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Aviqua Review – Is It Right For You?

Aviqua is a new anti-aging skin cream that promises to help anyone achieve visibly younger-looking skin. It’s available through an online free trial. Let’s find out how Aviqua works today in our review.

What is Aviqua?

Aviqua is an anti-aging skin cream that promises to repair the effects of aging on your skin in various ways. Some of the promised benefits of Aviqua include:

— Brighten Skin’s Appearance
— Restore your Radiant, Firmer Skin
— Smooth Look of Stubborn Fine Lines

By applying the cream daily, you can protect the skin from future damage while also repairing past damage – at least, these are the claims made by the Aviqua manufacturer.

You can only order Aviqua through the trial offer, where it’s priced at $98.11 (although the upfront price is advertised as being only $4.98).

Is Aviqua a genuine $100 skin cream? Or is this just yet another anti-aging skin cream scam? Let’s find out more.

How Does Aviqua Work?

Aviqua claims to provide various benefits to your skin. For example, it claims to eliminate the appearance of dark circles, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, enhance skin hydration, and counter the effects of stress – all of which help you look younger.

In fact, Aviqua compares its effects to cosmetic surgeries – including invasive surgeries, injections, and laser therapies.

So how does Aviqua achieve these unique benefits?

Strangely, Aviqua never really explains how it works. The manufacturer vaguely mentions words like “breakdown of collagen” and “skin dries and loses its elasticity” – but aside from this scant information, there’s absolutely no explanation of how Aviqua works.

Ultimately, based on the benefits proposed by Aviqua, we’re led to assume it’s a high-powered moisturizer. Typically, anti-aging moisturizers will use a range of synthetic formulas and botanical extracts to heal your skin and provide anti-aging effects.

Nevertheless, it’s worrying that Aviqua doesn’t explain how it works – or provide any evidence that it does work.

Aviqua Ingredients

The manufacturer of Aviqua refuses to tell us how the skin cream works – so it’s not a big surprise that they also refuse to tell us anything about the ingredients.

Aviqua claims that it uses only “Premium Quality Ingredients”. However, it never once says what any of those ingredients may be.

It’s important to note that Aviqua never claims to use “natural” ingredients. So if you’re looking for a skin cream packed with natural extracts and organic moisturization compounds, Aviqua doesn’t appear to be the right choice.

Aviqua Pricing

If alarm bells weren’t already ringing in your head regarding Aviqua, then those alarm bells should start ringing once you learn about the Aviqua “free trial” offer.

That trail offer is advertised as costing only $4.98 for “shipping & handling”. However, hidden in the fine print at the bottom of the Aviqua ordering page, you’ll see that there are hundreds of dollars of hidden, pre-authorized credit card payments added onto your order.

Here’s the important part of the text to read:

“You will have 14 days to try the product. 14 days from the date of purchase, you will be charged $98.11 and enrolled in our autoshipment program.”

That autoship program ships additional orders of Aviqua to your address every month and charges you $98.11 every month for the rest of your life (or until you cancel). So even though you didn’t explicitly order the additional skin creams, the manufacturer sends them to you anyway.

The problem with this scam is that all of the information is hidden in extremely light-colored, small text at the bottom of the Aviqua ordering page. Meanwhile, the initial “$4.98” fee is prominently advertised across the page. It appears the manufacturer has deliberately tried to hide the full details of the scam in an effort to get users to sign up.

Meanwhile, there’s also an extra $1.98 fee for “Shipping Safe Secure Ship” that will be billed separately. This extra fee does not appear to do anything – it literally just appears to be a cash grab.

Making all of this worse is that Aviqua only comes in a 15mL, 0.5 ounce container. The manufacturer claims this is a one month supply, although it’s unlikely to last more than two weeks for most users.

Hint: If you do want to order the Aviqua trial, and you want to save money on it, then hit the “Back” button after reaching the ordering page. The manufacturer will automatically apply a 50% off coupon to your order.

Aviqua Refund Policy

Aviqua is notoriously bad about giving away refunds. Here is the company’s official refund policy:

“If you cancel before the 14 day trial ends, you may be charged a $9.95 retention fee for keeping the product. After 14 days from the date of purchase, opened packages are not eligible for refunds, even if they are returned. After 30 days, all shipments are ineligible for refunds even if they are unopened.”

