Braun Series 3 Shave & Style – Men’s Precision Electric Shaver Range?


Using an electric shaver offers a number of advantages- delivering a smoother, closer shave in a smaller amount of time and preventing cuts and bruises, electric shavers are the most popular way to shave.

Choosing the right electric shaver, however, can be a difficult process. There are many inferior low quality products flooding the market, so finding an effective, reliable solution can take a significant amount of time.

Traditional electric razors can’t be used in combination with water and must be used dry, which has the propensity to irritate skin, causing razor burn and skin damage.

Other issues presented by traditional electric razors include easily-blunted blades that require ongoing costly replacement, inefficient shaving that leaves uneven facial hair, and low battery capacity that require constant recharging.

Braun, the biggest and most popular personal grooming solution provider in the world, has recently released a new breed of electric shaver that offers a wide range of new features that solve all of these problems, delivering an unseen level of innovation.

The Braun S3 Shave&Style is a new personal grooming tool that not only delivers a clean, close shave with minimal effort, but also provides precision styling functionality.

In this article, we’ll check out the Braun Series 3 Shave and Style solution and find out what makes it different from other electric shavers to help you decide whether it’s the right personal grooming product for you

The Braun Series 3 Shave & Style

Braun are one of the oldest and most trusted names in the shaving market, having operated as a world leader in personal grooming products since the 1920’s.

Braun has a strong reputation for delivering efficient, reliable, and effective shaving solutions, and the new Series 3 Shave&Style kit is no exception to this rule.

The Series 3 is a groundbreaking new personal grooming electric shaver that provides users not only with a high-quality powerful electric razor, but also includes a set of easy to change precision heads that transform the Series 3 shaver into a precision styling tool.

The Braun Series 3 boasts that it is able to capture more hair in the first stroke than any other shaving solution, and offers one of the longest battery lives of any electric shaver available on the market today.

One of the biggest advantages of the Series 3 Shave & Style solution is that it’s completely waterproof and can be used in the shower or with foam or gel, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

The Series 3 3010BT has been specifically designed from the ground up to be used in wet environments, and can be used with all types of shaving gel or foam.

The advantages of being able to use the Series 3 with shaving products are obvious- by shaving wet, the S3 is far less irritating than any other shaver.

The waterproof construction of the Braun S3 Shave&Style 3010BT also makes it incredibly easy to clean.

The shaver itself is IPX7 certified, meaning it can be submerged in up to 5 meters of water for an extended period of time without compromising operating ability- you could feasibly take this shaver with you to touch up a shave job while snorkelling or free diving, so rinsing it under water isn’t an issue.

The S3 also has the advantage of the superior German engineering for which the Braun range is renowned for.

All Braun products are covered by a comprehensive two year warranty that ensures the S3 will keep running as designed, giving customers peace of mind that their shaver won’t fail on them when they need it.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style Design & Construction

The Braun Series 3 Shave&Style incorporates a number of innovative design features that make it one of the most versatile shaving solutions available on the market.

The trimmer head of the Series 3 incorporates extra-sharp blades that are engineered to remain sharp for their entire lifetime, making styling and shaving with minimal tugging simple and effective.

The trimmer head of the Series 3 can be used with five interchangeable snap-on trimmer heads, consisting of 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 mm combs for variable shave depths.

The most unique feature of the Braun Series 3, however, is that the trimmer head can be completely removed to reveal the a MicroComb shaver head.

The MicroComb shaver head delivers an incredibly close shave and incorporates a dynamic three-dimensional triple action free floating system that uses three different cutting elements that move independently of each other, adapting to the contours of the face and delivering a butter-smooth shaving experience.

A MicroComb attached to the blade section guides a larger amount of hair into the cutting surfaces, while two separate Sensofoils create maximum comfort while shaving.

The three-dimensional shaving system of the MicroComb also incorporates a powerful middle trimmer blade that cuts more difficult hair.

The S3 shaver itself is powered by a long-lasting battery that is able to deliver 45 minutes of shaving time in just 1 hour of super-fast charging.

If you’re in a hurry and your battery is flat, the S3 can also be quick charged for five minutes to deliver enough juice for one individual charge, making it ideal for traveling or busy mornings.

Battery status is conveniently displayed via a built in LED array that notifies users when the device needs to be charged.

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style The Verdict

The Braun Series 3 Shave&Style ships with the Series 3 Shaver, the Trimmer Head and five comb attachments, as well as a cleaning brush, a SmartPlug charging cord, a travel protection cap and a protective travel pouch.

Available in both grey and blue, the Braun Series 3 is one of the most innovative and useful shavers and stylers to hit the market in 2027 and offers a number of unique design elements that streamline the entire shaving process.

If you’re looking for a highly efficient, long lasting, reliable, and multifunctional electric shaver that is able to both deliver a smooth shave as well as style longer facial hair, the Braun Series 3 Shave&Style is the right solution for you.

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