BabySleep System – Jay Oliver’s Miracle Music Methods?


The Miracle BabySleep System is a music program that helps to soothe your newborn with sounds that are familiar from the womb. This gentle system is easy to use, and delicate on your baby’s small eardrums for any type of day.

What Is the Miracle BabySleep System?

Every parent, babysitter, and nanny understands the value of a sleeping newborn. When you’re first learning the ropes as a new parent, or as a parent of your third or fourth baby, you will do just about anything to get your child to relax and calm down enough to get both of you to sleep. No matter what you read in the books or hear from your friends, there will still be nights that you can’t figure out the right method. That’s where the Miracle BabySleep System comes in.

The BabySleep System is designed to replicate the noises that your child heard in the womb. Everything from inside your pregnant body was much more toned down and muted than the outside world. While it’s important to expose your child to different noises as they adjust, you should also keep in mind that infants need a high amount of sleep. Using this program makes it easier for them to become comfortable in their new surroundings, and takes hardly any type to work.

With these sounds, you are able to play the music while they are awake or sleeping, reminding them of the transition they’ve made to create a safe environment. Even though your child will take the most comfort in being curled up against Mom or Dad’s chest, these options make it a little easier when you cannot stay in that position all night long.

About SmartWav

The Miracle BabySleep System was designed by SmartWav, as a collaboration between several composers to produce a relaxing melody. SmartWav was originally created by William Leniham, who has experience working with The Eagles, Chick Corea, Dave Weckl, Sheryl Crow, Jimmy Buffett and others. His work with Jay Oliver, a musician and audio engineer with SmartWav, is what makes each track unique.

The research between these two knowledgeable parties has taken 15 years, but they also offer other systems, so that time frame has not been exclusive to just the BabySleep system. They have also help to create an “audio series” which features their own technology called Pitch/Rhythm Mapping.

How Does the Miracle BabySleep System Works?

The whole concept of the Miracle BabySleep program is that is used special audio and WombEffect™ technology to help soothe your baby to sleep. You may think that this is just another expensive CD of lullabies, but nothing could be further from the truth. The unique approach to calming your baby has been recommended by medical professionals, daycare centers, and many other parents that have tried it out.

With Womb Reintroduction Therapy (WRT), the system gives you beautiful audio, but with an adjustment to replicated the way that your baby experiences noises in the womb.

When your child is born, the difference between their womb and their new life is vastly different. They no longer have the comfort of being cradled in warmth every second of the day, and they are experiencing the overwhelming world of colors and loud noises constantly. This shock is enough to make him or her cry constantly, seeking out the comfort that they had weeks or months ago, since it’s all they’ve known.

The audio files will sound like they are being played underwater, which is what everything sounded like before they were born. The recordings actually were adapted and lifted from sound files that feature an intrauterine sonic environment, and even have actual recordings of a mother’s resting heart rate. Reminding them of this familiar ambiance can take them to a time when they felt safer, while helping them adapt.

With regular playing for your child, studies have shown that they experience enhanced developmental skills, are more content, and that they get more restful sleep. Sleep is necessary for the brain to make different connections, which is part of why newborns sleep so much.

Children that get enough rest during their days are at a much lowered risk of substance abuse, ADHD, weight problems, heart disease, and diabetes as they age. Basically, all of these effects of the system contribute to a healthier baby overall.

Using The Miracle BabySleep System

Introducing the Miracle BabySleep System to your child doesn’t require any preparation or anything. All you need to do is put the CD in. According to the claims on the website, your child should stop crying within just a few minutes, which makes it much easier to lay them down in their crib to sleep. As the audio plays, the album will help to encourage the changes between light and deep sleep, but without preventing them from responding to outside stimuli.

Basically, you can use this system as a way to buffer the outside noise, while still letting them get used to those new sounds.

Pricing for the Miracle BabySleep System

To make this system part of your routine, you only need to make a one-time payment of $59.97. However, the system isn’t just a CD. You will get:

  • The “Ramp to Sleep” CD, which helps you calm your child while you hold him or her
  • The “Sleep Thru the Night” CD, which can be placed on “repeat” all night long
  • The “Adult Sleep” CD, which helps Mom and Dad sleep as well
  • The “Extended Long Play Versions” CD, which is a data disc that features music that goes for up to 7 hours and can be loaded onto a computer
  • A booklet with tips and directions on how to make the system
  • A data disc with six mp3’s, which vary in length
  • An mp3 download called “Sleep Thru the Night” to start using the system right away

Contacting the Creators of the Miracle BabySleep System: SmartWav

Whether you have questions about a recent purchase or a potential one, the customer service team at SmartWav is able to answer any questions you may have about the Miracle BabySleep System. While there is no phone number listed for direct contact, you can send your inquiries to [email protected]. The website indicates that someone will reply to your message within about 24 hours or less.


Anyone who has tried to put a baby to sleep can greatly benefit from this sleeping system by SmartWav. The gentle audio and the instruction booklet make this method practically error-proof. Your pediatrician will be able to teach you a few tricks for helping your child sleep, but the Miracle BabySleep System will make the results much easier to achieve.

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