If you just ordered Aviqua and don’t want to be charged hundreds of dollars, then the best thing you can do is to cancel your trial immediately. For a $9.95 fee, you’re able to keep the cream you already received without returning it. If you keep it beyond the 14 day period, then you won’t get any type of refund.

If you want to inquire about a refund, call (888) 853-7721 or email [email protected].

Who Makes Aviqua?

Aviqua is made by a company that calls itself Aviqua. That company lists its mailing address as:

120 E 8th Street, Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90014

You can contact the company by phone at (888) 853-7721 or by email at [email protected].

When you visit “WrinkleFreeLuxury.com”, you’ll see that Aviqua is the only product currently sold by the company.

The company never explains where the cream is manufactured or where its ingredients come from.

Should You Use Aviqua to Repair your Aging Skin?

Aviqua makes big promises about repairing your aging skin but never backs up those promises with explanations, ingredients lists, methods of action, or any other information proving that it works.

Making things worse is that Aviqua relies on a scam-like “free trial” that pre-authorizes your credit card for hundreds of dollars in hidden charges.

If you’re spending $100 on an anti-aging moisturizer, you can do a lot better than one small bottle of Aviqua.

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  1. I ordered the 14-day trial 2 days ago. When I saw the advertisement for this product saying that Joanna Gaines from FIXER UPPER was the person that came up with it, I tried to look for reviews of the product & all I found were good reviews with quite a few excellent reviews. Well – today I found all of these comments so I immediately called 1-888-853-7721 to cancel the 14 day trial. I was informed that they would have to charge me the additional $9.95 & they wanted the security code from the back of my credit card to apply it. I refused to give it to them, so they tried to give me 50% off & other incentives to continue using the product. I refused. I have received an email cancellation confirmation. I’ve also contacted my credit card company & they have put a notice in my file that if this company places anymore charges to my account, I should immediately contact the credit card company & they will remove the charge & place a block from this company on my account.
    I’ve also looked up Joanna Gaines blog from Magnolia (FIXER UPPER) & she has addressed this on her April 21, 2017 blog saying “In summary, don’t buy the facial cream, friends.” So – lesson learned for me!!

  2. This is a TOTAL scam and a class action lawsuit should be considered!!! Too, those of you on the program that pushed it might be named!!!

  3. Such a scam! Do not waste your time or money! You will begin seeing charges on your credit card of 98.00+ and customer service is awful when you try and talk with theml. They will not cancel the charges! Should be reported.

  4. I ordered the product and of course didn’t see the ultra light fine print. I thought I had 30 days to cancel the trial. I didn’t receive the product for over 2 weeks (even though I received an email saying it had shipped out within a few days of the order). I tried the product 3 days and had severe burning to my face. I called today to cancel the product and return the unused porton for a full refund and was told I wasn’t able to return the unused portion and that I couldn’t receive a refund for the amount billed to my card after 14days (even though I hadn’t received the product to trial by then). The comment was I should have called within the 14days to let them know I had not received the product and they could have adjusted my dates. What about good faith and honest business practices?! This is a sham in the biggest way! Once again it is confirmed to NEVER order anything online as a trial. Nothing is ever free! So frustrated and angry at the dishonesty.

    • I totally agree with you. I was so annoyed because what you think you are getting for $4.95 ends up costing $98.00. You have to read their terms and conditions and they will not let you return the product or refund your money. Their customer satisfaction stinks. I couldn’t even use the product because it makes my eyes water. NEVER AGAIN will I be fooled by FREE TRIAL. It is just bait.

  5. I always wait for the customer reviews online of any product that has to be ordered and mailed to me. It has saved me so much money so many times by not ordering after seeing the awful reviews. Thank you so much everybody!

  6. I recently ordered this and got email confirmation with shipping tracking #s. I looked them up and they said the items had been delivered and showed tracking for December 2016. I have been trying to respond to the emails and getting no response … when calling the phone #s listed in the emails you will be waiting A LONG TIME for someone to pick up personally and I guarantee they will be foreign and barely have a grasp on the English language. Still have not resolved.

  7. So, even after cancellation, they would not actually cancel the shipment??? I have to cancel my credit card???PLEASE ADVISE!!!
    It’s so upsetting. We ordered the Free Trial on good faith. It didn’t work, I could accept it. But being charged $98 for Free Trial is absolutely ridiculous and annoying!!!
    We could donate to charity instead!!! What a scam!!!

