The Fat Burning Hormone – BioTrust’s Weight Loss Diet Tips?


There are many factors that influence your ability to lose weight, such as your genetics, fitness levels, current health, and adherence to a proper diet.

However, one factor that most people fail to take into consideration is how their body functions to get rid of the excess fat.

For example, one program purports that you actually have a “fat burning hormone” that can jump-start the process and help you slip down as needed. .

That being said, this review would like to introduce you to the Fat Burning Hormone 30-Second Trick.

With this system, you’ll be able to meet your weight loss goals and develop a slimmer, better, and leaner figure. Here is everything you need to know about this program before you buy:

What is the Fat Burning Hormone?

The Fat Burning Hormone is a new program on the market claiming that it can control the weight loss process and make it easier for you to burn fat altogether by manipulating just one specific hormone in your body.

As the brand explains, the main hormone is called “leptin” and when you have little of it in your system, it prevents you from losing weight and making any strides regarding your weight loss routine.

As the program explains, solving your leptin problems is easy, so long as you follow its recommendations.

With the right methods, you’ll be able to revamp your body and finally meet your weight loss goals.

An Introduction to Burning Fat

To understand the program and how it works for you, it is imperative to have a foundation on the fat burning process.

The program first starts out by explaining what is necessary to burn fat and it indicates that there are two factors that influence the process: high levels of leptin and highly sensitive leptin receptors.

When you use conventional diets, your leptin levels drop and you are unable to burn the necessary amount of fat for a slimmer figure.

Further, the receptor cells build a leptin resistance, which means even at high levels, the leptin is unable to help you burn fat as needed.

Based upon these qualities, the Fat Burning Hormone essentially developed a system that functions to increase your leptin levels and to decrease resistance.

The “Trick” to Weight Loss

The Fat Burning Hormone familiarizes you with a 30-second “trick” that you can use to enjoy from a quality weight loss regimen by manipulating leptin and resistance.

Dissimilar to most products on the market that may implement chemicals and other harmful compounds, the trick here uses safe and natural herbs to get your body on track.

Here are the four herbs that the program discusses and teaches you to add to your health routine:

Irvingia Gabonesia

This substance, also known as “African mango extract” works to decrease your body’s resistance to leptin.

Those who have used this formula in clinical trials have experienced significant reduction in weight over a short period of time.

For example, the group using the formula was able to lose about 28 pound, or 6.7 inches from their waistline.

Potent and Standardized Green Tea Extract

Potent and Standardized Green Tea Extract is an improved form of traditional green tea extract and it outperforms most forms found in diet products.

This particular ingredient leads to 130% greater weight loss and a 26x increase in your ability to lose fat.

Aframomum Melegueta

Aframomum Melegueta is a herb that originates in west Africa. As the brand explains, those who use this ingredient are able to enhance their body’s ability to burn calories by 400% in just 30 minutes.

Better yet, the formula also enhances your metabolic rate so that you can burn calories at all times of the day.


Finally, 5-HTP is a powerful and effective molecule that enables you to “feel good” by enhancing your serotonin levels.

It is important to improve your serotonin levels because it prevents you from snacking and overeating, which according to most medical journals, leads to weight gain.

The herbs mentioned above are featured in the convenient and nifty capsules that you can purchase from BioTrust Nutrition.

The entire formula is scientifically backed, lab tested, and proven to provide you with the results that you are aiming for.

The specific product name by BioTrust rationion is LeptiBurn. All you need is two capsules per day.

LeptiBurn and a Free Copy of the Fat Burning Hormone Diet

For those of you who do chose to purchase LeptiBurn from BioTrust Nutrition, then when you order the formula, you’ll also receive a free copy of the Fat Burning Hormone Diet.

This combo is ideal for those who do not want to mix the formula at home and who want the convenience of pre-made capsules that work quickly and drastically to prove results.

Further, if you visit the brand’s website, you may also be able to catch the 29% discount Leptiburn, which makes the entire weight loss system even more affordable.

Based Upon Authoritative Sources

Another great reason to opt for this program over others on the market is that the entire system and the supplement’s performance are based upon authoritative sources.

That is to say, when you add them to your routine, you can count on experience solid and effective weight loss results. Keep in mind though that to maximize the program and supplement’s potential, you must use them as directed and on a regular basis.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing LeptiBurn and getting a free copy of the program, then all you need to do is to visit the BioTrust Nutrition website.

Your copy of the program will be shipped with the supplement once you check out and make the purchase. You’re likely to receive your supplement and materials within a week or two of purchase.

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The Fat Burning Hormone 30 Review Summary

Overall, if you are interested in the Fat Burning Hormone 30-Second Trick, then you can either purchase the program on its own or you can buy the supplement and receive the program for free.

The system is ideal for those who are looking for a safe, effective, and reliable way to lose weight without all of the harmful substances and methods that other programs include. To get started, visit the BioTrust Nutrition or Fat Burning Hormone website today.

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