BioTrust OmegaKrill 5X – The Best Omega 3 Krill Oil?


BioTrust OmegaKrill 5X Review

BioTrust OmegaKrill 5X is a new dietary supplement that provides your body with the omega-3 fatty acids it needs to stay healthy. Here’s our OmegaKrill 5X review.

What is OmegaKrill 5X?

OmegaKrill 5X is a nutritional supplement created by Dr. Mark Ettinger and his team at BioTrust.

As you probably guessed from the name, OmegaKrill 5X contains one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids in the world today: krill oil.

Krill oil is a hot new supplement ingredient: it contains similar omega 3 fatty acids as fish oil, but it contains lower levels of mercury and other harmful toxins.

By taking OmegaKrill 5X daily, the manufacturer claims you can enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

Improved cardiovascular health
— Improved cognition and neuroprotection
Improved overall energy and body health
— Reduced risk of disease

So how does OmegaKrill 5X work? Let’s find out more.

How Does OmegaKrill 5X Work?

One of the key technologies in OmegaKrill 5X is something called VesiSorb Maximum Absorption technology.

That technology claims to deliver the most bioavailable dose of krill oil directly into your body.

Instead of having your omega 3 fatty acids break down in your stomach, Omega Krill 5X’s delivery system claims to protect these acids until they reach the small intestine, at which point “100% of the Omega-3s you ingest will be delivered” into your body.

The secret behind the VesiSorb technology is the use of pre-micronized fish oil molecules wrapped in a protective water soluble shell. This lets them skip past digestion in the stomach and head directly to the small intestine.

After getting past your stomach, the capsules deliver “the equivalent of more than 2000mg of EPA/DHA daily” – something that BioTrust describes as the “Scientific Dose” of omega-3 fatty acids.

Oddly enough, the Omega Krill 5X ingredients list seems to disagree with this dosage information. We’ll learn more about the ingredients below.

Omega Krill5X Ingredients

Here is the full list of ingredients in Omega Krill 5X as described on the ingredients label:

Omega Krill 5X Ingredients

As you can see, Omega Krill 5X doesn’t actually contain just krill oil: it contains krill oil and fish oil mixed together. In fact, most of the supplement seems to consist of fish oil, as the supplement lists ingredients like anchovies and sardines before it lists krill.

So if you wanted to take a krill oil supplement to reduce the harmful effects of mercury and other toxins, then OmegaKrill 5X doesn’t appear to be the right choice.

Another problem with these ingredients is that the three softgel capsules only contain 480mg of EPA and DHA. There’s just 64mg of EPA and 392mg of DHA – which is well below the “2000mg claim” that you read about on the official site.

The manufacturer claims that the reason for this discrepancy is the delivery technology: more EPA/DHA gets delivered into your body with OmegaKrill 5X. However, there’s really no evidence to back up that claim. OmegaKrill 5X doesn’t appear to have undergone any clinical trials or scientific tests that show this to be the case.

Typically, DHA/EPA is taken at a dose of around 1,000mg per day in total. That leaves the dose of 550mg in Omega Krill 5x looking relatively weak.

OmegaKrill 5X Pricing

BioTrust OmegaKrill 5X clocks in at a higher price than most of its competitors, costing about $50 for one single bottle (a one month supply). However, you can save more money when you order more bottles. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 Bottle: $49

-3 Bottles: $126

-6 Bottles: $204

Each bottle contains 90 capsules, and you’re supposed to take 3 capsules daily for your optimal dose of omega fatty acids.

All purchases also come with a free eBook called 30 Best and Worst Inflammation Fighting Foods.

You also get a 1 year money back guarantee.

Hint: If you want to save even more money on Omega Krill 5X, then you can click the “Back” button after you’re on the sales page. You’ll be offered a package of Omega Krill 5X for $24.50 today, with a second $24.50 payment arriving 30 days (only after you’ve tried the product). You don’t save money off the regular price, but it does divide up the cost.

Who Makes OmegaKrill 5X?

OmegaKrill 5X is made by a company named BioTrust. You can get in touch with the company by emailing [email protected].

The official BioTrust website lists dozens of different products sold by the company, including diet pills, bodybuilding supplements, and multivitamins.

The company was founded by Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni. Meanwhile, the OmegaKrill 5X supplement was created by Dr. Mark Ettinger, MD, although it’s not clear how Dr. Ettinger is linked to the company. He’s not listed on the company’s scientific or fitness advisory board pages.

Should You Use OmegaKrill 5X as your Krill Oil Supplement?

OmegaKrill 5X isn’t actually a krill oil supplement: it’s a fish oil supplement with some krill added into the formula. Most of the omega 3 fatty acids inside OmegaKrill 5X come from fish – not krill. So if you wanted to avoid the downsides of fish oil with a good krill oil supplement, then OmegaKrill 5X isn’t it.

The supplement also contains a surprisingly low dose of EPA/DHA, with just 64mg of EPA and 392mg of DHA. That’s lower than the recommended dose for most conditions – although the company claims to make up for this low dose by using an advanced delivery system.

Still, at a price of $50 for one bottle, OmegaKrill 5X is pricier than most other supplements that have higher doses. And the fact that the supplement calls itself a “krill oil supplement” without actually containing much krill is a bit shady.



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