  8. Such a scam!!! A FREE TRIAL costs me almost $100!!! It doesn’t even work!!! I would say it’s worse than any cream I’ve ever used!!! Even the creams I find in Marshalls or TJMaxx r better, much better!!!
    And they kept on sending u the bottle!!! When I called for a cancellation, the woman was half asleep, didn’t even know the name Aviqua and said, “u got charged ONLY $98!!!” ONLY $98 for a FREE TRIAL of a tiny bottle?! Does Angelina Jolie have to cheat to make herself wealthier???
    I’m so upset!!! This is totally a scam! And, no one can stop it??? How many of us have to be cheated before something MIGHT be done about this???

  9. I found the $98.11 charge on my statement very early in the morning on 12/30/16 I immediately emailed and called the company and was told the same thing $98.11 for trial blah, blah, blah. By the time I got to my bank 1 hour later to dispute the charge there was another charge for $89.24 added. I had to cancel my debit card and file a police report. I think we should start a class action suit. I am so angry.

  10. I didn’t realize that it was a trial and I had to return it in 14 days. I thought it was a free sample. I missed the first 98.11 withdrawal in Oct but then I just found out about the 2nd 98.11…ouch!! I went to the bank and they are going to reimburse my lastest withdrawal and my over charge fees but the 1st money maybe take longer or not at all. I hope they do cancel this crap and it left my skin dry and didn’t see any difference. Shame on you Ellen!!!!

    • Hi! The same story happening with me. But I’ve been charged $98.11 two times, and also $35.70 in between. I called to my bank yesterday, we opened the disputes. I told them the whole story, and also that I didn’t recieved anything, but those first samples (I don’t have problems with those). So guess what? Today I received the email that they shipped my order!) My bank probably called them yesterday, so they were trying to cover themselves. Finally, I just called to the number that I found in the email, and talked to the representative. They said that cannot give me back my money, and that they can only cancel the “subscription”. Therefore, I am going to call them again and again until they refund me all my money!

  11. My mother purchased this con job online thinking it was only $4.98. THE DAY IT ARRIVED, I came to this site seeking help. There was a phone # provided HERE to call direct and cancel. THAT NUMBER IS NOW GONE ! Is this site in on the scam as well?
    I called THAT DAY & cancelled. Lo & behold, today she received yet another bottle of this crap, and charged for it. I called the 800 joke line connected with this & the parasite with a mouth full of food said NO cancellation was EVER made & I am STILL on auto ship !
    So even IF you cancel…… you don’t ! Now I have to call the credit card, cancel any & all charges, and go through THAT as well. SOMETHING has got to be done about these thieves !

  12. Same as many comments already posted I was mislead in that I had the impression that the 98.00 hit on my credit card meant a shipment was on the way to me, I also assumed that the shipment would be for more than the FREE? 0.05 oz. When I called to cancel I spoke with an employee GERALD. He finally cancelled, advised me that no refund would be made and didn’t do crap. I called back to confirm that he did cancel, provided my confirmation of cancel #. I spoke to Daracha that pointed out to me that I accepted the terms and conditions and I am not eligible for a refund. I still thought the 98.00 was for a new shipment of the product, not for the FREE sample.
    I have never had an FREE offer that stated I would owe 98.00 for the FREE item after the fact.

    I want the debit reversed from my card.
    What is the best way to get my money back. Call them again? And refer to the two names I saved?
    Call my bank to dispute the charge?
    File a complaint with BBB?

    Although I am still working, I like many, am an older professional adult that can’t let this slide. This is my first scam. Please assist.

  13. I also failed to see the small print. My order confirmation did not mention the small print. When I called the company after receiving notice of payment pending for $98.11 they offered me a 25% discount which I refused; then was offered a 50% discount which I also declined; then was offered a 75% discount at which I refused to talk to them after telling them my opinion of their business practices.

    • i am 67 years old, on social security and they just took $98.00 and $89.00. they said they would not refund but next month it would be $25 and $22. I have only one income and now I have lost almost $200. i either skip some foods or medicines. I tried my best to have their customer server to release my money. Sounds like we all got taken in by the same company. Any advice?? I am really strugling.

