GIVN Spring Water – Premium Drinking Water Infused With Karma?


Water has been taken for granted all too often, however what people fail to realize is that all major health issues that people are faced with on a regular basis are borne out of water based bacteria.

In the west, due to the availability of clean drinking services, people often forget that in many parts of the world ‘clean water’ is still a privilege.

A shocking study released by the Red Cross shows that African nations like South Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria face an annual shortage of water that claims over 100,000 lives (per annum).

Similarly, in the middle east there is always a dearth of water, and thus recycled water is commonly used in all major towns and cities. However, due to poor purification setups, the water is generally polluted with microbial bacteria such as e.coli, salmonella.

These harmful viruses can accumulate and breed in our intestines, and can eventually cause us various problems like viral fevers, indigestion, organ degradation, diarrhea and other such ailments.

Today it is becoming increasingly difficult to find high quality pure water, even the ‘so called’ drinkable water that we consume from our taps, are usually infused with chlorine derivatives and fluorides.

These chemical agents help eliminate bacterial accumulations, but are also known to form deposits within our bodies. These chemical accumulations can gradually lead to the development of brain issues.

Recent studies have shown, that even minute fluoride particles can damage our brain cells, and can greatly decrease their overall working efficiency.

About GIVN Spring Water

GIVN is an all new range of ‘natural spring water’ that offers users with immense hydration benefits.

All of the water is sourced responsibly from pristine springs, and thus one can be assured that there are absolutely no harmful agents in the the aqueous solution. Another key point that is important to understand is that, spring water is in its essence is the cleanest source of natural water that one can find.

All of the water found in a spring originates from an ice source that is remains naturally frozen all year long. For example, there are many glaciers in the Himalayan ranges from where (due to natural processes) a lot of clean water originates.

This happens due to the natural melting of glaciers, which results in the formation of small streams. These streams of water naturally accumulate and meet with other similar water sources and form a river.

When this water is collected in the higher reaches of a mountain, the water is absolutely pure and pristine.

Due to the natural freezing conditions in such regions, no bacteria or viruses are able to breed in the water and thus the water is as pure as it gets.

Why Choose GIVN Spring Water

There are a host of factors which make GIVN spring water the most appealing choice for an individual.

Widely consumed:

Over 35 states in the United States make use of GIVN bottled water. Due to its widespread availability, many people prefer stocking up on GIVN rather than consume regular tap water (which is known to contain elemental traces).

Easy to Purchase:

There are over 500+ retailers who currently sell GIVN spring water, using the online ‘store locator’, users can easily find their nearest retailer.


All of the water is responsibly sourced so that it does not put pressure on the local environment. Utmost care is taken to bottle the water from sources where there is no shortage, or where it does not affect the lives of local residents.

Responsible Partners:

GIVN has teamed up with various water agencies which ensure that clean drinking water is provided to communities in need. The company actively works to help provide less fortunate people with access to clean drinking water, so that they too can live normal healthy lives.


GIVN is responsible for giving over 750,000 local people jobs. The company employs various ‘underprivileged’ individuals, and supplies them with means to support themselves and their families via an honest means of livelihood.

Other Important GIVN Spring Water Details.

(i) Certifications:

Givn is the first North American bottled water brand to be certified as a ‘B-Corporation’.

B corporations are those companies which take personal and moral responsibility to help communities around them grow.

As mentioned earlier, GIVN provides many individuals from all walks of life with an opportunity to earn an honest living by providing them with employment opportunities.

(ii) Awards and Recognition:

GIVN was selected by B-Labs as a 2016 “Best for the World Honoree for its positive community impact”.

(iii) Innovation:

As part of its innovative technological practices, the company has been recognised by FAST as one of the ‘10 most innovative companies in the food and beverage industry’.

About The Partners.

(i) Water is Basic:

‘Water is Basic’ is an indigenous borehole drilling company, conceived by local Sudanese people, run by Sudanese individuals, and completely staffed by Sudanese workers.

To-date, Water is Basic has provided clean water to 10% of the population of South Sudan.


it is an international nonprofit agency which according to various accredited media outlets has “positively transformed millions of lives around the world by providing access to safe water and sanitation”. pioneers innovative, sustainable solutions to the global water crisis.

(iii) UNICEF Tap Water:

This United Nations subsidiary is ‘working in over 100 countries to help the 768 million people around the world without access to clean water.

Thanks to the work of UNICEF and its partners, more than 2.1 billion people have gained access to clean drinking water’.

GIVN Spring Water Pricing And Availability

The easiest way to make a purchase is through placing an order online at the official company shopping portal. Apart from the online store, users can also find their nearest retailer so that they can make a physical purchase.

Each pack of 24 bottles contain units which possess 20 oz of purified, natural spring water.

Every individual carton has been priced at $22.99 (which works out to $0.05/fl oz).

In terms of postage and payment options, users can opt for regular or express delivery options (both of which are priced reasonably). Similarly, payments can be made using a host of direct debit options like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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