Bontá Hydration – Mediterranean Diet Nutrient Antioxidant Drinks?


Hydration is an important part of any workout regime. In fact, statistical data has pointed to the fact that when an athlete/gym goer regularly replenishes any lost water/electrolyte content in his/her body, the chances of increasing their overall athletic output increase by over 44%.

This is because when we sweat we lose a lot of salts that are associated with stamina and energy release. Also, when our cells are dehydrated, they can start to feel to jaded and cause a person to start experiencing mental dullness.

In terms of hydration options, today’s market is full of potent ‘sports/energy drinks’. However, one has to make sure that the drink that they are choosing should be low on sugar. Many sports solutions have been known to disguise sugar within ‘proprietary blends’ and thus can contribute to weight gain and decreased muscular development.

What Is Bonta Hydration?

Bontá Hydration is an all new range of ‘health beverages’ that have been designed in accordance with Mediterranean diets that are known to help maximize our overall health. In terms of their formula, each serving of these potent beverages deliver the user's system with key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other energy enhancers.

Additionally, the the drinks contains very few calories, and hence are ideal for people who like to watch their weight levels. Lastly, all of the added components are completely natural, and thus users can be sure that the drinks can be used on a daily basis without the occurrence of any unwanted side issues.

Bonta Hydration Products

There are 4 core flavor variants to choose from. Each of these drinks have been formulated using specialized ingredients. The options include:

Bonta Lifestyle Inflammation:

As the name clearly suggests, this variant has been designed to help users control any inflammatory conditions that they might have. The blend contains a nice mix of turmeric, blood oranges that have been clinically demonstrated to increase immunity and provide circulatory support. Other core ingredients include pomegranates and tomatoes, two fruits that are full of antioxidants and are known to purify our blood by eliminating any toxins and bacteria.

Additionally, due to the presence of olives and certain citrus extracts, the drink has been shown to reduce any swellings and increase the delivery of vital nutrients into our bodies. This ensures that we can stay active and energetic even when we have had a long day at work, or have just completed a strenuous workout session.

Bonta Immunity:

This blend contains various natural extracts that have been chosen especially for their properties in relation to our immunity levels. The mix incorporates a lot of potent vitamin sources like Vitamin B, Vitamin C. They help in alleviating any stress or fatigue that may have accumulated through the course of our daily work.

Additionally, Niacin and Vitamin B6 allow for enhanced organ workrate. This basically means that these agents help deliver core nutrients that can help optimize the working of our digestive, circulatory and neural channels.

Lastly, due to the presence of various berries like blueberries, blackberries, the solution also allows for efficient free radical elimination. This allows us to skin to look and feel more youthful and radiant.

Bonta Longevity:

This extract contains a host of cherries, grapes, lemons and other citrus fruits. They help in cleansing our inner channels by removing any waste accumulations that might have occurred as a result of poor lifestyle choices (excessive smoking, drinking etc).

Also, studies have shown that the spinach and other green content within the mix can improve our iron and phosphorus levels. These minerals are highly desirable for optimal immunity, and can even promote our overall muscle development capacity. Lastly, like all of the other variants, this product contains only a meager 35 calories, thus users can be sure that the drink will not blow up their calorie budget.

Bonta Radiance:

As the name alludes to, this drink contains a host of polyphenols and antioxidants that help cleanse away any impurities that might be present within our epidermal layers. This allows users to reverse some of the visible signs of ageing, and look more radiant and glowing.

Lastly, due to the presence of ginger, chamomile, marigold and white tea, a user can even enhance the growth of their nails and hair.

Purchasing Bontá Hydration

All of the aforementioned variants can be purchased by contacting company representatives on the official website. Payments can be sorted via safe means like PayPal, Maestro, Visa once a quantity has been fixed upon.

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