  14. Thank you so very much for providing this information AND a phone #. My mother is 85yrs old & from a VERY trusting generation. She thought is was REALLY $4.98. I was APPALLED to see the “pre-certified” charges on her credit card, which is what lead me to look this scam up and find you. Somewhere in this scam of an advertisement, it claims “Ellen” is “giving up her talk show” to promote this stuff; well that’s all my mother had to see ! And of course the scam guru of them all; the great OZ gave his paid for admiration. I contacted Ellen’s Facebook page, but they probably never even bother to read their messages. It just seems such a true true shame that this country has become a whirlwind of scammers AND that they’re allowed to do it. A thousand thank you’s for the heads up & a way out of this mess !

  15. I had the same experience and didn’t realize it until I saw the charge of $98.11 on my account. I called the number on the confirmation email and then the circus started. The representative exclaimed that the agreement clearly stated that after the trial time that I would be charged $98.11. She first told me I could refunded $50.00, but I refused and that their practices are unacceptable. She finally came back and said that $75.00 would be refunded and still refused and said that I would report this to my credit card company, Better Business Bureau and Facebook. She checked on it again and came back with a one time only curtesy refund for the total amount. I just wouldn’t give in, but I learned not to get involved with free trials.

  16. I received my trial size to try it out. However i want no part of a scam. I dont like the cream. DO NOT SEND me any more for i will not pay.

  17. After trying my trial size i am canceling this Aviqua Cream due to a bad breakout. Its not for my skin. Please do not send me any more. My face is badly marked. Please Cancel this as soon as possible.

  18. i am canceling this Aviqua Cream due to a bad breakout. Its not for my skin. Please do not send me any more. My face is badly marked. Please Cancel this as soon as possible.

  19. I too was scammed. They gave me 50% of my 66.94 back. I was so mad when I called my bank and because of the fine print she said there was nothing I could do. I either took the 50% back or I would receive nothing.

  20. Well, I just ordered the 14 day trail too. I am still within my 14 days. So, I am going to call customer service and tell them I don’t want this and they had better not charge my card. I will be calling my bank to cancel this card and get a new one tomorrow.

  21. I to order the cream and eye cream also I thought it was 4.95 each just to try it I to got a bill for the same amount 98.00 dollars for this I am shocked I call them and had a screaming match over this. She said I didn’t read the small print Also I thought for 98 dollars I would be getting a larger jar of the cream and eye cream but to my dismay it was for the trail package how they deceive people I am calling the better business tomorrow

  22. Yes, this is a horrible scam. I, too, ordered the sample, unaware of the 14 day return policy. When I saw I had been charged $98.11, I immediately called “customer service.” Yeah, right. I cancelled my order and got a partial refund, $72.83? That was the best she could do. Anyway, it was worth it to get out from under this scam. Guess what came in the mail today??? Another order of the cream, and yes, I had been charged $98.11. again. I have been on the phone for quite some time, no one picks up the phone……and BTW: to those of you disappointed with Dr. Oz, he’s a bought and paid for media whore.

  23. This is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! PLEASE DO NOT GET SUCKED IN!! The 1 TBSP. of the Aviqua product (which it claims is a 1 month supply for the face and neck) is terrible and overpriced. Even when using a pea-size amount, you would be lucky to get a month if you only dab it on a small area of the face, like the smile lines and crows feet; if it were used on the face and neck, it would likely last only one week. Then after the 14 days (you may not have even gotten the product yet, but even if so, you certainly would not have had sufficient time to see if it works or not), the company locks you into its auto-ship terms, which then adds an additional $98.11 additional to pay for that small amount of product you received, which makes the cost $103.09–mind you, if you cancel within 14 days of ordering, you would only have paid $4.98 for the product, so the company is actually CHARGING YOU to keep you as a customer. On top of that, I was charged additional charges of $1.98, $0.06 and $0.15 for the 14 day trial shipment, and another $2.94 after the 14 days for the same product, none of which were not disclosed at the time of purchase. When I called to inquire about the additional charges, neither the two representatives nor supervisor could explain the charges–they said they had no idea what any of the charges were, aside from the $1.98, which I was told was a required fee from the postal service. As if that is not enough reason to stay away from this shady company, they will not allow returns, even of unused product. They sent me an additional shipment after I thought I cancelled (I must not have, so that is on me), and as soon as I got the email stating it would ship out, I called and asked if it could be cancelled; I was told no because it was already prepped. So then I asked what I would need to do in order to send it back for a refund, and the representative said they will not accept returns, including of unopened product. Well, if their product was as miraculous as they say (which it was absolutely not!), they should be willing to stand behind what they are selling, so again another huge reason to avoid this like the plague. Furthermore, the representative was rude and tried to bully me during the entire call. I told him I needed a copy of the terms and conditions he kept referring to, and he refused to email them to me and then kept giving me an invalid web address where he claimed I could look at them. He even hung up on me when I requested the information for the company’s legal department. I immediately called again and spoke with a different representative, who put me on with a floor supervisor who told me they have no legal department because they are only a third-party company. He claimed to have no phone number to the billing department, but said he would email them to see about the additional charges. He did say he would refund the money for the 2nd shipment if I sent it back unopened, but said it could take a month AFTER they receive the product back. If the financial risk is not enough to turn you away, let me tell you about the product. It is thick and gummy and it feels like you rubbed a combination of Elmer’s School Glue and Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream on your skin. I am in my mid-30’s with good skin, often getting mistaken for being mid to late 20’s, and only have two fine lines between my eyebrows and one small smile line by each eye, and still there was zero difference in my skin after use. If it could not improve a couple fine lines, there is no way it would work on significantly wrinkled skin like it was proclaimed. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE learn from my mistake! It’s bad enough I’m out over $200 (I was stupid enough to accept the add-on of the Lucana Eye Cream, which also did not work), but please learn from my experience so something positive can come from my awful, expensive experience.

