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Stem cells are cells that can be used by the body to replace or rejuvenate other cells in the body. The body releases stem cells on a daily basis. As they are constantly degrading, they cease to carry out their usual roles and the body sends other adult stem cells to replace the worn out cells.

The adult stem cells can also reduce in number due to several factors such as diseases. An individual's whose body encounters a faster rate of cell death than cell renewal may suffer from diseases and discomfort.

Aging also results when the body renews more slowly than it repairs. The adult stem cells released by the body decline with age.

However, several measures can be taken to increase the number of adult stem cells in circulation; these include dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, as well as exercising.

Studies have revealed that stem cell nutrition can increase the number of adult stem cells in the body without any harmful effects. High levels of stem cells in the body provide more repair and rejuvenation of damaged tissues.

Stem cell nutrition has also been shown to increase response to cells and tissue damage. It also enhances the transportation of adult stem cells to damaged tissues that require repair. Other benefits of stem cell nutrition include improvement of mood and healthy sleep.

Recent scientific research has also revealed that stem cell nutrition is the best anti aging remedy. According to the studies, the loss of adult stem cells in the body is the primary cause of aging. Scientists have concluded that boosting the number of stem cells in the body helps to protect the body from aging.

According to three studies that were published in 2016, several nutraceuticals can be used to boost the performance of the adult stem cells in the body. The study demonstrated the effects of extracts from berries and green tea in individuals with low levels of adult stem cells. The extracts can alter gene expression which leads to powerful regulatory effects on stem cells and their surroundings.

How Nutrition Protects Aging Stem Cells

Degradation of adult stem cells is one of the common effects of aging. The deterioration of the adult stem cells among the elderly population has prompted research work on how to enhance the functions of stem cells among seniors.

Studies have shown that when the circulation of a younger animal is connected with that of an older animal, the performance of the muscle and stem cells of the younger animal declines. The younger animal also undergoes aging at a faster rate.

The increased aging rate is a result of an interaction between the blood components of the two animals. The older animal's blood components impair the performance of the younger animal's stem cells.

Researchers from the James A. Haly Veterans Affair Hospital located in Tampa, FL carried out a study with the aim of reversing the effects that develop in the younger animal. Older rats were administered with a particular nutrient formulation. The rat's nutrient-rich blood was then transfused to other rats, both young and old with the effects recorded.

Both the young and aged rats were put on either a standard diet or a diet that was a mixture of vitamin D, carnosine, blueberry, and green tea. All these nutrients have a known protective effect on the stem cells that could last for 28 days. Blood serum of the older, supplemented rats was then collected after the 28 day period. The blood serum was then applied to the cultures of adult rat stem cells.

The stem cells were obtained from different parts of the body including the hippocampus of the brain, and the bone marrow where the blood cells are synthesized. The serum that was obtained from the aged rats that were on the controlled diet slowed the division rates of the cultured stem cells. As a result, the cultured stem cells produced fewer stem cells.

The serum that was acquired from the aged rats that were on the supplements did not cause the changes. According to this study, nutrient supplementation plays a significant role in rescuing aging stem cells that participate in the functions of the brain and the bone marrow.

How Nutrition Helps With Multiple Sclerosis

Another study revealed the importance of vitamin D in the performance of the brain stem cells. The study was carried out using a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is a form of autoimmune disorder that degrades the nerve cells. Multiple sclerosis is incurable and the treatment regimens available only help slow its progression.

Researchers conducted a study with an objective of determining whether an increased intake of vitamin D could improve the performance of the nerve cells. The results of the study showed that vitamin D could reverse the effects of multiple sclerosis by protecting the neuronal cells and enhancing their functions. The study also demonstrated that vitamin D supplementation promotes the proliferation of neuronal stem cells.

The enhanced proliferation of the neuronal stem cells improves the brain function and recovery from multiple sclerosis.

Genetic Changes

Another study was performed to determine the effects of specific nutrients on the performance of the brain. The study was based on the fact that the levels of inflammatory signaling molecules also known as cytokines are directly related to the decline in the brain stem cells. The study was performed on rats which were put on nutrients including green tea, vitamin D, and carnosine.

The study revealed that the nutrients had a significant impact on the expression of genes that are involved in the variety of cellular functions.

One of the most important effects was the reduction in the production of proinflammatory cytokines. The supplementation also promoted the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines in the supplemented animals. The researchers went further to reveal that the nutrient combination produced genes that develop progenitor cells to functioning adult neurons.

Progenitor cells are stem-like cells that are located in the brain tissue. The study demonstrated that the nutrients used are important to individuals who are at a risk of developing neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s.

Nutritional Supplementation Promotes Stem Cell Vigor

A group of scientists performed a study to find out the effects of polyphenols on the proliferation of human stem cells. The researchers conducted their study using blueberry and green tea which are rich in polyphenols.

They also used vitamin D and carnosine. The study found out that these nutrients promote the proliferation of adult stem cells in healthy humans. The nutrients also protect the adult stem cells from destruction by oxidative stress. The enhanced proliferation of the brain stem cell promotes an improved memory and cognitive function.

Other studies have shown that readily available nutrients can be used to enhance the performance of the brain cells. Supplements formulated with green tea, ellagic acid, astragalus, and vitamin D increases the number of bone stem cells in the circulation system. The increase in the number of circulating stem cells was a result of an enhanced natural repair mechanism of the stem cells.

Another study demonstrated the importance of polyphenols which are found in blueberry extracts. The proactive molecules have several health benefits to the human body.

A study that was performed on rats revealed that blueberry could promote the synthesis of active bone-mineralizing cells from bone-forming stem cells. The formation of the active bone-mineralizing cells has been shown to reduce bone fractures that are common in post-menopausal women.

Spirulina was also demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory effects. A study conducted recently showed that the supplement could be used to prevent a decline in brain cell proliferation that may result from inflammation. The study also demonstrated that Spirulina could improve the functions of the mitochondria leading to an enhanced utilization of energy as well as reduced oxidative stress.

The Effect Of Vitamin B3

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Science, vitamin B3 does wonders in restoring the performance of an aging mitochondria organelle. The researchers administered vitamin B3 to aging mice.

The mice showed massive changes, including regeneration of the muscles through the stem cells activity. The brain and stem cells also developed as well. The mice that were put on the vitamin lived longer than the mice that were not put on vitamin B3 supplementation.

Once the vitamin has entered the blood system, it gets converted to nicotinamide adenine nucleotide. Every cell in the human body has nicotinamide adenine nucleotide. The molecule helps transfer energy from food to the mitochondria where it gets converted to cellular energy.

The decrease in the levels of nicotinamide adenine nucleotide leads to an impairment of the performance of the mitochondria. As a result, an individual begins to encounter aging signs including degeneration of the brain, inflammation of the blood vessels, and insulin resistance among others.

Nutritional Supplements For Stem Cell Function Conclusion

Studies have revealed the importance of the stem cells in the repair and healing of tissues resulting from damage. Rejuvenation of the adult stem cells can help reverse the changes that occur during aging. The studies discussed above have shown that renewal of adult stem cells can be achieved using nutrients which are readily available.

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