FitBit Versa: Smart Fitness Tracker & Health And Fitness App?


The fitness industry has evolved drastically; going from using what’s around at home, to introducing facilities that house different types of equipment that target different body parts.

Most importantly, we have gone from one-on-one training to virtual training, which is done to provide consumers a convenient way of getting the guidance needed to meet future goals. At this point one might wonder whether there is still room for growth within the fitness industry. According to Fitbit, its Versa is an example of what the future holds.

Fitbit Versa is the next form of guidance consumers can access within a range of their wrists. Whether consumers require constant alerts, or simple workouts to remain active, the Fitbit Versa can come in handy. Here is a complete analysis with respect to its purpose, technology, features, suggested uses and overall affordability.

What Is Fitbit Versa?

Fitbit Versa is proclaimed as an approachable health and fitness smartwatch. Having already released some Fitbit models in the past, the Versa is said to reflect Fitbit’s perception on what a smartwatch should entail, what its design should resemble and an ultimate definition of what is means to follow healthy lifestyle as a whole.

While several smartwatches have entered and exited, the Versa is considered a well advanced prototype that was founded by assessing the cons of other existing types. Many consumers found the Versa to be far more attractive, as it is smaller and appears appropriate when worn on the wrist compared to its competitors like Apple.

Its design is something that has been flaunted since its presale announcement, but there are also other features worth mentioning.

What Are Some Of Fitbit Versa’s Notable Features?

Some notable features of Fitbit Versa are as follows:

  • Battery life, which is said to last 4 continuous days without complete charge
  • Water resistance of 50 meters
  • Interchangeable straps, which come in unique colors and materials to one’s likings
  • Compatibility with iPhone, Android, and Windows
  • Access to an online community where consumers can help each other in terms of giving useful advice, workout tips and challenging one another
  • The watch is currently offered in three distinctive colors: Black Aluminum, Rose Gold, and Silver
  • A screen that allows consumers to modify their dashboard in designs that best reflect a given occasion

Based on the features above, it is clear that the Versa considers consumers at large. Besides the fashionable appeal attached with Versa, access to different types of applications, a model that can be easily incorporated in different lifestyles and its overall usefulness is very appreciable and outside of the box.

Most smartwatches are one-dimensional, as it simply connects one’s phone to the watch, but with Fitbit Versa, consumers can modify certain aspects in a way that satisfies their wants and needs.

How Has Its Use Of Technology Redefined Health Awareness?

The technology behind the Versa is called Fitbit OS. It is said to be responsible for the increased convenience provided to consumers. For instance, it gives instant access to essentials based on an individualistic basis (i.e. favorite apps). Consumers are also provided with real-time statistical analysis as to one’s overall performance including the number of steps taken, heartbeats per minute, and workouts and coaching.

Today’s consumers are very involved in technology, therefore incorporating necessary tasks, whether it is working out or following a schedule is healthy for the mind and body. The overall goal of Fitbit Versa is to provide more to the eyes than anything. Why should a watch be worn merely to tell time when it can serve as a mean to call family and friends, make instant payments, train, check e-mails and much more!

How Much Is Its Currently Suggested Price?

The Pre-order price is currently set at approximately $199.95. The price reflects Fitbit Versa’s transparency, as consumers are most likely provided with more for their money’s worth. Each purchase is said to include a 45-day money back guarantee as well as a year’s worth of limited warranty.

Fitbit Versa Conclusion

Overall, Fitbit Versa appears to be valuable as it can be easily incorporated in different lifestyles, whether it be on-the-go or remotely. Being able to have access to a personal trainer, a basic health assessor, entertainment, finances and several other features is what makes the Versa very versatile.

Most importantly, it has been achieved in a way that can benefit consumers, as the price is very inexpensive compared to others in the market. It is also important to keep mind that consumers do not have access to all apps, as some require one to pay.

While some might find it fairly unusual to have to pay for additional features, this is completely normal for either the smartwatch or a cellular phone. For more on Fitbit Versa’s specs, check out:

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