  24. This is terrible – I don’t know why I got sucked in. Everyone of these comments is absolutely true – the only problem is when you’re watching these video’s or ordering the product you won’t have visited this page – only afterwards – when you don’t see the fine, light print AFTER we order about cancelling within 14 days and then being charged for the product at 98 and 89 dollars. I don’t do these offers – I’m smarter than that or so I thought – why do we feel the need to be YOUNGER, PRETTIER, WRINKLE FREE – I wish our culture would embrace our fine lines as a wise life with lessons learned thru the good and bad, thru the love and loss, thru the ups and downs and be respected as OLDER and live gracefully our next few decades.

  25. I did this free sample through Facebook that showed two of my friends had used it and liked it. I thought I would give it a try for the $4.50 shipping charge. The cream is terrible and when applied makes your skin crinkle and look you have a clear mask. If you smile it looks like your 30 years older. You can’t apply anything over it. It’s aweful! I was charged $4.58. $1.98, $98.26 and $98.50 all in a matter of days. I never saw any fine print about all these cjarges. I spent an hour with my banks Internet scam office to get the so called $200 and something dollars returned back to my account. Oh and yes they tried to give me 50% off if I stayed with the scam?? Their terrible!

  26. I am on the phone currently with a rep who refuses to refund the $98 charged to my account today. I got her to refund 50% ($49.06).

  27. This stuff is terrible. You cannot use it and put foundation on your face it drys your skin so badly it is impossible to use. I am sending the sample back and NO MORE ORDERS PLEASE.

  28. I am shocked at Dr. Oz endorsing this product. Shame on you Dr. Oz. I thought alot of you until now.

  29. I called the 800 number when I got the first $98 charge on my card. (Of course I didn’t see the fine print down at the bottom. Obviously, the phone people had a script for just this situation. I was relentless, asking to be transferred up the totem pole (3 or 4 reps) who could actually do something. It was only after I threatened to report them to the Better Business Bureau, that I got a refund. And yes, I reported them anyway.

  30. WARNING!!!! I sent for the trial as I too was sucked in by the promise of younger looking skin! Not only did this company charge my card for $96+ 3 other companies charged my credit card about the same amount! I had to turn it into fraud, cancel my card and my bank had to renew my card! Then the same charges showed up on another credit card that is in only my name! So about $400 on each card and I’m still not sure how they got my second card’s number!! This is definitely a scam! How does this company stay in business? The BBB should help to shut them down.

  31. I am extremely dismayed that Dr. Oz has endorsed this product as the free trial and ordering process are very questionable.

  32. This company advertises this for a free trial and you just pay the 4.95 shipping fee.This is a lie!!! They just hit my account for an additional 90.00. Unless you read the fine print which it doesn’t show until you’ve ordered,they bill you 90.00 every 14 days. I will be contacting my bank and the better business bureau first thing in the morning.

  33. It bothers me that Dr. Oz endorses this product. Like the Cindy Crawford skin products. They are ways to get a lot of money out of desperate women who want to look younger.

  34. Why do I see the same “before and after” photos on the Aviqua and Erase/Repair EA”? In your opinion are all of these creams a scam?

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