Wonder Hearing Aid – Personal Sound and Hearing Amplifier?


Nearly 36 million people in the United States suffer from hearing loss or hearing difficulty. With many different causes including the effect of age on the body, illnesses, exposure to loud noises, medications and more, hearing loss can manifest itself in either a partial or complete inability to hear. Hearing aids designed to assist individuals suffering from hearing loss have been around for more than a century, with the first hearing aid invented in 1896.

The first hearing aid designed to assist with the process of hearing was roughly the size of briefcase, but as technology progressed from vacuum tube to transistor to integrated circuit, the size of these life-changing tools has decreased. Modern hearing aids are now small enough to sit comfortably behind the ear, and further technological developments are being made in the field of acoustics that delivers even greater quality of life to those suffering from hearing loss. Technological advancement in the development of high fidelity microphones and speakers that increase the quality of audio is incorporated into the design of modern hearing aids, and combined with advanced parsing algorithms that actively reduce the amount of unwanted noise heard by hearing aid users.

The Wonder Hear Hearing aid is a new hearing aid solution that incorporates active noise cancellation technology and smart sound amplification into an ergonomic form fitting design, providing the very best hearing aid solution available on the market. In this article we’ll provide a detailed analysis of the Wonder Hear hearing aid solution and provide a breakdown of its key features and benefits along with its construction and design to help you decide whether it’s the right solution for you.

What Is the Wonder hear Hearing Aid?

A personal sound amplifier, the Wonder hear Hearing Aid is a revolutionary acoustic assistance device that not only amplifies external sounds, but helps users selectively listen to the sounds they want to hear by enhancing their hearing. Easily customizable and adjustable, the WonderHear Hearing Aid provides simple and easy audio customization at the push of a button through an easy to understand and use interface. With it’s discreet design and small form factor, the Wonderhear sits snugly behind the ear of the user without looking bulky or ungainly, allowing wearers to forget they’re even wearing a personal sound amplifying device.

The WonderHear personal sound amplifying solution helps to enhance the lives of sufferers of hearing loss by vastly improving speech intelligibility from both live audio and recorded speech, improving tone recognition and reduces the alienating effect of not being able to hear others around you. Often individuals who suffer from the many different forms of hearing loss experienced a high degree of frustration, frequently asking others to repeat themselves, turning television and stereo volume settings up high, and finding it difficult to differentiate between multiple speakers in the same room.

Wonderhear have delivered a comprehensive solution in their groundbreaking personal audio enhancing device by allowing users to “turn the volume up on life”. With a high precision 12 band digital sound processing core, the advanced engineering of the Wonderhear device selectively recognizes speech audio and increases the volume, while actively identifying and screening out background noise such as traffic, television, air conditioning and machinery, allowing users to regain the freedom to enjoy conversations in any place, including busy cafe environments or noise pollution saturated areas.

How Does Wonder Hear Work?

The WonderHear solution has been designed by a leading team of Audiologists to provide an effective solution to 96% of the most common issues encountered by individuals who suffer from hearing loss. Available without a prescription or medical consultation of any kind, the WonderHear solution can be taken advantage of by individuals from all walks of life who experienced hearing difficulties and would like to take control back over their sound environment.

The advanced control unit within each Wonder Hear personal sound amplification device uses a high-resolution microphone set to separate speech patterns from background noise and elevate the sound levels of speech, helping users hear better and understand conversations in less time, with less effort and repetition. Active noise cancellation technology listens to and maps the waveform of unwanted noise, then adds an opposite waveform to the sound being produced by the high fidelity audio drivers. This causes the two waveforms to completely cancel each other out, leaving only the relevant sounds such as speech and the immediate environment amplified for the user.

Ready to wear out of the box with no complicated assembly or instructions to follow, the Wonder hear solution is incredibly easy to setup and use. Audio can be controlled by a series of small and simple buttons on the exterior of each device, allowing customizable levels of audio amplification. There are several modes of preset settings that allow streamlined switching between sound profiles, such as theatre, conversation, sports game, music and more, allowing users to find the best personal amplification setting for their current situation.

Each WonderHear set of personal sound amplifiers are shipped with batteries, tubing, and two sizes of a customer designed “Hearwell” tip that is comfortable for use all day long, sitting easily in the ear without causing irritation or discomfort. The Wonder hear solution is available in three colors- beige, graphite or grey, delivering color combinations that work discreetly with any skin tone or hair color. Each package ships with a carrying case, cleaning brush and wire, tubing setup, two kinds of hearwell tip, the Wonder hear device, and five size 10 batteries, used to power the device.

Wonder Hear Hearwell Solution Pricing & Availability

The WonderHear Hearwell solution can be ordered from the WonderHear website, and is priced at $739.99 USD, far cheaper than traditional prescription only hearing aid solutions. Shipping within one to two days, the Hearwell solution is covered by a 12 month warranty guarantee, delivering reliability and safety.

If you’re looking for a low profile, effective and advanced personal sound enhancing device that will allow you to take control back over your daily life and deliver the confidence you need to begin hearing perfectly again, the WonderHear Hearwell solution offers a cost effective and reliable solution.

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