ChinUp Mask – Slim Your Chin Face Lift Technology?


ChinUp Mask Review – Should You Try It?

ChinUp is a device that is designed to eliminate, or lessen the appearance of, a double chin. This is our review.

What is ChinUp?

ChinUp is a shaping program that is designed specifically to help get rid of that stubborn double-chin look, even if your chin only has excess skin. The technology is not a new development; multiple companies produce lines of “weight loss” products, which basically just mold your body into distributing the fat in a less noticeable way.

ChinUp is made with real fruit extracts, which includes pomegranate. Pomegranate has been proven to improve the appearance of wrinkled skin, reduce inflammation, and prevent additional damage. All of these attributes make it easy to see why the ingredient is so necessary to this system.

The formula includes additional fruit extracts, which all provide natural antioxidants and antimicrobials. Between the ingredients and the mask, the company claims that you can lose at least 2cm from your excess chin fat within 30 minutes, which is the minimum time you leave the mask on.

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There are a few ways that the company specifically states that you will see improvements in your chin area. According to the website, you will experience:

  • Slimming – Firming essence accelerates metabolism and boosts your lymphatic system, effectively tightening visible chin fat.
  • Lifting – the formula lifts and tightens your neck and chin for a more angular facial contour.
  • Contouring – ChinUp performs skin tightening and temporarily restores loose and sagging skin.
  • Moisturizing – This formula rehydrates dry and dehydrated skin, while defending against the visible sign of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Aging defense – this formula stimulates connective skin tissues and defends against any rebound. It also guards against the visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Firming – ChinUp improves skin and providing firming to your cheeks, jaw and chin. The ingredients also help boost the density of collagen and cell tension, thereby lifting and firming the skin.

 How ChinUp Works

ChinUp is a strap to contains your chin gat, helping to mold your jawline into a more aesthetically pleasing smoothness. Along with the strap, the ChinUp system contains certain nutrients that help to obliterate the excess skin and fat.

ChinUp Ingredients

The company offers a list of the applicable ingredients.

Vitamin E

The role of vitamin E is to place a barrier between your skin and free radicals that ruin your complexion. This vitamin “protects product formulation or carrier oil from lipid peroxidation.” It acts as an antioxidant, possessing the power to moisturize and protect your skin. It also offers improved elasticity and smoothness.

Corum 9235

This chemical gives you a warm sensation when applied to the skin. Additionally, this chemical stimulates “the absorption of serum and promotes the loss of chin-fat.”

Q10 Coenzyme

This enzyme is designed to stimulate the strengthening of cells, while “promoting the regeneration” of your skin. It has powerful antioxidant effects, which is the best thing for your dry or dehydrated skin. Additionally, this formula helps to prevent your skin from becoming wrinkles and looking old.


Skintronics is a system designed by ChinUp. Skintronics facilitates the fat release and aids in the contouring process. The Skintronics™ serum helps to transition fat into a stable fibrous tissue. By doing this, it makes any edema under the cheeks, jaw and chin appear much less obvious. Additionally, it helps boost the density of collagen and cell tension, instantly lifting and firming the skin it touches.

Using ChinUp

To use ChinUp, you follow eight simple steps for optimum success. According to their website, you follow these instructions.

  1. Measure your chin from ear to ear; both across the front of the chin, and underneath using the enclosed tape measure.
  2. Cut open and take out the ChinUp Mask. Apply it to the face with the larger parts on the cheeks and smaller on the chin.
  3. Put the slimming band underneath the chin with the colored part on the outside.
  4. Tighten the slimming band, adjusting each hole for the ears.
  5. Pull the slimming band tightly over the head and fasten firmly.
  6. Leave on for 30-40 minutes before peeling the mask off slowly from the edges.
  7. Massage the jaw and neck area gently until the remaining cream is fully absorbed.
  8. Retake the measurements of your chin and record how much you have lost.

The device is easy to use, and is able to effectively reduce the appearance of your chin fat.

Pricing for ChinUp

There are multiple options for purchasing ChinUp to relieve you of stubborn excess skin along your jawline.

For $50.00, you can get the ChinUp Firming & Contouring Trial Pack 1x Band, 2x Masks, and 1x Measuring Tape. The company states there is a limited stock available, emphasizing the necessity to buy before midnight, regardless of the day you check into the website.

For $125.00, you can get the ChinUp Firming & Contouring Starter Pack 1x Band, 7x Masks, and 1x Measuring Tape. The company again emphasizes the limited supply.

For $150.00, you can get a set of ten ChinUp Firming & Contouring refill packs. Again, the limited supply is applicable.

With each set, you have the option of free shipping, or flat rate shipping.

Contacting the Makers of ChinUp

To speak with the representatives for ChinUp, you can send them postal mail, call, or email.

Mailing Address:

ChinUp Mask
2-7 Clerkenwell Green

Phone: +44(0) 20 7887 2461
Email: [email protected]


Many products on the market today advertise the ability to lift this area of skin or tighten this area. However, with the active ingredients and the device, you are able to train your skin and tissue around your chin to remain in the same shape over time, which is similar to the way any waist trainer would work.

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