City Lips Pro – Healthy Ingredients To Hydrate & Plump Lips?


Making voluminous celebrity lips accessible, City Lips Pro offers a safe serum that can be conveniently applied at home to stimulate collagen for long-lasting results.

Please continue reading for more about this non-irritating beauty product.

What is City Lips Pro?

Currently popular in the beauty industry are the big, voluminous lips of celebrities. While some of these results are the product of cosmetic surgery, many people prefer a less invasive route.

With several alternative avenues to achieve this look, including makeup, liquid enhancers, and cosmetic prescriptions, City Lips Pro aims to provide a temporary solution for lasting results.

Immediate, noticeable results are achieved by hydrating the lips and promoting long-term fill effects by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production. Scientifically, this product doubles collagen peptides and encourages the body to produce new collagen cells on its own, resulting in more volume and more definition in the lips.

Dermatologists have clinically tested this product and agree that it is suitable for sensitive skin; its painless and safe application does not cause irritation or sensitivity. Moreover, the formula helps reduce and prevent the production of wrinkles around the mouth, providing anti-aging benefits, as well as UV protection.

How Does City Lips Pro Work?

With visible results 30 seconds after application, it is recommended that users apply this product once a day, ideally after makeup has been removed at night. Once the skin is cleansed of makeup, City Lips should be applied with slight pressure to ensure proper delivery of the nutrients.

A soft brush allows for accurate application, easy to do from the convenience of home. City Lips offers a 90 day satisfaction guarantee during which customers may be refunded on their product.

Though designed for women, it seems that men could also safely use this product.

Ingredients Information

City Lips Pro claims to use all natural ingredients; however, a complete list of these does not appear to be available online, perhaps because the patent for their collagen-stimulating formula is still pending.

The only ingredients posted function solely as stabilizing agents to improve the applicability and texture of this serum. These include:

  • Paraffinum Liquidum: A common component in cosmetic products, this highly refined mineral oil forms the jelly-like basis of this product.
  • Phenyl Trimethicone: Derived from silica, or silicone, this anti-foaming agent keeps a formula smooth when it is shaken or applied.

Pricing For City Lips Pro

Through the City Lips website, consumers can take advantage of a “buy 2 get 1 free” deal for three units for €45 or about $53 USD. However, this website only ships within Europe.

A similar deal for 3 units is available for €79 or about $94 USD, but this seller also does not ship to the US (UK only).


Similar products appear to be offered on Amazon, but only through third party sellers who may or may not ship to the US and might have inconsistent pricing.

Should You Use City Lips Pro?

Without access to the ingredients that actually produce the desired results, interested consumers might want to research this product further before deciding if it could benefit them. More information can be found at:

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