Wonder Core Cycle – Total Body Toning Workout To Tighten Core?


There are a wide range of equipment and activities out there that help to ensure that consumers achieve some form of exercise on a daily basis. Whether it is playing a sport, going to the gym or dancing, all are types that will help consumers keep in shape.

The problem now becomes whether there exists a time efficient and cost efficient way of attaining a full body workout. Just because there exists gyms all over the place, it doesn’t mean everyone likes to train at the gym. The same can be said about sports. What happens now?

Today there is an innovative way of training the entire body without neither wasting time nor spending money on monthly payments for a facility. This product is designed to ensure that consumers can train every part of the body in just one sitting, however long he or she decides to make it that is.

That advanced product is none other than the Wonder Core Cycle. Let’s take a closer look at Wonder Core Cycle, its benefits and how it differs from traditional equipment found at a gym.

What is the Wonder Core Cycle?

While the name might hint to consumers that it consists of a bike, this might be misleading, as it is more than just cycling. This product is the first ever equipment that combines cycling with an upper body workout.

Does this sound confusing? This cycle is infused with adjustable rowing bands, that way while one cycles their way to achieving maximum cardio, he or she can use the adjustable rowing bands to train the biceps, back, buttocks, thighs, shoulders, and abs.

What Are the Features of the Wonder Core Cycle?

Not only does the Wonder Core Cycle work to achieve efficient training, but it does so in the most comfortable manner as well. The following is a list of features of the Wonder Core Cycle:

  • Consists of two position frames to alternate between workout routines
  • Consists of an adjustable seat
  • Consists of three levels of adjustable rowing resistance
  • Consists of eight levels of adjustable cycling resistance

All of these features help to achieve a wide range of training techniques. The advantage with such adjustable levels is that one can choose from working to stretch the legs and thighs, tightening thighs and buttocks or completing a full body workout.

According to a testing done on a 70Kg person, one hour of training on the Wonder Core Cycle can burn up to 780 calories within an hour. This can definitely go up or down depending on how hard on trains, but nonetheless compared to playing a sport or doing full on cardio, burning calories like this cannot be achieved within an hour.

What Does the Wonder Core Cycle Come With?

This is probably one of the most affordable deals out there because the Wonder Core Cycle does not come alone. For an efficient and hardcore training, consumers are offered a nutritional plan, two 30-minute workout DVDs (an intermediate and advanced level), and an exercise guide.

This is great for anyone who needs ideas of how to use the Wonder Core Cycle and to get the hang of using it efficiently.

How Do Payment Methods Work With Wonder Core Cycle?

Consumers don’t need to purchase the Wonder Core Cycle right away. To ensure that consumers are satisfied with their purchase, a risk free 30-day trial is made available for a low cost of $14.95 to see whether it is something suitable for each and everyone’s needs. Once satisfied with this product, consumers have the option of two different payment methods:

  1. $14.95 + 5 payments of $39.95
  2. One payment of $199.75 + free shipping

This is definitely a worthwhile product because consumers no longer need to wait his or her turn, like at a gym to use an equipment, do not need to waste time getting to and from the gym or any other facility, can train in the comfort of his or her home, and can achieve the body one desires by using one simple equipment.

Wonder Core Cycle ensures that consumers are not left hanging and confused as to how to use this exercise machine, by providing the essential tips and tools to work every part of the body.

All of this is also provided for the 30-day trial as well, therefore consumers will have enough time to experience training via Wonder Core Cycle for an affordable price. While traditional equipment allows achieving a maximum of 2 different types of workouts, this product can achieve as many as one can come up with, making this a superior product.

The creators are also aware that some consumers might struggle with a one-time payment and have come up with a monthly payment method as well because convenience is key. For more information on how to reap the benefits of the Wonder Core Cycle, check out: https://www.wondercorecycle.com/?mid=8686943

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