Biosyntec Probiotics – Vegetarian 50 Billion CFUs With 13 Strains?


The health of the body is maintained by a delicate balance of systems that work together to digest food, protect the body from pathogens, heal damage, and a wide variety of other functions.

In order to ensure your body remains healthy and in a state of balance, it’s necessary to ensure that your diet provides it with everything it needs to thrive.

Most health conscious consumers are aware of the importance of good nutrition, and add micronutrient supplements to their diets that contain essential organic compounds and minerals that can’t be synthesized by the body.

Good health, however, isn’t dependent on micro nutritional intake alone. Apart from performing regular physical exercise, there is an extremely important aspect of total body health that many overlook- the microbiome of the body.

The microbiome of the body consists of a vast number of microbes that live within the digestive system. Thousands of different strains of positive bacteria are currently inside your body, living in a mutually beneficial, synergistic relationship with the metabolism.

Gut bacteria assist the body with the breakdown of hard-to-digest food, increase the rate at which the body is able to absorb nutrients, and even modulates the immune system.

The best way of boosting the health of the microbiome is through the use of probiotic supplements. These dietary aids contain billions of colony forming units of highly beneficial bacterial strains that deliver a wide range of health benefits.

Probiotic supplements are able to promote digestive health, minimize inflammation, assist with weight loss, and reduce the pain and severity of arthritic joint conditions.

A new probiotic supplement created by a Miami-based biotech startup aims to revolutionize the probiotic supplement industry with a new solution that uses innovative new techniques and an extremely effective, highly tolerant formula that is able to deliver on the promises it makes.

Biosyntec Probiotics are offering health-conscious consumers one of the most powerful probiotics available on the market with a transparent, highly tested and guaranteed potency level.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Biosyntec formula and find out what makes it different from other probiotic supplements to help you decide whether it’s the right probiotic for your needs.

What Is Biosyntec Probiotics?

Biosyntec is a new probiotic supplement manufacturer founded by Harvard graduates that offers a different approach to probiotic supplementation than any other provider on the market.

Committed to delivering safe, potent, and reliable probiotics that are as effective on the day they are consumed as the day they were produced, the Biosyntec probiotic solution offers many innovative features not found in other probiotics.

One of the biggest advantages offered by Biosyntec is the patented delayed-release technology used in delivering the probiotic payload to the body. Biosyntec use a unique gel-cap solution called DRcaps, which are free from fillers, making them a simple, effective, highly bioavailable, and vegetarian-friendly option.

The slow release method used by the Biosyntec DRcaps ensures that the probiotic payload is released into the digestive system slowly, which is far more efficient and reliable than releasing the entire load of probiotic strains at one, which causes a high level of microbial competition and minimizes efficacy.

The Biosyntec Probiotics Difference

Not all of the probiotic solutions available on the market are as effective as they claim, however. Recent scientific tests of some of the most popular probiotic supplements on the market have revealed that, by the time they reach the customer, most probiotic solutions are less than 20% as effective and potent as they claim to be.

Through poor bacterial strain choice, low-quality production methods, and insufficient packaging techniques that destroys the microbial payload, common probiotic supplements can be extremely wasteful.

The Biosyntec formula is created with a highly efficient production process in the United States, and conforms to FDA regulations and inspections. Biosyntec use GMP techniques in the creation of their highly effective probiotic blend, and are 100% non-GMO certified.

The specific strains in the Biosyntec formula have been selected by a team of professional nutritionists, microbiologists, and health experts in order to create the most effective, environmentally resistant blend of helpful bacteria available.

Every batch created by Biosyntec is thoroughly tested to ensure potency, and is packaged in highly protective bottle that ensures potency for more than 24 months from packaging.

The Biosyntec Formula

The Biosyntec formula is one of the most potent options available, and contains more than 50 billion colony forming units of highly beneficial probiotic bacteria. The extreme potency of the Biosyntec formula makes it more than 10 times more powerful than the average probiotic supplement, and offers 10-13 different strains that deliver a broader spectrum of health benefits.

The bacterial strains in Biosyntec are able to restore balance to the microbiome, boost the strength and efficiency of the immune system, reduce inflammation, balance yeast growth in the body, and alkalize the digestive tract, leading to a massive increase in total body health.

The Biosyntec Probiotics Verdict

Biosyntec offers one of the most intelligent probiotic solutions on the market. Free from artificial additives, GMO ingredients, or chemicals, and tested to ensure potency, the Biosyntec formula is one of the best options available if you’re looking for a solution that delivers microbiome balance.

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