CircleCare: Whole Family Health & Wellness Motivation App?


CircleCare is an app that consumers can download onto their tablet or smartphone to keep connected with loved ones as they take on healthier decisions. The app is free to download, and consumers can find most of the information upon downloading.

What Is CircleCare?

Making healthy choices can be difficult for some consumers, but it always helps to be involved in something with other people that have the same goal. Finding a routine is usually the easiest way to make sure that someone does not miss out on any medications or dietary requirements that they need to abide by. Since most people have family and friends that they are already close to, they can get them involved in their health choices with the use of CircleCare.

CircleCare offers reminders and health support through an online app. However, this is not like other programs that just link up consumers to post status updates and change filters on pictures. When consumers take part in the CircleCare program, they will receive several advantages that will help them to stick with their health goals and make some changes to their routine.

First, they will be connected on a database that they will use to upload their own health reminders. These reminders include:

Consumers will essentially use the program to help them remind themselves of important steps that they need to take towards their health. However, since the reminders alert the entire network, other loved ones will be able to see if someone misses their medication.

From there, the family members can send a reminder to the correct user to help them remember to keep up with their own needs. When someone takes their medication or supplement, they check the appropriate box on the website so that the rest of the family does not have to worry about them.

Along with the reminders, participants in the network will be posting their medical information, like their blood pressure and glucose levels, which helps other members to check on them periodically. If someone sees that their family member is not active enough, or that they need to change something in their vitals, they can send a reminder to the family member to make a change.

As the other members of the user’s network see the different achievements and milestones of their loved ones, they can send different badges from the gallery to congratulate them on the progress. The whole point of the app is to bring families closer together, while ensuring that everyone supports one another’s health.

Non-Health Uses For CircleCare

Even though the database serves to help consumers to be supportive of each other in their health goals, that is not the only point of the product. Along with the frequent reminders and the support from family, consumers will also be able to use the app as a social platform to keep in touch with loved ones. With each post, the user can choose which individuals in the family group will have access to the information.

The biggest appeal of this app appears to be privacy. Unlike social media website like Facebook and Twitter, all the details on the app are private, and can only be shared with the network that the user outlines.

While Facebook makes certain pictures and profile information public, participants of CircleCare can choose who sees the details in their network, though there are no details about how the network of loved ones is established.

How To Get the CircleCare App

The best part about the CircleCare app is that it does not actually cost anything to the consumer. Instead, anyone that wants to use the app can download it for free from the Google Play store of Apple’s App Store.

To keep in the loop about updates or other changes to the program, consumers will be able to follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

Contacting The Creators

Since the website leaves a lot of questions unanswered, consumers may decide to find out the answers before they decide to make a change in their routine. The customer service team does not have a phone number, but consumers can send an email to [email protected].

CircleCare Conclusion

CircleCare is great for families that have many health conditions to track, especially if those members have a hard time keeping track of their needs. It appears that the creators of the app aim to help people stay connected, but the idea of having someone’s vitals and personal information about every part of their body during the day seems a bit invasive.

Consumers that do not want to share much of their daily routine with others will probably shy away from CircleCare, but families that do not mind exposing their health information will not mind.

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