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When it comes to one’s fitness journey, it requires far more than just eating healthy and training, it entails taking safe measures to achieve the final result. With training comes more than doing the required sets and reps, one must ensure that the techniques, body movements and posture are done accurately.

One wrong move can potentially leave one in bed rest. While there are different means of retaining just specific information, it requires a lot of time. This is where a personal trainer comes handy.

With BombSquad Fitness by one’s side, one is certain to grasp the workouts, techniques and eating habits quick. This review will analyze the BombSquad Fitness in terms of its purpose, a little about the training, and the different specials consumers can make use of.

What is the BombSquad Fitness?

BombSquad Fitness provides consumers with personal trainer and contest preparation services. Whether one is unsure as to where to start in his or her training regimen or is looking for advanced help, the Bomb Squad Fitness is capable of helping consumers with their respective goals.

This program provides consumers with knowledge of right nutrition intake, movement mechanics, principles and methods of physical training and safe exercise, health and lifestyle counseling

What Distinguishes BombSquad Fitness From Others?

With the help of the BombSquad Fitness, consumers will better understand his or her fitness goals and how to set them in a way that is achievable and healthy. In addition, consumers will be also provided with an exercises and nutrition program based on one’s needs and the guidance needed to get through a workout in an efficient manner.

What makes this respective personal trainer unique is her holistic approach to fitness and health, which focuses on elevating one’s physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

What Are the Current Training Specials in Place?

The current raining specials offered in the Bomb Squad Fitness are the following:

Booty Boot Camp:

It’s an hour long session on an 8 week program that occurs twice a week at a cost of $240.00. It happens in a fun supportive and challenging atmosphere while the work out programs is modified to fit individual’s goals in his or her own fitness level. This focuses on legs and glutes and includes HIIT training, circuit training, and weight training.

12 Week Transformation Camp:

This session happens 3 times a week for an hour each, for a total of 36 sessions and at a 12 week time period, at a cost of $550.00. This challenge format training is alternating between upper and lower body exercises. These focuses on HIIT, circuit training, and weight training to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Single Group Fitness Class:

This is a one hour session at a cost of $15.00. This is a strength training class that will help you achieve weight loss goals and train your muscles effectively.

30 Min 1 on 1 Training Package:

This comes with 8 training sessions and each last about 30 min at a cost of $200.00. It helps with weight loss goals, maintain bone density and improve balance.

1 Hour 1 on 1 Training Package:

This comes with 8 training sessions and each last about 60 min at a cost of $320.00. This helps one to get stronger, tone muscles, and progress challenging training workouts that produces noticeable results.

Single 1 on 1 Training Session:

This is a single 1 hour session at the cost of $40.00. This helps achieve results with a personalized fitness plan that’s tailored to one’s specific needs and fitness goals.

New Client Special:

This training is 1 on 1 session last about 60 minutes four times. During this training one will receive a full nutrition and supplement plan, 5 day training and cardio plan, weekly check-ins.

12 Week Contest Prep:

This will have a cardio and lifting 5 to 6 times a week, one hour each session lasts for 12 weeks at a cost of $450.00. This provides with complete guide and consultation from start to finish for the competition.

Online Training:

This is a customized training program which happens 5 to 6 times a week, each sessions are one hour long at a cost of $75.00.

Is It Worthwhile to Train With the BombSquad Fitness?

The diet plan is critical to success, as it allows one to better assess portion control and healthy eating. All of the programs above come with a customized 5 day training and cardio plan as well as meal plan, which will be changed as one progresses and on demand. Bomb Squad Fitness not only provides complete training guides but also does weekly check-ins and adjustments to one’s program as needed.

The prices are fair, as the average cost per session can range from $60.00 to $100.00. It’s crucial to learn the techniques; otherwise one’s results will be delayed. For more information, go to


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