Charles Livingston's Cellulite Factor System – Well?


Cellulite Factor Review – Does It Work?

The Cellulite Factor is a program that is designed to help women naturally eliminate cellulite from their legs, buttocks, and surrounding areas. This is our review.

What is the Cellulite Factor?

The Cellulite Factor is a program that was created for the purpose of eliminating cellulite from troublesome areas, like the legs and buttocks. The entire wealth of information you receive about this program is completely from a video, which prevents you from being able to read through the information at your own pace.

The first aspect of this cellulite reduction that the creator discusses is the different ways that men and women handle excess weight on their bodies. Since the program details men’s bodies as being more well-balanced and less likely to have cellulite, it is obvious that this program is geared specifically towards women.

Dr. Charles, the creator of the program, explains as the narrator of the video, stating that women’s connective fat tissues form a network pattern, meaning that any excess fat looks like a bulge, thus creating the cellulite effect. He heavily focuses on the way that women distribute their fat, stating that this is the reason they are more susceptible to cellulite.

He begins to detail the program, stating that a woman can eliminate there cellulite, but with:

  • No liposuction
  • No massage therapy sessions
  • No walking shoes
  • No self-tanning
  • No anti-cellulite creams

Dr. Charles puts great emphasis that any body type is capable of cellulite reduction.

How It Works

Since it is stated that cellulite is causes by a buildup of fluid in the bulge, which is due to water retention, Dr. Charles explains that the keys to eliminating your cellulite is by speeding up the blood flow in the troublesome areas, and decreasing your water retention. Since women have a “honeycomb” layer of connective tissues, excess water and fat gets trapped in here and causes cellulite.

In the video, the maker reveals that other methods of cellulite reduction often treat the symptom, but without treating the cause. This is why other methods are ineffective while treating cellulite. However, the maker claims that by using these methods, you will have a 100% success rate. If you do not, you can return the product for a full refund.

One thing this program does not promise is the ability to help the individual lose weight. Dr. Charles is careful to state that the elimination of cellulite helps to smooth the surface, which makes it easier to see results while exercising and eating properly. By getting rid of cellulite, your fitness efforts work easier.

Using The Cellulite Factor

The Cellulite Factor works in four steps, which are still fairly vague when described on the website.

  1. Speed up blood flow and decrease water retention. Charles explains that this part of the program is listed on page 108 of the guide. The process is all natural and is “as close as you can get to altering your genetic composition.” However, there is no information about how to do this, unless you order the book.
  2. Explains the foods that slow down the accumulation of cellulite. In this step, the program goes over what foods you should avoid and which ones you should consume more of. According to Dr. Charles, the timing, order, and the combination of foods is the reason for your cellulite, since it causes the water retention and blood flow.
  3. In the third step, Dr. Charles simply explains that exercise doesn’t stop cellulite from forming. There is no other information he gives about what to do about that.
  4. In the fourth step, Dr. Charles states that you will learn a “shocking lesson” about the reason other cellulite removers fail, and why the Cellulite Factor is destined to succeed.

Basically, Dr. Charles doesn’t tell you anything about the system, except that you will be required to change much of what you’re eating. Basically, the program sounds like every other fad or spam diet.

Pricing for the Cellulite Factor

You won’t actually find out how much the program costs until the end of the video. However, Dr. Charles states multiple times that the services and materials he provides, along with the cost of his time, is usually priced at $732, which he reiterates several times.

During the course of the video, he knocks the price down to $97, and then finally down to $47. This is mostly because you don’t have to pay for the clinic overhead, or the employees that schedule the appointment. As soon as you pay, you have instant access to the program online.

With your $47 purchase, you get:

  • The complete Cellulite Factor System
  • Daily meal plans/guides
  • A food diary with a “movement” (exercise) log
  • A pre-made grocery list for the ingredients you’ll need
  • A Toxin Avoidance handbook.

The Maker of the Cellulite Factor

The maker of the Cellulite Factor is Dr. Charles Livingston, who states that he practices chiropractic care in Carmel, Indiana. He also notes that he is a speaker and an author. He doesn’t say much else about himself, except that he and his program are solely responsible for helping over 100,000 people lose weight, in spite of saying that the program does not help you lose weight.

If you want to contact Dr. Charles (as he refers to himself), you can email him at [email protected]


With these types of products, it is smarter to be weary, especially considering that throughout the 15-minute video, he doesn’t actually say what you need to do. The Cellulite Factor may work, but the lack of information about what the program consists of is enough to make any consumer suspicious.

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