Cellucor P6 Xtreme – Advanced Anabolic Stack & Testosterone Booster?


Cellucor p6 is a product that is designed to help you increase your testosterone. It will also help you increase your muscle, strength, and sexual energy. Read this review to find out about Cellucor p6 xTreme.

What is Cellucor p6 xTreme?

Cellucor p6 xTreme is a male enhancement supplement, designed to help you increase your libido. It will also help you build lean muscle and burn fat. Moreover, it is designed to increase your energy levels and improve your overall physical performance when working out and performing fitness.

They understand, there are a lot of testosterone capsules on the market. But they claim this is the one that will stand out from the rest.

How Does Cellucor p6 xTreme Work?

They claim that not all TST boosters are created equal. There are three basic categories that testosterone comes in.

The first type of testosterone booster, is focused around the basic ingredients that most TST boosters include.

The second one is designed to boost TST and reduce the production of Estrogen. Both are formulated to help you improve your hormone production of testosterone.

The third category is used to boost testosterone, regulate estrogen and has ingredients that inhibt the production of DHT. It also helps promote prostate health.

Cellucor p6 xTreme is in its own unique class.

The substances within Cellucor p6 xTreme are some of the most advanced ingredients for boosting TST. It’s been proven to regulate estrogen and minimize DHR formation. Also, it supports prostate health and at the same time will enhance your focus and mood.

According to the makers of Cellucor p6 xTreme, other TST boosters have to work over time to produce results. However, with Cellucor p6 xTreme the formula is designed to progressively help you grow. And to improve your muscular strength over the long term. With the help of Cellucor p6 xTreme, you can stay sharp and focused to become your best.

It has a proprietary blend of ingredients that will help you maximize your TST production and improve your cognitive functions. Your overall life experience will likely be enhanced when you take Cellucor p6 xTreme.

What Ingredients Are in Cellucor p6 xTreme?

Adaptest – derived from Ashwagandha and through daily use has been shown to improve muscle size, strength and improve TST levels in adult males.

Tribulus alatus – helps to promote healthy sexual function and muscle growth.

Ovine placenta powder – A natural HCG against and rich nutrient growth supplement.

And for Focus and Mood Support

Zembrin – it’s clinically studied for the positive mood enhancing abilities it has. It will also help you to improve cognitive functions. Apparently, you can also feel the effects of this one immediately.

Alphasize – helps to boost the brain and improve cognitive functions. Also has been studied because of the positive impact it has on memory and focus. Helps with energy and muscle growth as well as your overall performance.

Estrogen Regulators

Agaricus Bisporus – a supposedly, vital ingredient in the Cellucor p6 xTreme blend. Known to help the male body, produce healthy levels of estrogen.

DHT and Prostate Health Ingredients

Saw Palmetto – has been proven to help promote a healthy urinary tract. Also great for stopping the production of DHT.

Stinging Nettle – believed to support healthy prostate and urinary tract. Another ingredient that likely blocks the production of DHT.

Male Sexual Enhancement Support

LJ100 – an ingredient that is proven to show positive effects on sexual health. Also known to promote healthy levels of sexual energy and have a great impact on overall performance.

What Does Cellucor p6 xTreme Cost?

A bottle of 160 capsules costs $169.99. One serving is 4 capsules. Apparently, the supplement will be able to help men boost their testosterone and improve their physique, better than any other male supplement on the market. It is formulated to support more than just health for men. It will also help you with overall energy production as well.

What Do Customers Say About Cellucor p6 xTreme?

According to reviews at Bodybuilding.com – Cellucor p6 xTreme received an average 8.8 out of 10 rating. While it’s not the highest rating on the site for supplements of this type, it definitely stands apart from a majority of supplements like it.

Most likely, one of the best male enhancement, testosterone boosters on the market so far. People like the results they get from Cellucor p6 xTreme for the most part. Only a couple of handfuls of customers were not pleased with the results.

All in all, customers recommend this product to other people to try. They claim, it will enhance sex drive, performance and help with gains in the gym as well. Not only for male libido enhancement. Helps with overall, daily energy in general.


  • Customers seem to like the product
  • Available through Amazon
  • A lot of servings in one bottle
  • Covers a lot of bases


  • Expensive price for many people
  • Not the highest rated product

Should I Use Cellucor p6 xTreme?

Only if you are serious about gains and can afford the price. Not necessary for people who only workout once in a while.

Also, may be able to find similar products at much cheaper price. However, the Cellucor name is trusted, so it is likely one of the safer products to take on the market. You’ll likely be happy with the results, so final verdict is to try it if you need the extra boost of testosterone.

Cellucor p6 xTreme is one of the best supplements on the market.

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