or easy to use plastic juice containers so that you can have them on the go. All of the juices are USDA certified organic.

The Sweet Green

The sweet green juice is made of apple, mint, cucumber, spinach, and kale. The juices are served in a green cup or bottle.

Orange Juice

The orange juice is made from turmeric, lemon, pineapple, carrot, and orange. It is served in orange packaging.


This juice is made with lemon, ginger, cucumber, kale celery, and spinach. It is served in a green container.


The yellow juice is made of maple syrup, cayenne, lemon, and filtered water.


The juice is made of lemon, carrot, apple, and beet juice.


This juice is made of cashew nuts, cinnamon, filtered water, vanilla, Himalayan pink salt, and maple syrup. Each of the fruits and vegetables Clean Juice use as ingredients are carefully selected due to the benefits for the body.

The combinations are made in such a way so that ingredients that provide related benefits and taste well together are grouped together for ease of selection of the products.

The company also offers a wide range of smoothies that are tasty and nutritious. Some of the smoothies include products like the simple, slushie, coffee, and many more. The protein smoothies on offer include thing like chocolate 1, recovery 1, cream 1, mangoes, and many other choices.

Benefits Of Clean Juice Bar

Apart from the great taste and large helpings, several benefits come with the Clean Juice products. They include:

  • The fresh products have all the nutrients intact for the health benefit of the body. Care is taken to ensure that the nutrients are not lost to heat.
  • There are no added substances within food product. Thus, they are safe for human consumption.
  • The food products include a diverse range of fruits. This enables them to provide a broad range of nutrients that are needed within the body.
  • The body-cleansing program is easy to follow so that you still enjoy your favorite juices.
  • There is are many choices for personal preferences.
  • Their juices are USDA certified organic. It means that the juices are made with high quality, organically grown vegetables. This makes them great for body cleansing and boosting the vitamin and protein intake.
  • The juices are hygienically packed in either the bottles or their drinking cups. They are safe for consumption. The bites and acai bowls can also be carried with ease as packed snacks.

Clean Juice Bar Shortcomings

The company has limited information available on their products. This makes it hard for potential clients (such as a customer that has been advised to take particular fruits by the doctor) to choose the right products for their conditions. The same happens with their cleansing program, as there is little information on how to go about it for the best results.

Due to this, some people may fail or give up because they did not have enough information. The company needs to inform people more on the available products in the market and how consumers can get them with ease.

There are no obvious risks that come from consuming the Clean Juice products, unless one has been advised not to take one or more of the fruits and vegetables that may make up any of their products.

For example, people with kidney disease have a restriction of potassium intake from bananas, so they shouldn't consume products with bananas in them.

Clean Juice Bar Final Words

Overall, their products are beneficial to the body, taste great, and are served in quantities that are reasonable for the price-point. However, they need to have additional information and guides to help their clients make informed decisions.


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