Bragi – Award Winning Custom Fit Truly Wireless Smart Earphones?


Bragi is a company that develops audio products that usher in a new level of technology, offering the Dash and its variants as the main devices right now. Their audio accessories are versatile, and can be used with multiple smartphone devices.

What is Bragi?

The best way to work out is with the right tunes to add motivation. When heading to the gym, running shoes are just as important as the mp3 player, equipping the hard worker with a beat that can keep them on track with various sets and even cardio.

Unfortunately, music can’t go everywhere with consumers nowadays. The cords of the earbuds make it hard to remain untangled, and the structure of the speakers leave them susceptible to water damage while swimming.

What if it were possible to leave headphones in, keeping hands free for any activities, even when moving through the tracks? Bragi is the innovator who has made that happen.

Bragi features many different types of products, but the Dash is the most advanced and customizable, so far. Most of the different options focus on giving the user an experience like no other, which is evident in their promotional videos for the products they have. While not every product has the option to be waterproof or to last more than five hours, the team manages to put together something that fits anyone’s needs.

To get all the benefits that Bragi has available to offer, downloading the app is an absolute must. The Bragi app is automatically linked with the consumer’s purchase of the Dash, controlling, and recording all the data listed. The app can automatically track all the data that the Dash picks up, and is used to help connect with the other devices that it streams from.

Everything from the recording to the volume of the Dash is run through the Bragi app, but it also allows users to connect with other people who use the Dash in their routine. All the tutorial videos that consumers might need for assistance are located on the device to, making it the go-to resource for all the questions that may come up.

Read on below to find out more information about the Dash and its upgrades.

About the Dash

The Dash is a part of wireless headphones, which help to make any music experience exponentially easier. The impressive sound quality is incredibly comfortable to enjoy, and employs the use of the PerfectFit system to mold to the wearer’s ear. With sensors that measure in-ear data and live activity, the product can even be controlled with a simple nod or shake of the head in response to the prompts.

These headphones are meant to be used in conjunction with any device that needs them. The best part is their versatility, since the Dash can be taken underwater without any damage at all. With the specialized features, it’s easy to go workout or during any physical activity, while the Dash tracks and records every movement. The technology even allows consumers to track the calories they burn, their heart rate, and more important data around physical activity.

To purchase the Dash, the total cost is $299.00, with free shipping to the United States and Europe. Once the order is submitted, it will be immediately handled by the prompt customer service team.

If, for any reason, the user doesn’t fully adore the way that the Dash works, the company has a brief 14-day return policy, which allows anyone to get a full refund within that period.

Upgraded Versions

Along with the original Dash, Bragi has made some upgrades that allow consumers to decide how much they want out of their headphones. Consumers have the option of choosing from:

  • The Dash Pro, which adds greater versatility in the silicone sleeves and increases the running time by up to two hours ($329.00)
  • The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey, which includes the technology that is from the world’s leader in customizable products for audio listening ($499.00)
  • The Headphone, which can still connect wirelessly to audio, but the product is not waterproof and doesn’t feature all the physical tracking solutions of the Dash.

Other Accessories

To make sure the Dash headphones and structure maintains the same performance, there are many accessories that can be included. Some of the options include:

  • Extra cables, available in black and white: $7.99
  • FitSleeves, in small to large sizes, available in black or white: $9.99
    • Set of all three sizes: $11.99
  • The Leash, to prevent tangling: $19.00
  • A Dash charger: $49.99
  • The Slide, in black or white, for the Dash Charger: $19.99

Contacting Bragi

With such versatile technology, consumers may want to learn more information about the Bragi products before submitting an order. The website doesn’t offer a phone number, but anyone can enter their inquiry on the online form at

Bragi Conclusion

Bragi introduces some of the most impressive smart products available, giving consumers the versatility to listen to their music during any activities, but without having to ever touch their device.

With the option to go basically anywhere with the pleasure of music, there’s no reason to stay confined in your current workout routine. Instead, it’s time to burst through comfort levels to deliver a quality of headphones and accessories that no other brand has replicated.

To find a way to keep the music going wherever you are, Bragi can help.

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