Cheque Drops – Mibolerone Anabolic Steroid Benefits Vs Side Effects?


Cheque Drops can be best described as the trade name for mibolerone, which is an anabolic steroid. It is essentially a liquid preparation that is used by fighters, strength training athletes, power lifters and bodybuilders. It is primarily used for the purposes of increasing both performance and aggression. It is highly efficient when used just half an hour prior to a competition.

A consumer of this steroid experiences increased focus, aggression, and competitive drive. It also goes by other names such as GP Cheque Drops and Cheque Drops 2000. Manufacturers synthesize it from body compounds to create the steroid.

It is considered to be more effective compared to testosterone and is also stronger than the majority of anabolic steroids currently found in the market. It is much more androgenic and anabolic than any other steroid that is currently in the steroid market. Its powder form is new and has only recently been unveiled to consumers.

How Cheque Drops Works

Consumers can select from either the capsule form or the powder form of Cheque Drops. The capsule should be placed directly under the tongue and left there to dissolve and for its effects to occur.

Those who prefer the powder form will need to measure out the ideal dosage based on their body weight and body type. The powder can also be used in combination with either a sports drink or water. All the different forms should be taken at least half an hour before engaging in physical activity.

The steroid works by giving the body of the consumer a sudden burst of energy. It also works by making consumers feel more alive, improving their overall health, and making them able to more efficiently perform tasks at hand.


He main ingredient of Cheque Drops is Mibolerone. It is an extremely strong compound and it has been proven that taking some time off between uses of Mibolerone greatly reduces the potential side effects associated with it. A few manufacturers add small quantities of talc or other powders to fill out the steroid.


Cheque Drops are rarely used in cycles as other steroids are. However, it should be noted that it can only be utilized in short two-week spans and in small doses of 5mg. Exceeding this maximum can greatly increase the risk of side effects.


Cheque Drops have a half-life of 4 hours, which is rather short (the time after which the drug and its effects leave the body of the user). This is why athletes are advised to use it just 20 minutes to 30 minutes prior to the time that they will require the boost.

Uses & Benefits

Cheque Drops are ideal for new bodybuilders and professional athletes. They help them as they lack the energy to successfully sustain an ordinary session. They are also popular with athletes that perform in mixed martial arts and assist them in fighting their opponents without fear of fatigue.

Cheque Drops generally provide athletes with that aggressive boost that they need for better performance and to win competition. In addition, they help athletes to regulate their testosterone levels after discontinuing use. Also, Cheque Drops make consumers feel pumped up and extremely ready for competitive sporting events.

Cheque Drops Risks & Side Effects

Cheque Drops have a few risks and side effects associated with them, some of which include the following:

Estrogenic Side Effects

Estrogen is a progestin that aromatizes quite heavily. Estrogenic side effects include water retention, gynecomastia, and high blood pressure that is associated with serious water retention. Estrogenic side effects are less frequent with lower doses.

Androgenic Side Effects

The androgenic side effects that are associated with Cheque Drops are body hair growth, hair loss, and acne in men, while women experience virilization symptoms. Virilization symptoms tend to be permanent in nature and therefore cannot be reversed.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

The steroid has negative side effects on blood pressure and cholesterol, and that is why individuals that have pre-existing cardiovascular conditions should not use it.

Testosterone Side Effects

This steroid greatly suppresses natural testosterone production.

Hepatotoxicity Side Effects

Cheque Drops cause a lot of strain on the liver and have negative impacts on the enzymes of the liver. This has been observed and regarded by previous users as one of its major drawbacks.

Other side effects include the following:

  • Trouble sleeping or insomnia
  • Trouble with bowel movements
  • The whites of the eyes start turning yellow
  • Lethargy
  • High blood pressure
  • Cessation of the menstrual cycle in women
  • Vaginal secretion and clitoral enlargement in women
  • Deepening of the voice in women
  • It increases the risk of myocardial infarction
  • It adversely affects triglycerides
  • It greatly reduces endothelial relaxation

The severity of the above side effects greatly depends on the male user’s genetics. In women, the negative effects of the steroid can be passed on to a fetus that is still in the womb of the mother.

Top Products

Currently, there are a few top Cheque Drops products in the market that include the following:

GP Cheque Drops

This is a synthetic steroid that is produced by Geneza Pharmaceuticals. It is produced as 10 mg tablets that are meant for oral administration. The hormone Mibolerone is the main ingredient. It is highly effective with regard to adrenaline and aggression needs of athletes. It should be administered 30 to 40 minutes before a physical event.

Mission Cheque Drops

This product is manufactured by Mission Labs in Canada. It contains 50 tablets with each containing 0.5 mg of Mibolerone.

Radjay Mibolerone Cheque Drops

This product is manufactured by Radjay Pharmaceutical. It is ideal for adrenaline rush and strength enhancement and promotes aggression. Athletes should use it 30 to 40 minutes before engaging in a sporting event.

Steroid Powder Cheque Drops Mibolerone 3704-09-4

This product is manufactured by Shanghai Yijing Pharmaceuticals. It promotes an increase in strength, muscle mass, and aggression. It is good for professional power lifters and fighters. A daily dosage of 200-500mcg is recommended on an empty stomach to enhance bioavailability.

Cheque Drops Conclusion

Cheque Drops are a high powered steroid substance that produces desired results in an extremely short time span. However, this is only if the steroid is administered in the right dosage quantities, within time limits, and in the appropriate manner.

This is because dosages were designed following practical experience and extensive scientific research. All in all, the product is genuine and effective, but should be used with great precaution.

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