Bloom Life – Smart Pregnancy Wearable For Baby Contractions?


Pregnancy is a beautiful time when parents can imagine what their future child is going to be like and actively prepare its arrival. Whilst it is a wonderful period where everything is possible, it can also be a confusing and worrying time especially for future mothers as they are many bodily changes and people can’t always make out their signification.

When you already had children it can be easier to interpret the signs and understand when labour is starting. However, young mothers can be very worried and have a lot of questions that remain unanswered as it is not possible to run to the clinic for every little thing.

In addition, it is frequent for a first pregnancy to misinterpret certain contraction and drive to the hospital too early thinking that labour has started. Future parents want to do things right and are overly worried thus they turn to the internet for information. However, the web is full of unproven facts that can be misleading.

What is Bloom Life?

As it is essential to promote a healthy pregnancy and reduce stress levels as much as possible Bloom Life has created a smart pregnancy tracker device helping women keep track of the changes happening during their third trimester. Also called Bloomlife, the device tracks, counts and displays contractions in order to provide parents with a second opinion on what is happening.

Helping people to make confident prenatal decisions, Bloomlife is a device that has been developed in order to support mothers and children’s health. With Bloomlife, parents can visualize contractions and other movements occurring in the womb not only helping them to remain informed but also reassuring them by providing them a sense of control.

The device is composed of a patch and the little tracker that has to be attached to it. Then the whole product can be fixed on the stomach.

As Bloomlife is not an active product it can be left on the womb day and night in order to efficiently keep track of contractions. As it is not always easy to decide and know when the contractions announce the arrival of the baby, Bloomlife helps women know when the moment has come.

The device can be connected to the parent’s smartphone in order to provide them with real-time contraction view confirming the feeling and helping future mothers understand it. The device automatically counts and times and provides trends view helping parents have a complete vue d’ensemble. The trends view help parents see how the contractions and movements are changing leading up to labour.

The Benefits of Bloom Life

Bloomlife is an efficient sensor that helps future parents get the information they need without having to go to the clinic all the time in order to ask a practitioner. Parents often get into a guessing game once the third trimester has started and the big day is around the corner. This guessing game can induce worries and can lead to misguided decisions.

Bloomlife provides a clear and validating second opinion in order to help parents differentiate passing contractions and the ones announcing labour. This device senses everything that is going on in the womb in order to effectively and automatically count and time contractions helping parents know what is happening just by checking their smartphone.

In addition, as this sensor can be worn both night and day, it provides nightly reassurance as it keeps track of everything while the mother sleeps so that people can check what is happening even in the middle of the night. Bloomlife is comfortable, safe and provides accurate information letting parents sleep on both their ears.

More Information on The Sensor

As the product doesn’t use ultrasounds, Bloomlife is a completely safe device that can be used at any time. The sensor is non-invasive and uses electrophysiology in order to measure uterine activity and communicates with the parent’s smartphones using Bluetooth low energy that doesn’t penetrate the skin. The Bluetooth radio waves used by Bloomlife are 100 times lower than the ones used by mobile phones.

The product can even detect Braxton Hicks contractions as it records every uterine activity and helps people differentiate these contractions from true labour. Bloomlife can be used throughout the pregnancy however most mothers use it for the last six weeks. The product can be used by every type of women as the device has been tested on women from various size and weight.

Bloomlife comes in a box containing the sensor, patches, charging cord and a guide. If a user would run out of patches, new ones would be shipped to that person for no additional cost. Bloomlife is a rental thus people choose a start date, pay $149 USD for the first month, and receive the little box containing the device.

After the baby has arrived users return the product free of shipping. In addition, if returned up to one week after the baby’s birth, Bloomlife refunds the device. Bloomlife is a smart pregnancy tracker that will help future parents keep track of contractions and know when labour has started. This product helps people keep an accurate overview of their pregnancy.


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