Music Wrap M25 – On The Go Streaming Music Sound Device?


The Music Wrap M25 is a set of speakers that is flexible and powerful, allowing you to bring along your favorite tunes or other audio files wherever you go. A Kickstarter funds the versatile design, giving you the chance to save big before it is available to the public.

What is Music Wrap M25?

Music is a universal language that can help for any moments that you need to express yourself. You may feel excited and energetic, with peppy music in your head. You may have moments of overwhelming sadness, pairing perfectly with an emotional ballad. You may even feel angry, making you bust out in rock music solo. No matter your emotion, you can easily find a song to help you get it out. With the Music Wrap M25, you don’t ever need to be without your favorite bands again.

The Music Wrap M25 is a transformable speaker, giving you the ultimate experience in versatility. The two speakers are connected by a flexible band, which is what ensures that you can use it anywhere. The band is long enough to fit all the way around your neck, or you can place it on another surface to play music to the room instead.

The biggest issue with headphones is how cumbersome they are. You can find earbuds for a minimal approach, but they tend to get tangled in an instant. Larger headphones just feel bulky and uncomfortable, which is not the experience that you want to have while you rock out. The Music Wrap M25 is a great way to get rid of the frustration of headphones, while still having the chance to bring your music wherever you go.

The Music Wrap M25 isn’t just for your mp3 player or iPod. Instead you can also use it to help you make calls. Speakerphone noise is often difficult to deal with, since there’s never a way to maintain the same volume as you move around. By using the speakers during your phone calls, you can keep your hands free while you actually are able to hear what the other person is saying.

No matter your audio needs, the Music Wrap M25 can help you out. In addition to its versatility, the Music Wrap M25:

  • Is lightweight
  • Is comfortable
  • Is compact
  • Lasts for eight hours without needing to be recharged
  • Has IPX5 certified water resistance
  • Is connected via Bluetooth

Uses for the Music Wrap M25

The best part about the Music Wrap M25 is how easy it is to use. Turn on the device with the power button, and activate it by pressing the corresponding Bluetooth button. It will seek out the nearest compatible device, which should be your own.

Once the music is playing, it’s up to you what to do. As you turn up the volume, a low-level beep will emit every time you turn it up. In some reviews, this product has been shown to offer more impressive volume than most Bluetooth speakers or even the speaker on your phone.

You can twist the device to suit your needs, resting it around your neck, wrapping it around a cupboard handle, or even just resting it on a tabletop. The key is versatility, and that’s something that Music Wrap M25 definitely has.

Pricing for Music Wrap M25

If you want to use the Music Wrap M25 in your routine, your cost will be $63.31, and it currently appears as if there’s no place to order the company’s own site. In fact, this purchase on Amazon is only a pre-order, since it may take up to three more weeks to receive the purchase.

No return policy is presently listed for Music Wrap M25 on the website, but Amazon gives all customers up to 30 days to initiate a complete return.

Contacting the Creators of Music Wrap M25

Right now, the website doesn’t offer a phone number or an email address that you can use to communicate directly with the customer service team. However, you will be able to follow along with the social media profiles of the Music Wrap company.

Music Wrap M25 Conclusion

The Music Wrap M25 is one of the latest audio innovations available, giving you the chance to hear all your favorite artists without the cumbersome frustration of dealing with tangled cords.

You can connect the device with Bluetooth capability on your phone or other devices, and you don’t need to do anything else. The simple buttons on the rubberized cord allow you to keep turning up the volume, so you can adjust it to meet how close the audio is to your ear.

If you want to bring your music with you, you need a product that can match up with your needs. With the Music Wrap M25, all those needs are fulfilled.

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